Video: Brandon Semenuks Rad Company Trailer

Redbull, NWD Films and Semenuk. Oh dear, this is going to be flipping huge! Read more

Countdown to Cairns #6: The Aussie Contingent

For our Elite riders, Cairns is one race in a series to which they devote their entire year - some would say their lives. Read more

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Video: Brad Kelly chases Sam Hill Down The Ourimbah Downhill

Sam Hill chased down by hometown hero, Brad Kelly at the Ourimbah downhill track. After only six runs, Sam was able to match Brad's record time. Read more

Video: How About a Mass-Start Enduro Race Down The Inca Trail, In The Andes?

Seen the Mega Avalanche in the French Alps? How about the Inca Avalanche in Machu Picchu? Read more

Countdown to Cairns: Cyclone? What cyclone?

The whole cyclone was a bit of a fizzer in Cairns really, so we were really lucky. I mean, we were getting prepared for 500mm of rain, and we ended up with 150mm. That's a lot by just... Read more

Matt Hunter rides the new Shimano XTR 11-Speed, in the Dark

Matt Hunter, Shimano XTR and a night owl. We can't quite see what's going on here, but Matt clearly can, as he flies down techy trails in the dark. Read more

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Keegan Wright U19 NZ National DH Champ is fast.

Under 19 Downhill Champ, Keegan Wright is absolutely mind-glowingly quick on a bike. We've seen it, now it's your turn. Read more

Henderson and McConnell strong in 2014 World Cup season opener

Known for his strong finishes, McConnell consolidated tenth place on lap four and then moved up to his eventual finish position of ninth on lap five. Read more

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Race Calendar
Shimano MTB GP Round 2
  2014-04-26 - NSW

Port to Port MTB
  2014-05-29 - NSW

Shimano MTB GP Round 3
  2014-06-21 - NSW

Rollercoaster Round 2
  2014-06-29 - NSW

JetBlack 12 Hour
  2014-07-12 - NSW

Kalamunda 50
  2014-07-20 - WA

Shimano MTB GP Round 4
  2014-08-09 - NSW

Shimano MTB GP Round 5
  2014-09-13 - ACT


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