Garmin VIRB XE Review

Ever since the advent of the GoPro Digital Hero in 2006, and the much more recognisable and applauded HD Hero in 2010, the Action camera market has been rife with attempts to cut a slice of that pie. To make a potential sales dent in what is commonly thought to be GoPro’s kingdom, cameras must tout a plethora of settings or features which aren’t generally offered or available. This is where the Garmin VIRB X and VIRB XE steps in. Offering such features as GPS tracking, speed, altimeter, G Force, and probably the most important of all, the ability to connect to other Garmin devices for things like Cadence, Heart Rate, etc.

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15-6-2016 - Category: Article

Fox Float X2 Review

After polling my loyal Instagram followers, the general consensus was that this is the best of the best for air shocks and I was eager to give it a go.

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20-5-2016 - Category: Article

Demon United Zero Full Face Helmet Review

Check it out here.

19-5-2016 - Category: Article

Garmin Fenix 3 Review

Check it out here.

2-5-2016 - Category: Article

PNW Components Rainier 120mm Dropper Post Review

I’ve owned an X-Fusion Hi-Lo, and tested out a KS Lev, a KS Lev Integra, and Rockshox Reverb posts. They all work satisfactorily, but they each have their own issues. Movement, slippage, price, etc. So while I wouldn’t give up on a dropper post, it would take a fair amount of thought and research going in to which one I should spend the money on. I have been graciously sent a post to review from newcomer PNW Components, and their entry model, the Rainier.

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15-3-2016 - Category: Article

Review: Elka Stage 5 Shock

A name you may not have ever heard before, Elka Suspension have been involved in motorsports for decades. Based in Quebec, Canada, they have recently turned their attention to mountain bikes, leading to the release of their new downhill/freeride oriented shock, the Stage 5.

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2-10-2009 - Category: Article

World Cup #8 DH/4X Schladming

Schladming is the final stop of the UCI MTB World Cups. Will this be the deciding stop to crown the winner? Watch it LIVE on Sunday.

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20-9-2009 - Category: Article

Canberra 2009 World Championships Live - XCO

Watch the Canberra 2009 World XC Championships live right here on Rotorburn.

Check it out here.

5-9-2009 - Category: Article

Canberra 2009 World Championships Live - DH & 4X

Yes it's that time of year! Yes the World Championships are almost in our backyard! No, not all of us will make it there due to our various lame excuses. If you're like me you'll have to settle for live Interweb viewing pleasure, right here on Rotorburn.

Check it out here.

4-9-2009 - Category: Article

PO1NT Split Second LE Stem Review

Rod at Blue Mountain Bikes was kind enough to send us one of the new Po1nt (Point 1?) Split Second standard-mount (not direct-mount) stems to check out, and boy have these guys put some effort into this stem. Weighing in at a mere 138g with steel hardware, this could well be the lightest stem on the market, and with its nickel finish and clean lines its also one of the sickest looking.

Check it out here.

21-8-2009 - Category: Article

Review: Fox 40WC and DHX RC4

In 2008, Gee Atherton took out the senior mens Downhill World Championships in Val di Sole the first ever senior mens DH world champs win on a fully Fox-equipped bike, only a few years after Fabien Barel snared the first ever world champs victory on a Fox rear shock. For 2009, 200 replicas of Athertons fork and shock were made available to the public. Thanks to Netti Atom and Ken @ TeKin Suspension, weve been able to test these for the past few weeks.

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11-5-2009 - Category: Article

Sam Hill talks to Farkin Pt 1 & 2 Now Up

The often talked about but seldom talked to Sam Hill catches up with the Mountain Bike Show Podcast for a 2 part interview.

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15-3-2009 - Category: Article

2009 Rock Shox World Cup Boxxer

A new improved dampening system, a larger chassis for improved stiffness and to top it all off they are lighter than the previous model. Beefier and lighter hey, sounds like witchcraft. Lucky for me I was given a chance to check out this witchcraft at the second round of the aussie national series at the Illinbah venue in Queensland.

Check it out here.

13-1-2009 - Category: Article

BOS S** Toy Review

BOS Engineering shocks, with Olivier Bossard at the helm, have been on more senior mens downhill World Championship-winning bikes than any other brand of suspension. Their custom dampers and forks, initially developed for 10 times world champion Nicolas Vouilloz, were not readily available to the public back in the day due to their prohibitive cost and custom-tuned nature.

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23-11-2008 - Category: Article

Launch Helmetcams VIO POV1

...the possibilities of this system are endless and the fact that it uses familiar technology such as AVI files and SD cards means you dont need to go around finding any specialist parts or software codecs to record and play your movies.

Check it out here.

17-9-2008 - Category: Article

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Round 7 Live - Schladming

Last round and its balls to the wall! Greg has taken a clear lead in the overall standings and Sam sits close behind in second. Enter the Schladming! Also known as Sam's track.

Check it out here.

13-9-2008 - Category: Article

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Round 6 Live - Canberra

For the first time ever Australia hosts a round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup series.

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30-8-2008 - Category: Article


F1RST is Clay Porters latest creation. Documenting the 2007 World Cup season in more detail than ever before with some of the most impressive footage ever shown in a mountain bike film.

Check it out here.

14-8-2008 - Category: Article

DVD Review: TIA - This Is Australia

TIA (This Is Australia) gives us a look at what some of our best riders have to offer, what they're up to and what they think of some of the other Australian riders. Featured riders include Nathan Rennie, Jared Graves, Chris Kovarik, Jared Rando, Amiel Cavalier, Ben Cory, Sam Hill, Mitch Delfs, Rhys Willemise, Joel Bain, Shaun O'Conner and more.

Check it out here.

8-8-2008 - Category: Article

World Cup Round 5 - Bromont Live

Hot on the tail of Mont St Anne, Bromont World Cup is upon us.

Check it out here.

2-8-2008 - Category: Article

Mont St Anne World Cup Live

With a short break after the World Championships, the racers have returned to Mont St Anne to do battle on one of the toughest courses on the World Cup calendar.

Check it out here.

26-7-2008 - Category: Article

World Cup #2 Vallnord Live

Aside from a comfy chair, a good Internet connection, junk food and beverages, here's all you need to catch the next World Cup live Yeow!!

Check it out here.

31-5-2008 - Category: Article

Mitch Delfs Interview

Sam Davies caught up with Mitch Delfs, one of Australia's youngest DHers trying their luck overseas in 2008, just after the first World Cup round in Maribor.

Check it out here.

23-5-2008 - Category: Interview

Industry Nine DH/FR Wheels Long Term Review

Scott checks out a set of DH wheels from Industry Nine for 5 months to see if they are as good as they look.

Check it out here.

5-5-2008 - Category: Review

10 Q's with Rando

Sam Davies catches up with Giant rider and Aussie pinner Jared Rando.

Check it out here.

18-4-2008 - Category: Interview

Race Report: Mt Beauty National Round

With the dust barely settled after the National Championships in Canberra, the fourth and final downhill round of the Australian National Mountain Bike Series descended upon the small town of Mt Beauty for a weekend of impressive and exciting racing.

Check it out here.

10-2-2008 - Category: Race Report

Fox 36 Float Review

Would a light weight, long travel single crown fork be suitable for your downhill bike? Scott checks out possibly the worlds lightest downhill fork to see if its all that we want it to be.

Check it out here.

22-10-2007 - Category: Review

Chumba Racing XCL Review

The XCL is a mountain bike, a bike that climbs capably and bombs technical cross country descents like it’s its job, a bike that you can thrash all day, put away dirty and pull out a week later ready to do it all again, it’s a downhiller’s “second bike” that will handle everything from the occasional day of runs when the big bike is out of service to snapping gates on the 4X track and sessioning dirt jumps...

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22-8-2007 - Category: Review

Straitline Levers Review

Anodized, polished, strong and bling. Are the Straitline upgrade levers worthy of your valiant steed? Scott finds out...

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13-8-2007 - Category: Review

The First Annual Farkin Video Competition

So you think you're pretty handy with your handycam? Perhaps you, like a lot of other budding filmers are pondering having a crack at your own DVD? Well today's your lucky day because now is the time to find out if it will suck or not!

Check it out here.

5-7-2007 - Category: Competition

Between The Tape

What do you call a sport that takes three minutes to complete, a sport that pushes you to the limit both mentally and physically, a sport where the courses are as varied as the riders and the countries they are from? Welcome to Between The Tape, the latest film from Clay Porter.

Check it out here.

6-6-2007 - Category: Review

Amiel Cavalier Interview

Amiel Cavalier is a man with momentum. Hot off a great National series and a new sponsorship deal seeing him go overseas to have a propper go at the NORBAS, the guy is set to make a mark overseas in 2007. Sam Davies catches up with the latest factory Giant rider.

Check it out here.

2-3-2007 - Category: Interview

SRAM 2007

The 2006 World Championships have come and gone. Three years of much anticipation for it to only fly by in a single action packed week. For riders, its the moment of truth, trial by fire, for spectators and supporters its the equivalent of schoolies week. If only I did a little less partying, Id remember more of it

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15-1-2007 - Category: Preview

Clict 2

Clict 2 is the second instalment in Black Phoenix Films Videozine series. A mountain bike movie portraying the lifestyle and ideas of the magazine it gets its name from.

Check it out here.

21-12-2006 - Category: Review

National Rd 2 Tasmania

Round 2 of the 06 / 07 National Mountain Bike series made its way to Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park in Tasmania. Travelers from around Australia congregated to compete in the various disciplines on offer to find out who was fast, who wasn't and who really didn't care. The most important part of mountain bike racing is of course to have fun!

Check it out here.

4-12-2006 - Category: Race Report

Damian Breach: Photographer profile

Damian Breach has been taking photos of bikes and bike related things for longer than I care to remember. He is currently living abroad, acting as a photojournalist and writing articles for magazines. I decided to catch up with him and give you all a look inside his life.

Check it out here.

27-11-2006 - Category: Interview

Chumba Racing F4 Review

The first word that will come to mind when you clap your eyes on the Chumba F4 is Braaaaaaaapt! Guaranteed.

Check it out here.

28-9-2006 - Category: Review

Blur Optics B1 Goggles Review

Blur Optics is a relative new comer to the reasonably flooded goggle market. Do we need more choice than we already have? I think so. While the goggle market has quite a number of brands that cover the latest and greatest speed hole, tear off, anti-fog, super stealth, dont block your nose feature set, there is always room for improvement, especially when they are offered for a cheap price.

Check it out here.

4-9-2006 - Category: Review

Helmet Cam Review 3: Launch Helmet Cam Complete Pro Kit

In the third chapter of our series, we look at an up and coming company in the helmet cam arena. In business for about a year and a half, Launch Helmet Cams are based in Western Australia, and is the brainchild of Matt Fitzhardinge and Markland O'Connell. Along with motocross, wakeboarding, surfing, skating, snowboarding, these guys both are aggressive mountain bikers, spending most of their time doing downhill or jamming in skateparks... so you know these guys have extensive first hand experience with how rough you can get with electronic gear you wear while playing...

Check it out here.

22-8-2006 - Category: Review

Illicit Industries Hub and Headset

Illicit Industries - Australian designed, Australian-made and with their sights firmly set on producing blinged-out components to rival any of the world's major manufacturers. We've got their 20mm Front Hub and brand new sealed 1-1/8" Headset for you to drool over.

Check it out here.

10-8-2006 - Category: Review

Lahar DHV M9 First Look

So its a downhill bike. Thats nice. Its all been done before hasnt it? What has anyone got left to offer? Check out this Lahar and see.

Check it out here.

4-8-2006 - Category: Review

Clorophilla DVD Review

Ever hear someone say you like a little pie with your sauce when you or someone else is hosing down a meat pie with 10 litres of sauce? Probably not, but that idea comes to mind when watching this video...

Check it out here.

28-7-2006 - Category: Review

Helmet Cam Review Pt 2: Twenty20 Cam review

Another player on the helmet cam scene is Twenty20. You might have even seen the product in person before, since this is the only helmet cam Ive seen that has been sold in bicycle retail stores.

Check it out here.

10-5-2006 - Category: Review

Super 8

Super 8 is an Aussie production that travelled the entire eight rounds of the World Cup circuit, covering 8 countries and capturing all the downhill and mountain cross races. Super 8, eight World Cups and 8 countries, get it?

Check it out here.

18-4-2006 - Category: Review

Hypnosis - Visual Intensity

The footage is great, the riding is awesome, the rider interviews are insightful, interesting and funny and the music pulls it together... all I wanted to do when it was finished was to ride my bike.

Check it out here.

14-4-2006 - Category: Review

Thredbo NSW State DH Rd 1 Report

Ahhhhhhh Thredbo. It takes me back, back to the start of it all. Back to the nineties, back to a time where hardtails with 3 inch travel forks and 3 chain rings were still accepted downhill machines, when Ronning, Sharples and Miller were the stars, when downhill was in its prime and crowds swarmed the hill like flies...

Check it out here.

12-4-2006 - Category: Race Report

MOREWOOD NDIZA ST Attack of the flying Zulu Revi

Although unknown here, Patrick is a big name in South African DH racing having been the national champion for three years running. Not only is Patrick entirely responsible for the development of the Morewood brand and the design of the frames, he actually constructs every frame himself.

Check it out here.

7-4-2006 - Category: Review

Helmet Camera Review: Hel Cam Race Day

How many times have you suffered that bittersweet feeling of riding at a level you didnt think you were capable of, and not having the ability to relive, or share the experience with your fellow riders (or uninterested non-biking friends). Helmet cams are one of the greatest little accessories you can buy Granted, they arent cheap, and you have to already own a compatible camcorder. But oh the benefits you get if you take the plunge and get a helmet camera setup of your own.

Check it out here.

23-3-2006 - Category: Review

Sid Taberlay & Chris Jongewaard Interviews

Travis catches up with XC gurus Sid Taberlay & Chris Jongewaard

Check it out here.

22-3-2006 - Category: Interview

Earthed 3 Europa

Steve Peat left me with my jaw on the ground numerous times, you could see how Sam Hill could change direction at ridiculous speeds and Rennie never once looked out of control, even when he had a flat tyre!

Check it out here.

6-2-2006 - Category: Review

Shimano DVD: Mountain Bike Maintenance

I imagine it happens to every serious cyclist after a while whether it arises from a desire to know, repair and tweak your own gear to its highest possible level of performance, or youve had one too many experiences of walking your bike home after something broke down on the trails, or youve simply run out of money due buying all the carbon/titanium/beryllium widgets for your prized steed and you have none left to pay for service at the LBS, everyone eventually learns how to do work on their own bike....

Check it out here.

27-1-2006 - Category: Review

Raceface Diablous Chainguide Review

Jonny "j5ive" Belling checks out Raceface's Diablous chainguide.

Check it out here.

9-12-2005 - Category: Review

DMR Sidekick 2 complete: Part Deux

Will the curse of the sequel strike, and doom Part 2 of the Sidekick review to eternal mediocrity? Read on to discover the answer.

Check it out here.

30-11-2005 - Category: Review

SRAM X0 Review

SRAM The acronym stuck like a knife in Shimanos side. Of course these days, knives come in many flavours; most notably the X-7, X-9 and deadly-ninja-stealth X-0. In the past weve checked out the X-7 and X-9, so to complete the lineup Im reviewing SRAMs X-0 setup including the new 06 trigger shifter.

Check it out here.

3-11-2005 - Category: Review

Gripsport Dual Bike Carrier Review

We had 1800km of travel planned involving a 1.8L Sedan, 2 DH bikes, 4 Adults and a bucket load of smelly helmets and body amour. Sure we could have attached a trailer for the weekend. Or even setup some roof racks, but with the price of fuel these days such options were going to hit the pocket hard on an already expensive weekend away. The best bet for us was the new Grip Sport Quick Grip tow bar carrier.

Check it out here.

26-10-2005 - Category: Review


The sequel to Killing Time, Aaron Chases first DVD. Counterparts focuses on the new school of mountain biking.

Check it out here.

22-10-2005 - Category: Review

2005 NSW State Round 7 & State Championships R

The NSW State DH Series wrapped up in fine fashion at the State Mine track in Lithgow. The competition was close in most categories with competitors vying for overall series points and the title of State Champion in their respective classes.

Check it out here.

30-9-2005 - Category: Race Report

Hans "No Way" Rey DVD

If you happen to have owned a set of Rock Shox Quadra 5s or a set of Judys or my personal fav the old Quadra 21r !!! then youve most likely been around the sport for quite a while and will know how rad Hans "No Way" Rey really is ! Sure most people know of him and that he rides trails bikes .. but do you know his journey to fame or his impact on the sport of Mountain Biking ?

Check it out here.

27-9-2005 - Category: Review

DMR Sidekick Complete - Part 1

Wondering if the complete bikes from DMR are more than just the sum of their parts? Check out what Shayne has to say about the Sidekick in Part 1 of this two part review.

Check it out here.

16-9-2005 - Category: Review

Santa Cruz VP Free Review

Ryan checks out Santa Cruz's VP Free bike. It's big, it's VP, it would be nice if it were Free. Read on to check out what the fuss is about.

Check it out here.

7-9-2005 - Category: Review

2005 NSW State Round 6

What a great race! This event was a fantastic one to attend for a lot of different reasons, and if you werent there, then you missed out.

Check it out here.

30-8-2005 - Category: Race Report

Higher Learning

Higher Learning - a dirt jump how to with John Cowan

Check it out here.

10-8-2005 - Category: Review

The Mitcham Report

After a very long wait the Mitcham Mountain Bike Strategy has finally been made public. The area of Mitcham holds the majority of trails close to Adelaide and so of vital importance to the future direction of MTBing in the state of SA.

Check it out here.

10-8-2005 - Category: Rant


Press release for Morewood bikes; now available in Australia. I'd just like to mention that it's un-edited...

Check it out here.

6-8-2005 - Category: Press Release

Five Ten Impacts Review

"Well Ive finally got myself a pair of Five Ten Impact shoes, well two pairs at the moment. I like them that much..."

Check it out here.

12-7-2005 - Category: Review

Utopia MTB Google

Who is Utopia Optics ? if you have been living underneth a rock for the past year then you will probably be asking this question but even if you do know the name maybe you have been wondering where the hell they have come from ?

Check it out here.

2-7-2005 - Category: Review

NSW State DH Round 4 Report

"The NSW State DH series moved east for this round, from the barren hillside of Mt. Stromlo last month, to the damp and isolated forest on the south coast. The track was located 40 minutes south of Nowra, up in the hills, far, far from civilisation. After driving along the dirt road for 20 minutes to get there it felt a long way from anywhere."

Check it out here.

24-6-2005 - Category: Race Report

05 Rock Shox Boxxer Team Review

Lindsay checks out a set of 8 inch boxxers to see what the fuss is about. Is 8 inches too much?.. or a must have?

Check it out here.

17-6-2005 - Category: Review

Earthed 2 Review

Earthed 2, Dirt Mountain Bike Magazines second edition of their much famed, much praised Earthed series of Mountain Bike videos. So, is it what its cracked up to be? Read on.

Check it out here.

31-5-2005 - Category: Review

2005 NSW State Round 3 - Mt. Stromlo, ACT

Ever ridden your bike on the surface of the moon? Nah, neither have I. But the third round of the 2005 NSW State DH series seemed to bear a resemblance to the surface of our nearest planetary neighbour.

Check it out here.

23-5-2005 - Category: Race Report

A Day of EPIC Proportions

In March this year, my wife and I went riding in British Columbia, and took Epic Travel for a test-ride around Whistler and Pemberton. Read about it here!

Check it out here.

9-5-2005 - Category: Review

NSW State DH Round 2 - Thredbo

With the first round out of the way, the NSW State Downhill Series moved to Thredbo for the second round. The weather reports leading up to the weekend looked good, and with good memories from the National race last December, quite a few people were heading down there.

Check it out here.

20-4-2005 - Category: Race Report

SRAM Press Camp - Nathan Rennie Interview

SRAM caught up with Rennie for an interview at the recent press camp. Check out what the 03 World Cup champ had to say.

Check it out here.

8-4-2005 - Category: Press Release

SRAM Press Camp: Sam Hill Interview

SRAM caught up with Sam at their press camp held last month; check out what Kingswood owner from Perth has to say..

Check it out here.

6-4-2005 - Category: Press Release

SRAM-RockShox-Avid-Truvativ Press Camp

While most were packing up to go home after the nationals, a few people had great big grins on their faces.. why? Because they had an all expenses paid press camp to attend at Mt. Buller! Almost all of Australia and New Zealand's press were there, a bunch of pro riders including Rennie, Atkinson and Hill, add a few young guns to the mix and you have what one could imagine as a good time.

Check it out here.

31-3-2005 - Category: Press Release

Identiti Jekyll Review

Identiti is a well known bike brand in the UK and more recently the United States and Canada. Their first frame the Dr Jekyll, first debuted in the golden days of dual slalom back in 98. Six years later the Jekyll is still going strong. It has also finally landed on Australian shores. So whats all the fuss?

Check it out here.

16-3-2005 - Category: Review

Synopsis DVD Review

What happens when you travel a full season with the factory Yeti MTB team to every Norba and North American World Cup downhill and 4X race ? The answer my friends is 2 hours of mind blowing world class racing action! It's time for all you race nuts out there get excited, 'cause Synopsis is a must have title if your serious about your gravity racing.

Check it out here.

12-3-2005 - Category: Review

Pryme "Evil" full-face

"For some of us its stunning good looks, for others its remarkable intelligence and for the rest of us its the illusion of either of the former; whatever your justification is for additional cranial protection, there is no argument that a full-face helmet is your best bet..."

Check it out here.

7-3-2005 - Category: Review

Shimano Hone Crankset Review

J5ive reviews Shimano's Hone crankset. "Last years release of The Shimano Saint series sparked the World Wide Web slander of the big S. Consumers were outraged that in order to use one of shimanos products nearly the whole groupset was required. The one exception for this was the crankset..."

Check it out here.

22-2-2005 - Category: Review

Ricky's Update Summer 2004/2005

...just to get you excited, the hire car was red and it was fast, the margaritas were cold and strong, and as Sam Hill has said before the strippers were "pretty grippy"

Check it out here.

8-2-2005 - Category: Race Report

Wrenching the Crocodile

John Belling reports his experience at the 2004 Crocodile Trophy, an event widely know for the soaring temperatures and extreme conditions.

Check it out here.

5-2-2005 - Category: Race Report

Fundamentals DVD Review

Earthed 2 is on its way but in the meantime we get to see what happens when Alex asks the fastest riders in the world the techniques they use to go quicker than what seems possible.

Check it out here.

1-2-2005 - Category: Review

MTBA National Series 2004 - Thredbo super-journalist and Yeti Pro Jared Graves checks in with this report on his winning weekend at the second round of the MTBA National Series at Thredbo

Check it out here.

4-1-2005 - Category: Race Report

BiLT Components

A lot of you by now have become familiar with DHDirect, a small Australian company that imports bike products. Most notable of these are the yum-cha-do-the-job-at-a-fraction-of-the-price products (not that Turner and Mojo arent notable). These products are mass produced in some Asian factory (I assume), and are re-branded by heaps of different companies. In short, DHDirect decided to go with their own brand, and that brand is BiLT.

Check it out here.

29-11-2004 - Category: Review

Inertia DVD Review

Formerly known as Piss-Weak Productions, Eye-Spy entertainment bring you Inertia ! "Inertia" in-er-sha: a property of matter by which it remains at rest, or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force. Who said MTB movies were not educational?

Check it out here.

10-11-2004 - Category: Review

The Mudcows vision

The trilogy that was dead lives again. Mudcow 4: On Top Down Under is getting close to dropping and the crew behind the movie and a whole lot of exciting developments; Dylan Jeffries, Ben Bramham and Glen Jacobs catch up for an interview to give you guys the dirt...

Check it out here.

9-11-2004 - Category: Interview

Orchid Duval Shoes Review

Every male on the planet is happy to have a whinge about the amount of time that the fairer sex manages to spend in shoe shops but the truth is, theyre not the only ones...

Check it out here.

2-11-2004 - Category: Review

Xtension X Pedal

Despite looking like something out of Star wars, the X pedal is definitely something to consider when looking for your next set of foot rests. The sealed bearing platform pedal is brought to you by the frame manufacturer (Xtension) famous for those Azonic badged frames

Check it out here.

1-11-2004 - Category: Review

Ricky Boyer's September Update

Ricky checks in with another of his updates. In this report he covers the Newcastle 4x, the NSW state champs, the Western Sydney 12 hour and the NSW state series final round.

Check it out here.

4-10-2004 - Category: Race Report

Evil Bikes 2005 D.O.C. production frame

In early 2004, Evil Bikes teamed up with Canadian born riding icon Chris Donahue. Soon after, Chris began working with the Evil engineering team to develop a signature model frame that would be fitting of the Donahue and Evil names. Recently, Chris has been shredding the streets and trails of his native B.C. Canada on a new Evil prototype.

Check it out here.

28-9-2004 - Category: Press Release

.243 Racing Frame Review

Check it out here.

16-9-2004 - Category: Review

More 2005 Iron Horse - Yakuza!

Yakuza is Iron Horse's new freeride series for riders looking to go big on limited funds. Whether you're a grom getting into the sport or a seasoned rider on a budget, these huck-worthy 6061 alloy hardtail and dual suspension frames are engineered for performance on the most demanding trails, downhill courses, and urban riding.

Check it out here.

16-9-2004 - Category: Press Release

Fly By Night article 2 : The Power and The Glory

In the first part of our series, we got you in touch with the darker side of your riding. In this, the second part of the Fly By Night series, we're going to give you the low-down on the two most important components of any serious night-riding light system: the battery and the bulb.

Check it out here.

4-9-2004 - Category: Review

2005 Commencal Products Sneak Peak

Commencal have jumped on the sneak peak bandwagon to show us some of their lineup for '05. One thing is for sure, with prices like these we're bound to hear alot more of Commencal in the next 12 months.

Check it out here.

2-9-2004 - Category: Press Release

2005 Iron Horse Range

Well, it's that time of year again. The international racing season is coming to an end and '05 gear is starting to show up in random places. Today we are lucky enough to have a very good look at what looks like a very strong product range from Iron Horse. The press release includes <b>many photos</b>.

Check it out here.

30-8-2004 - Category: Press Release

Jared Graves' snowMASS-IVE Update

"..Hello again there everyone, its been quite a while since my last report, due to races of some kind pretty much every weekend, so its time now for an update from the last 4 major races; starting with the 2 World Cups in Canada in Mont Saint Anne and Calgary and the last 2 NORBAs in Idaho, and Snowmass..."

Check it out here.

17-8-2004 - Category: Race Report

Titus Loco Moto

"..Running 4-5 inches of rear wheel travel and 100mm travel forks it was fitted out perfectly for the trailriding community. Our bike was finished in a stunning anodised blue finish with all the manufacturing qualities youd expect from a bike like this. Beautiful welds, simple yet effective gusseting and a very cool machined shock and pivot mount on the swingarm were some of the standout features..."

Check it out here.

16-8-2004 - Category: Review

Rickys Race Report and Update - July 2004

"..The first race this month took us to Killingworth, Newcastle NSW, home of team GT, and their star rider Adam Smithson. This track is also familiar with the likes of Rob McNaughton, "Newcastle Dark Horse". The track used was the same as last years State Round which made for early runs to be quite quick on this basic yet fun track..."

Check it out here.

16-8-2004 - Category: Race Report

Five Ten Mountain Master Shoes Review

"..Id always wanted to try a set because Im a flat pedal bandit and everyone who has ever used a set raved about them. However there was no way I could ever justify the expense of buying a set..."

Check it out here.

9-8-2004 - Category: Review

EBC Brake Pads Roundup

"...Any statistics geek will tell you that the larger the sample, the more accurate the results. What we have are: Red, Gold and Green compounds for Hayes hydro, Hope M4 and Shimano XT bakes (3x3=9)."

Check it out here.

17-7-2004 - Category: Review

Lindsay's Sunshine Series Rd 3 Brookfield Report

"The track at Brookfield this year had been moved to an entirely new location. With the help of a few private land owners and one not so happy neighbour (who actually wasnt affected by the race at all) we were all greeted with a brand new race track..."

Check it out here.

17-7-2004 - Category: Race Report

Ricky's Newcastle 4X Round 1

"The track had seen numerous improvements and upgrades which kept all the riders happy. The biggest note was the newly constructed professional start ramp, can anyone say Pro! The track was also lengthened a bit, a few more jumps added, and the fun factor cranked up to 11..."

Check it out here.

17-7-2004 - Category: Race Report

Ricky Boyer's Race Report and General Update #2

Ricky checks in and gives us an update on how things went at the Ourimbah state round held a couple weeks ago.

Check it out here.

2-7-2004 - Category: Race Report

Lindsay's 2004 Sunshine Series Report Rd 1 + 2

"Summer has ended again and for all us racers out there it means the end of the national series and the start of respectable travelling times to races. Yes boys and girls the state series is upon us..."

Check it out here.

2-7-2004 - Category: Race Report

Fly By Night - The night riding series.'s Canadian connection Rob "Rawb" Chisholm (Techno Destructo) checks in with the first part of his in-depth look into night riding including some upcoming reviews.

Check it out here.

23-6-2004 - Category: Review

Jared Graves's Big Bear and Snowshoe 2004 Report

From the new (old) 4x downhill format to the mud of West Virginia. Jared gives us his take on the Norba rounds of Big Bear and Snowshoe.

Check it out here.

18-6-2004 - Category: Race Report

Cove Foreplay MX

Dom and I check in with our review of the ultra-high-end, ultra sick Foreplay MX from Cove. Thanks to Adam at South Shore Bikes for the chance to review the bike. Discussion <a href="">here</a>.

Check it out here.

21-5-2004 - Category: Review

Santa Cruz Heckler

Check it out here.

6-5-2004 - Category: Review

Jared Graves - Sea Otter 2004 report's roving correspondent and Yeti Factory team rider Jared Graves checks in with his first report of the 2004 season from the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California.

Check it out here.

29-4-2004 - Category: Race Report

Ricky Boyer's Race Report and General Update

Ricky Boyer has jumped aboard and has kindly offered farkin his report of what's been happening in his area lately. In this issue (hopefully more to come) he travels to Buller for the final national round then to Dargle for the first NSW state round.

Check it out here.

18-4-2004 - Category: Race Report

Troy Lee Designs Elbow Guards

"I dont know about other people, but typically I dont like wearing elbow armor. They restrict movement, have bad ventilation, get stuck to the Velcro on your gloves, increase arm pump and can give you strange rashes..." <br><br> Scott checks out TLD's elbow armor offering.

Check it out here.

13-4-2004 - Category: Review

A2Z Fastop Hyrdaulic disc pads

Check it out here.

28-3-2004 - Category: Review

2004 Rocky Mountain Flow Review

Check it out here.

8-3-2004 - Category: Review

2004 Australian Downhill Championships, Eildon

Jared gives us his account of the 2004 Downhill Championships held in Eildon late last month.

Check it out here.

7-3-2004 - Category: Race Report

Fellcrag National Round #4 Report

Graves gives us the low down on the national round event held at Fellcrag, Queensland earlier this month.

Check it out here.

23-2-2004 - Category: Race Report

Break It, Fix It, Ride It Review

Check it out here.

19-2-2004 - Category: Review

X-9 Trigger and Derailleur

While the big S (Shimano) sit on their healthy mound of money, SRAM continually improve their product range. Lindsay checks out SRAM's X-9 drive train and tells us what all the fuss is about.

Check it out here.

17-2-2004 - Category: Review


The Second Specticle showed us action from the NORBA series, Earthed covers the World Cup series and World Championships. Lindsay checks it out.

Check it out here.

1-2-2004 - Category: Review

The Second Spectacle Review

Check it out here.

29-1-2004 - Category: Review

Rise Review

Warwick Patterson and MTBfilms, the crew who brought you "The Circus" return with their eagerly anticipated new film; "Rise"

Check it out here.

27-1-2004 - Category: Review

Nathan Rennie Interview

We interviewed the World Cup DH Champion, you know you want to read what he has to say. It's in a nifty new web-zine format too

Check it out here.

24-1-2004 - Category: Interview

Attack of the Tribes 2004

I went to Cairns, raced the Attack of the Tribes and wrote this here race report...enjoy

Check it out here.

15-1-2004 - Category: Race Report

04 TLD Gloves Roundup

First review of 04 we have the full range of TLD (Troy Lee Designs) gloves. Each of the gloves are put through their paces too see if they live up to their legendary status.

Check it out here.

12-1-2004 - Category: Review

03/04 National Series - Thredbo

Somewhere in between winning the second MTBA National Series round at Thredbo and turning 21, Jared Graves managed to bang out this report on his winning weekend...

Check it out here.

22-12-2003 - Category: Race Report

Norco VPS Fluid 3.0 Review

"Recently, thanks to the generosity of our local bike shop, the Brisbane bureau of got our grubby little hands on Norco's budget entry into the cross country / all mountain market; the VPS Fluid 3.0.."

Check it out here.

12-12-2003 - Category: Review

Drift 2 Review

"With footage from Cairns in deepest darkest North Queensland via Fellcrag and the Gold Coast all the way to Thredbo, Jindabyne, Mt Baw Baw and Canberra in the south, A New Race captures some full on racing and off-it's-head freeride action.."

Check it out here.

12-12-2003 - Category: Review

Race Face DH Riser Bar

Advance Traders hooked us up with the Race Face DH riser bar a while back and its time for a few words on its performance.

Check it out here.

20-11-2003 - Category: Review

2003 National Downhill Championships - Mt Beauty

Besides the rain, mud and beers, some people actually rode bikes down some hills. Jared gives us the low down on the Mt. Beauty Nationals.

Check it out here.

11-11-2003 - Category: Race Report

GripSport Workshop/Race Stand

Since Jon Weaving at GripSport is such a nice guy, he decided that hooking us up with some brakes to test wasnt enough; he wanted us to play with his top-of-line Workshop/Race stand and optional Tool Tray and review it as well.

Check it out here.

27-10-2003 - Category: Review

Armor Cable Discs review

Having seen the great success Ty and Dom had with the Armor hydraulic disc brake package earlier in the year, I was excited when a package turned up at our door with Armors even lower priced cable disc brakes inside. GripSport brought the brakes into the county and head-honch Jon Weaving had thrown a set of them our way to see if they were up to the standard of their hydraulic counterparts.

Check it out here.

20-10-2003 - Category: Review

Clappin Yo Dome

Shamefully brought to you by Litter Mag, "Clappin Yo Dome" (CYD) is photo and, as it turns out, video guru Shawn Spomers first release. A look at the 02 and 03 Norba DH circuit, the 2002 Red Bull Rampage, spronging, experimental 20" mountain bikes, super-grom Californian dirt jumpers, black diamond freejibbing and whole lot more.

Check it out here.

4-10-2003 - Category: Review

Red Bull Ride 2

The Red Bull Ride 2 DVD captures all the action from the third annual Red Bull Ride held in Jindabyne earlier this year. Featuring interviews with riders, course designers and marshals as well as slick footage from the event proper the video gives a good insight into what goes into putting on a world class freeride event from both and organisers and competitors point of view.

Check it out here.

26-9-2003 - Category: Review

Sydney 2003

The Sydney trip had been in the pipeline for months and after much umming and ahhing over whether we would go, where we would stay and who would be in effect, the decision was made to bite the bullet and go freestyle with no booked accommodation, just tickets, bags and pockets full of drinking money.

Check it out here.

11-9-2003 - Category: Rant

The Godfather - Glen Jacobs Part 3

The third and final part of our interview with Glen. You MUST read this interview. Spomer said so. So there..

Check it out here.

4-9-2003 - Category: Interview

Glen Jacobs Interview Part 2

<b>Part 2 !</b> Well it is finally here, spurred by Glens random appearance on's forums we jumped at the chance to interview the "God Father", a man who has seen all there is to see in the industry and can give an honest opinion on how things are in the MTB World. *Due to Glen's generous responses we have opted to split this interview into 3 parts to be released over the course of this week.

Check it out here.

30-8-2003 - Category: Interview

Armor Hydraulic Disc Brakes review

Ty checks out some Armor Hydraulic Brakes and speaks his mind. *For those that don't know, these are the relatively cheap alternatives to the other big brake brands like hayes etc.

Check it out here.

29-8-2003 - Category: Review

Glen Jacobs Interview Part 1

Well it is finally here, spurred by Glens random appearance on's forums we jumped at the chance to interview the "God Father", a man who has seen all there is to see in the industry and can give an honest opinion on how things are in the MTB World. *Due to Glen's generous responses we have opted to split this interview into 3 parts to be released over the course of this week.

Check it out here.

27-8-2003 - Category: Interview

Time Control Z Platform Pedal review

Cruz checks out some fat pedals from Time and tells us what he thinks.

Check it out here.

20-8-2003 - Category: Review

Splendour Trip 2003

The Splendour in the Grass road trip 2003, A tale of beers, bikes, bands, Byron Bay and bad weather

Check it out here.

5-8-2003 - Category: Rant

The Next Big Things?

They're young, they're quick, and they're headed overseas to kick some ass. Farkin interviews two of Australia's newest hopefuls for international downhill glory, Lindsay Klien and Riley Donaldson.

Check it out here.

3-7-2003 - Category: Interview

Fox Forx Vanilla RL Review

Ty checks out his new set of Fox Forx Vanilla RL's and has few words on the good and the bad.

Check it out here.

26-6-2003 - Category: Review

Jeremiah Dylan Dean Interview

"Jeremiah has been photographing mountain biking for around 2 years now and has been published in magazines and catalogues around the world. He also runs a successful custom helmet painting business, which counts the winningest BMX rider in X-Games history, Dave "Miracle Boy" Mirra amongst it's clientele..."

Check it out here.

19-6-2003 - Category: Interview

FSA V-Drive Xtreme Cranks Review

"After doing some online research and consulting with my LBS, I settled on making the change to an ISIS standard bottom bracket paired with a set of FSA V-Drive Xtreme cranks, certified by both Pepsi Max and Mountain Dew to be the most "EXTREME!" crank your money can buy (actually I made that up)...."

Check it out here.

12-6-2003 - Category: Review

Jib Review

"JIBBING is the name given by producer Thor Wixom to mountain bike riding in the street, at skate parks and at dirt jumps. Jib a recent arrival at headquarters, is Wixoms look into the world of mountain biking without the mountains..."

Check it out here.

26-5-2003 - Category: Review

Ghetto Tubeless

"Tubeless tyre setups are becoming an increasingly common sight on both cross-country and downhill bikes. The benefits they offer include the ability to run lower pressure in your tyres without worrying about pinch flats and better tyre profile, which makes them an obvious choice for downhill riders..."

Check it out here.

25-5-2003 - Category: Guide

Truvativ Hussefelt Cranks Review

Ty checks out a set of Truvativ cranks and tells of the goods and the bads. "Truvativs Hussefelt crankset has become a common feature on many bikes over the years on everything from burly hardtails to full on downhill rigs....."

Check it out here.

23-5-2003 - Category: Review

Jareds Big Bear Race Report

Our man in America, Jared Graves, checks in with his report on last weekends NORBA opener at Big Bear lake.

Check it out here.

21-5-2003 - Category: Race Report

Statement Review

Thor Wixom is an old hand at the mountain bike movie game with previous films such as Plush and the Down series establishing him as an innovative and visually spectacular filmmaker. The latest DVD offering from Wixoms Invictus Productions, "Statement" recently made the rounds at the offices, giving us a chance to bring you an Australian exclusive review.

Check it out here.

19-5-2003 - Category: Review

Interview with Shawn Spomer

"As a follow up to his feature gallery of Sea Otter photos here on we've picked the brains of professional photographer Shawn Spomer on how to get the most from your camera and make your mates look like pros." - Ryan

Check it out here.

8-5-2003 - Category: Interview

Evil/e.thirteen SRS Chain Guide Review

"Ok time for a full review, I received my new Evil chain guide with the clear Makrolon Bashguard mid last week along with some FSA V drive cranks and a Truvative DH BB......" (Ty)

Check it out here.

30-4-2003 - Category: Review

Sea Otter Classic 2003 - Jared Graves

Madcatz/Iron Horse rider, correspondent and international downhill superstar Jared Graves checks in with his report on the 2003 Sea Otter Classic.

Check it out here.

16-4-2003 - Category: Race Report

Fellcrag 24 Hour Report - Lindsay Klein

Ever wondered what happens when some of Australia's fastest Downhill riders decide to contest a 24 hour race? Well apparently they take out third place overall and have a great time doing it, talented bastards! Team Arai Global Junior Development rider Lindsay Klein reports on last weekends 24 hour race held at Fellcrag, just outside of Beaudesert in South-East Queensland

Check it out here.

14-4-2003 - Category: Race Report

Freeride vs Downhill vs Justride

Ever heard someone go off about huckers? Ever heard someone else go on about how dh'ers don't have the guts to do the big drops? Ryan investigates whether or not there is conflict between the two sides.

Check it out here.

14-4-2003 - Category: Rant