Flow’s Freshies: Products We’re Using, Testing or Loving

Welcome to another round of Flow's Freshies; products we're using, testing or just loving at Flow HQ. This time around, we have the very frothy Effeto Mariposa Cafe Latex sealant, Bontrager's... Read more

Registrations Open for Australian MTB Summit at Mt Buller

Mt Buller will host the inaugural Australian Mountain Bike Summit on 4-5 December 2014, a new conference dedicated exclusively to the needs of the mountain bike industry. Read more

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Rotorua to host 24hr Solo World Champs for 2016

"I’m sure that every rider will be looking forward to Rotorua’s legendary Redwood trails." Read more

Jason English Wins Incredible Fifth Consecutive Solo World 24 Hour Mountain Bike Titl

The man machine, Jason English just keeps on winning 24 hour races like they are a walk in the park. Read more

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Rosemary Barnes and Dan MacMunn defend Australia-wide Gravity Enduro Series titles in

"Everything went really smoothly. These are the types of events we need and that we enjoy hosting – we were really happy to meet so many interstate riders that we could show off our... Read more

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Torq and Merida announce new partnership, plus exciting news for the future of Austra

The boys and girls in Orange will have now have a green streak, to match their sweet new Merida bikes. Read more

LEGO Mountain Biking!

A stop animation free riding LEGO masterpiece! Read more

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Race Calendar
  2014-10-25 - International

Thule B24
  2014-10-25 - VIC

Bayview Blast 2014
  2014-11-02 - QLD

Qld Enduro State Champs
  2014-11-08 - QLD

Bright Mountain Bike Festival
  2014-11-14 - VIC

Rollercoaster Round 3
  2014-11-16 - NSW

AvantiPlus Hellfire Cup
  2014-11-20 - TAS


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