Video: Lacondeguy and Agassiz launch a 76-foot cliff drop!

It's Red Bull Rampage time and shit like this is going on... 76 FEET! Read more

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Trek World Racing Stories Episode 1.4

The formidable Trek World Racing Team wrap up their 2014 season with some incredible stories! Read more

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Video: Got Anything Steeper?

Holy steepness! How does this guy do it? Magical brakes and an internal balance Gyro system or something? Read more

Mick Hannah to mentor future MTB stars at AIS Development Camp

Our juniors will learn from the master, Mick Hannah. Read more

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Port To Port MTB Returning in 2015, Bigger and Better

Port to Port 2015 will be bigger and better, put it in the diary. Read more

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Menai trails Email Campaign - Please support
As quick back ground, Volunteers from both the general riding community and the Sutherland Shire Cycling Club have been working with ANSTO and Sutherland Shire to regain access and formalise trails following the shut out by ANSTO in 2010.

We have been conducting monthly trail days for 2 years and have built new single track, as well as rationalise and convert trails to be more sustainable and more MTB specific.

Please click here for more info.

Video: Shredding Some Serious Loam With The Coastal Crew

Loamy goodness from those lucky folks, The Coastal Crew. Read more

Flow’s Freshies: Products we’re using, testing or loving

Three new products that we're using, testing or just loving here at Flow. Read more

Video: Red Bull District Ride – The Doco

A lot of work goes into putting a big event on in the heart of Nurenburg, Germany! Read more

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Race Calendar
THULE/Gravitate MTB Festival
  2014-10-02 - QLD

Lakes Entrance Epic
  2014-10-04 - VIC

RedAss Downhill Rd 3
  2014-10-05 - ACT

Round 6, Australian National Enduro
  2014-10-11 - Australian National

Hard Yacka
  2014-10-18 - VIC

VIC XC Enduro 6 Hour
  2014-10-18 - VIC

Thule B24
  2014-10-25 - VIC

  2014-10-25 - International


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