Ronning’s Greatest Adventures – Racing Enduro in Italy.

Ronning takes on the world in the EWS Italy round. Read more

Oh dear… What was this guy thinking? Massive jump, to splat.

Massive jump, no lander, no helmet, no idea. Read more

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"We’ve taken all we’ve learned from our popular Switch Technology and merged it with our bump smashing 303 Rail Technology to come up with a completely new suspension design called... Read more

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Michael Ronning’s EWS photo diary, Final Day.

Ronning wraps up his first Enduro World Series Race in Italy. Read more

The New Venue JetBlack 12 Hour a Massive Success

The atmosphere is just phenomenal! We heard the music on most parts of the track and the event centre was so well arranged, great food, great company – an awesome weekend out Read more

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Michael Ronning’s World Series Enduro Journey Begins

Ronning's enduro adventure begins with race day number one! Read more

Michael Ronning’s EWS photo diary

"Holy about big mountains. I rode three of the six stages twice today - each stage has at least one thousand metres of vertical! Luckily all of these stages had chairlift... Read more

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Video: One of the most inspiring trails in existence

... Read more

Video: Flying High with Hope

Well, we've never seen a team video that involves sky diving out of a hot air balloon before - we'll give Hope credit for that! Some killer riding in this one. Read more

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Race Calendar
The Peak to Peak
  2014-07-26 - International

RedAss Downhill Rd 1
  2014-07-27 - NSW

Shimano MTB GP Round 4
  2014-08-09 - NSW

TMBC Range8
  2014-08-17 - QLD

Australian Gravity Enduro ACT Round
  2014-08-24 - Australian National

Shimano MTB GP Round 5
  2014-09-13 - ACT

"Hidden Valley Classic"
  2014-09-14 - NSW

Australian Gravity Enduro QLD Round
  2014-09-14 - Australian National


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