Video: Sun[day]

Simple, quiet and soulful shredding. Read more

Fresh Product: Upcoming New Helmet Range From Giant

Giant have just released all the details of their new Rail and Infinita helmets (men's and women's respectively), which are extended coverage style helmets, aimed at the trail and enduro... Read more

Trek Go Mid-Fat, With New Stache 29+

The fatter tyred bikes are rolling out for 2016, with Trek sticking to 29" wheels and incorporating a 29+ tyre into a whole new frame. Read more

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Specializeds new Fattie6 hardtails and Rumour 650B

Righto! We knew it was coming, and now here it is, knocking down the door if we're ready or not; Specialized are the first brand to unveil a bike using the new 27.5+ standard, only they're... Read more

Shimano XT 11-speed with new 11-42 cassette

All those lovely evolutions debuted with the XTR 11-speed groupset have made their way down to a level that is well within the grasp of much more of the mountain biking population. With... Read more

Chris Akrigg Bread and Butter

When Chris Akrigg makes a video, we watch it. His riding is so unique and skilful! Read more

Laying It on the line in Lourdes World Cup Race Highlights

Holy Lourdes, that was exciting to watch! Read more

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Race Calendar
Good Times Enduro Round 1
  2015-06-07 - NSW

Dubbo 300
  2015-07-19 - NSW

Good Times Enduro Round 2
  2015-10-04 - NSW

Good Times Enduro Round 3
  2015-11-15 - NSW


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