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AuthorLindsay Klein
SupplierBacklash Productions
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Higher Learning with John Cowan is a dirt jump how to video. It aims to teach people the basics of jumping your bike and how to pull of those cool tricks that some show-off is always doing at the local dirt jumps. With this DVD you could be that show-off.

It starts out at the bare basics like bike setup and how to do a basic jump. Then progresses on to bigger jumps and explains the more complicated tricks like No Handers and X-Ups and finsihes up with Indian Airs and 360ís.

Thereís not much to fault with the demonstration. Everything is explained clearly and John shows how you can step up to each trick. This way your first attempt at a Superman wont result in you either pulling off the trick or ending up on your arse.

Some of the explanations for the harder tricks seem a little vague. However I think this is due to John stripping the tricks back to their bare basics which makes them seem so simple.

So what about the riding in it? Well you get a total of 2 riders, John Cowan and some little kid the helps to show the basics of jumping. Itís not a jump video you can just sit down and watch but it was never meant to be. Although the snippets of riding shown are really good and some of the trails ridden could only be described as beautiful.

Higher Learning would be good for all the younger riders keen to learn how to jump. John even said the idea from the video came from all the kids always asking him how he pulled that Superman or 360. For an experienced jumper this DVD wouldnít give much insight. Although if you want to know how to pull of some of those more difficult tricks that you havenít been able to nail then itís probably worth checking out.

Backlash Productions don't sell to the public so if your after a copy hassle your local bike shop to get it in.

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