Avantiplus Hellfire Cup – Stages 1 and 2 race wrap

So, after 3 long years of preparation work, the 2014 event is the first time the full course has been unveiled. On day 1, the race village is, buzzing and full of competitors keen to... Read more

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Jaw-some Stuff: Jaws Freerides the Black Mountains of France

We followed Bartek "Jaws" Krzyszton to the Black Hills in France, one of the best freeride spots in Europe. Miles away from any form of civilization, the men spent days sleeping in tents... Read more

Video: A sweet trail, a boob, Yeti SB6, shredding footage and a parachute?

Joey Schusler, Yeti 6C, base jumping and a random boob shot (huh!?). This is cool. Read more

The Bike Brothers Movie

Two Polish brothers, two wheel sizes, and a common talent. Read more

A True Classic In Its 3rd Generation, The Ibis Mojo HD3

The Ibis Mojo is reborn, the long legged all mountain bike that pushed the boundaries ten years ago lifts it up a notch. Read more

Riding In a Photograph, Slovenia

Get high on a bit of photogenic riding from Slovenia. Read more

Sequins, Stilettos and Mad Skills!

1965, stilettos, sequins and a sweet gold bike. Read more

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Video: Tracing Dirt

The lush, loamy green of the Squamish Valley is in its prime right now - come for a rip with two of Intense's Cycles North American shredders, Bryden Rigets and Dexter Robson. Read more

Remy Morton Makes The Big Time

16 year old pinner from QLD, Remy Morton will join the Hannahs on the United Ride World Cup team. Read more

CamelBak Highland Fling: Johnston and Mullens Victorious

After last years weather glitch, the Southern Highlands turned on its normal blue skies and sunshine for the tenth running of the CamelBak Highland fling mountain bike marathon; the... Read more

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This is What a Bright Future Looks Like

What happens when you race BMX from age six, and ten years later focus solely on downhill? This happens... Read more

Jerome Clementz to Race the RockShox Enduro Challenge

Insane-fast Frenchman, 2013 EWS Overall Champ Jerome Clementz, is confirmed to race the opening round of the new RockShox Enduro Challenge at Buller! Come on now, Gravesy, you need to... Read more

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Race Calendar
Pin It 2 Win it
  2014-11-29 - VIC

24hrs of Nduro
  2015-01-31 - International

Snowies MTB Festival
  2015-02-21 - NSW

Alpine 24 Hour
  2015-02-28 - VIC

Vertigo Bikes Super D Enduro
  2015-03-14 - International

R&R Sport Mega Avalanche
  2015-03-15 - International

Torpedo7 Coronet Enduro
  2015-03-20 - International

Slopestyle - Queenstown
  2015-03-21 - International

Vertigo Bikes DirtMasters Downhill
  2015-03-22 - International


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