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15-04-2004, 09:28 AM
[Edit]I thought this could be useful for those in the market for a new bike also.[Edit]
Ok some people may know this but me and a friend are working together on a new bike. So I would really like some feedback on what you think of your bike. Copy out the template below.
Frame Make
Frame Model and year
Intended use
Actual use
Front fork & Travel
Rear shock & Travel
Comment on the following...

Suspension Travel

Suspension design




Durability issues


Modifications done, or would like done to improve

Final comments

15-04-2004, 09:31 AM
Frame Make Raceline
Frame Model and year Extreme DH 2000 (I think)
Intended use Downhill
Actual use Downhill but a bit of all round
Front fork and travel RST Alfalfas 6"
Rear shock and travel Fox Vanilla R 7"
Comment on the following...
Geometry When in 7" travel the head is too steep and in particular the B/B is too high. when in 6" rear it feels good, but rear suspension becomes too stiff and sketchy (shock mount mods in pipeline)

Suspension Travel Not enough, The more the better! I would like to try a bike with 10" of plush travel with 3"+ negative travel.

Suspension design
Overall the rear is pretty nice and active, it could track a little better perhaps... The front dives under brakes as all telescopes do I suppose, No biggy.

Hayes Mechanicals 8" & 6", Only just got the rear working nice and pads are stuffed:(

Nearly 30kg. Too heavy! I would like a more chuckable bike, I do more than DH on it though.
Unsprung weight is high, heavy drivetrain parts and wheels reduce performance.

Looks Pretty good. Could loook a bit beefier. Don't really like the color of the mainframe, but hey, I chose the color and painted it!

Durability issues
Seems tough as nails!

I hate derailiers!!! it mis-shifts, seems to jump as rear suspension is compressed, is always needing adjustment (9 spd), and I hate rattles of mechs hitting on frames and chains slapping :evil:

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Shock mounts to frame differently to slacken head angle and lower B/B, damping mods to forks, dual front chainring and bashy, road 105 rear cluster to quicken changes, road rear mech to reduce chain length.

Final comments
A good bike for the money really, get sick of constantly servicing forks, but when fresh they work well, could pedal better and I want more travel. Like a bit more Pimp factor too...

15-04-2004, 11:15 AM
Frame Make GT
Frame Model and year GT iDrive 3.0 2004
Intended use "Adventure"
Actual use XC and bits of Urban
Front fork & Travel Marzocchi MZ Comp 100mm (120mm are visible but not sure whether it goes more than 100mm)
Rear shock & Travel Fox Vanilla coil over shock, 6.5 inch by 1.5 inch (4.5 inches of rear wheel travel)
Comment on the following...
Geometry Really good! The BB mounting moves with the suspension, meaning the pedals are in the same position of your legs - even when you are bouncing around.

Suspension Travel I think I could do with a tiny bit more. But for the price/use of the bike, it's really fine.

Suspension design I don't really like how the Fox Vanilla has been positioned. I think more support of the shock would make me feel more comfortable doing small drops. Oh and the marzocchi shocks have been screwing up in terms of the adjusters, they don't budge anymore..

Braking Again, because of the price there is V-brakes, which isn't too bad, makes the bike light and cheap, but with Fibrax Cartridges mounted the braking is really good.

Weight For a beefy XC bike, it's really light. There's no excess metal in the frame, and really, the heaviest parts put together are the wheels!

Looks Personally I love the looks of the iDrive series. Sleek and sweet :)

Durability issues Throw it off one of bender's drops it mightn't hold :P

Driveline The deraileurs, when tuned properly, are beautiful! But lately they haven't been tuned, so they're pissing me off.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Drilled rims to fit thornproof schraders. Cut the damn seatpost down more! Disc brakes (maybe). Better deraileurs. Oh! note my thread about the big ring striking again! I need a plate/guard to stop my big ring from scarring my leg. And platform cleets.

Final comments

I paid $1500AUD for it, damn good price for what it is. Beautiful for heavy XCing (not as light as Garry's XTC Zero). Can do small drops, but I dont like to :P Djing etc..

15-04-2004, 11:17 AM
Frame Make Norco
Frame Model and year VPS Drop 2003
Intended use "Freeride"
Actual use DH Racing;Trail Riding;DJ;Urban;Commuter
Front fork & Travel 2002 Junior T, 170mm
Rear shock & Travel Fox Vanilla R, 4.5"/5.2"
Comment on the following...
Head angle is nice with 7" fork, was a bit steep for DH with 5" fork. If i raise the seat for trailriding, i sit a bit too far behind bottom bracket so it is a little uncomfortable, but this can be fixed by adjusting my seat position. Overall I am pretty happy with it. Steering feels alot different with chopped out HA

Suspension Travel
7" up front haven't bottomed much yet, but have done any DH runs either. With loger trave fork i have more weight over back of bike so i seem to be running through the 5.25" of travel more quickly. But i am thinking of getting a longer stroke shock (from 50mm to 58mm on 200mm i2i shock) & a 24" rear wheel to increase travel without scarificing HA. Also my spring could be slightly lighter

Suspension design
FSR, no worries there

Hayes HFX9 (the cheap ones) 8" f&r, some disc rub. Power good, modulation OK. The resevoir cover has come off while riding a couple of times on front, spewing fluid everywhere

Heavy!! DH tubes/tyres/wheels + MOR componetry

I think it looks good, colour is pretty tough (khaki/grey). Cool frame design

Durability issues
Durable as. Has taken some big hits & slams. Done a couple of derailler, Busted rear rim (single track). Need new bottom bracket now, but everything is stock

22-32-bash on deore lx, no problems whatsoever. Shifting gets a bit crunchy when dirty. but nothing major

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Increase travel, new stem, chain guide, new hubs

Final comments
I love this bike, it gives me confidence to try stuff, but can still be used as an all rounder, strong & reliable. :)

15-04-2004, 12:19 PM
Frame Make Turner
Frame Model and year DHR 2003 model
Intended use DH racing
Actual use DH racing
Front fork & Travel THE gism stage 2, 200mm travel
Rear shock & Travel Romic , 8.5 inches travel
Comment on the following...
Geometry Fairly steep head angle which takes some getting use to but once use to it the bike runs perfectly !!

Suspension Travel just the right amount

Suspension design perfect.... pedals sweet

Braking slight brake jack but floater is available

Weight Around 19 kg built up with fairly heavy parts

Looks like a ferrari

Durability issues I snapped the dog bone link thing but It has Warranty so it is getting replaced with an 04 one which is fixed

Driveline fine

Modifications done, or would like done to improvelittle mud guard to stop mud getting in the shock and none

Final comments

15-04-2004, 12:25 PM
Frame Make Cove
Frame Model and year G-Spot (2002)
Intended use Freeride/Downhill
Actual use Freeride/Downhill/Dirt Jump
Front fork & Travel Marzocchi Z1CR 130mm - Soon to be Super T's
Rear shock & Travel Fox Vanilla RC 6"
Comment on the following...
Set up of the bike is awesome, nice frame angles making it easy to ride downhill, huck off things, and still easy enough to peddle around.

Suspension Travel
Not a big fan of my Z1 CR's, although plush, they are getting on in life, hence my upgrading to Super T's. Fox RC on the rear is doing ok, but would like to upgrade to a 5th or a swinger.

Suspension design
Rear suspension design on the g-spot frame prevents the chain from bobbing around and causing slack like it does on many giant models, such as the AC2, AC etc. Haven't had any problem and the linkage plates can be upgraded to 7" on the rear.

Hayes HFX9 - Despite all the bitching that goes on about them on farkin I haven't had any trouble with them whatsoever. They meet my standards - which is they actually stop you, so I have no complaints about them.

14kg, this is one of the lightest freeride bikes on the market. It is quite heavy at the moment because of the Dice SMO on the rear, soon to be changed to a 721 to save weight. Addition of the super t's won't add too much extra weight, at most the bike will weigh 15kg when fully upgraded.

Pimp white, looks sexy enough, and with the rest of the components black it looks farkin sick. Ordering new cove and dc skull stickers from Mr. Cove as the current ones have seen better days.

Durability issues
None that I have found...

Deore on the rear with an aireal industries guide works perfectly.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Converted from 27 gears to 9 via aireal industries chain guide. Super T Pro soon to be added onto the front, hoping to stick a swinger 6-way on the rear to beef the whole bike up.

Final comments
I love this bike, sweet boutique frame, haven't had any major dramas with the bike and does the job for freeride/dirt jump and commuting, and with the addition of a new fork should be turned into one bad ass hucking machine.

Dirt Devil
15-04-2004, 12:34 PM
Frame Make '04 Craftworks FRM125
Intended use DH, FR and trail
Actual use DH, FR, trail and DJ
Front fork & Travel Sherman Slider 6"
Rear shock & Travel Fox Vanilla RC 5" & 6"

Comment on the following...
Geometry I'm riding a L 18" frame. It felt a bit twitchy with a 5" fork on the front but after switching to a 6" one, it's great. Everything else seems fine as far as I can tell.

Suspension Travel 6" with the progressive spring rate is good for just about everything. Probably not enough travel for really big drops (unless your really light or smooth). Feels like a bit of a tank to pedal uphill for long periods but it's better than some other 6" bikes I've tried. Swap it to 5", wind on a heap of preload, and it flies at the jump park.

Suspension design Classic 4-bar linkage. 'nuff said.

Braking Avid 8" front and 6" rear with Speed Dial 5 levers. The outright power of these is great but the modulation leaves a little to be desired.

Weight 17.5kg's

Looks Pretty damn sweet actually.

Durability issues Headset moved around a bit at first but it's settled down now.

Driveline Don't run a Shimano rear derailleur on this frame. It constantly pounds on the Horst link dropout, making lots of noise and buggering up the paint and frame. Even a ghetto bumb stop got trashed in a few rides. Luckily the full bikes come with SRAM, sooo much better.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve On the frame I'd like to see the V-brake mounts removed. Who runs V's on a 18kg dually? A 1.5 headtube would also be a welcome addition to this frame.

Final comments Full bike or frame only, both are great value for money.

15-04-2004, 01:14 PM
Frame Make Kona
Frame Model and year Stiny 2003
Intended use "Freeride"
Actual use Epic trail riding :roll: light down hill, posing
Front fork & Travel Boxxer race 6 inch
Rear shock & Travel fox vanilla 6 inch

Geometry fairly slack, but that's how it's meant to be, it's a little long in the chainstays for real flickability, but is very stable at speeed and corners really well. It suffers at low speeds however. Riding position is short and upright.

Suspension Travel Front and rear travel is balanced perfectly with the boxxers. Stocco springs in both would be on the soft side if I were a bit heavier or more "Extreme". It's plenty plush in the rough stuff though.

Suspension design It's a single pivot with a linkage driven shock really, not a four bar. Bobs like a bastard. sometimes it feels like it is wallowing or squatting, but is fine once up to speed and you can pump through stuff. It is very stiff and tracks well though.

Braking HFX 9s, the power is there, but they are a bit unpredictable, the levers flex heaps. The Avid cable on the HT shits all over them.

Weight Heavy, must be pushing 40 odd pounds, most of it is in the frame and the wheels. A medium weight set of wheels would make her ride much nicer.

Looks No complaints here she is one sexy bike!

Durability issues None yet, it has not been ridden very hard though.

Driveline I have snapped LOTS of rear derailleurs, but it is all good now. I don't like drivetrains but they are a necessary evil.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve A tuneable rear shock, especially stable platform would be very nice. Spec wise the stock wheels and fork are the worst part of the 03 Stinkys They were the first things to go on my bike.

Final comments My favourite thing about this bike is how well balanced it is, If you pick it up the balance point is right in the center of the bike. Once up to speed pilot it from the middle and there is enough suspension to take care of most stuff. What i like the least is the weight and the feel when pedaling up-hill it bobs and squats all over the place.

Michael Hunt
15-04-2004, 02:51 PM
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15-04-2004, 03:05 PM
Frame Make Raceline Extreme Pro series 2
Frame Model and year Series 2 (2000) maybe 2001
Intended use Freeride/Downhill/anyhting i can
Actual use Freeride and downhill
Front fork & Travel Alfalfa with a new spring kit and oil and seals 6 or 7 '
Rear shock & Travel fox vanilla RC 7-8'
Comment on the following...
I like the feel compared to any other bike i have been on, feels like im totally in control

Suspension Travel
Allright ..never hit bottom that i know of, but in any case i want to get an avalance system on it

Suspension design
Flogged from Norco VPS system (there the same)

Hayes 8's but because of busted frame now running shimono xt on rear with a 6' disk
have to be pushing 30 kg..serioulsy i need to drink so much weight gain powder so i have energy to ride the thing

chipped and worn.. soon to be pimp white with no signage

Durability issues
broke back bottom swingarm twice, the hayes rub on frame.

Jumps round a bit some "hollotech" cranks, derailer is farked

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
a few lighter gears and some new bits on the way from jenson usa.
New front forks somehting 8' + with better after sales support like manitou or avalanche..Drool.

Final comments
Love it.. its my baby

15-04-2004, 03:28 PM
Frame Make Specialized
Frame Model and year 03 S-Works Enduro
Intended use My do-it-all trail bike
Actual use Has raced the HDATO 8-hour at Whittlesea, the XC Nats at Eildon and went DHing at Buller last weekend.
Front fork & Travel Fox Forx TALAS RLC, 80 - 125mm
Rear shock & Travel Fox Float RL ITCH Switch, 100 or 132mm
Comment on the following...
Geometry is adjustable by flipping the suspension link: goes from 69.5 degree teadtube & 12.8 inch bottom bracket to 70.5 degree headtube & 13.2 inch bottom bracket. The two settings feel distinctly different, which is surprising, considering what seems to be a minor difference, but the steeper head angle (and accompanying higher BB) is substantially better for XC.

Suspension Travel
One of the main selling points of the bike:- front is 80 - 125mm and rear is 100 or 132mm. Both ends have lockout. Very versatile and allows the bike to suit a huge variation of riding conditions.

Suspension design
Forks are TALAS (Travel Adjustable Linear Air Spring), which I think means that the forks supposed to feel pretty much the same, regardless of the travel you're running... They feel good whatever you do to 'em and are the best fork I've ever ridden.
Rear suspension is good ol' Horst Link FSR design that Specialized run on virtually every dually they build. It doesn't completely eliminate brake jack or bobbing like they reckon (which is why they've specced a Brain shock on the '04 model), but it's still pretty good. My mate rides a SC Superlight, which is a beautiful bike, but after riding an Enduro, the Superlight feels like it just folds in half...

I ditched my Hayes HFX9s becuase the levers were rattling pieces of crap and I've just ditched my Hayes cable brakes (which were simply crap) for a set of Avid cables and will reserve my opinion until they're bedded in.

I haven't weighed it, but I will when I get my new wheels (DT240s with Mavic 819 UST disc rims). I'm hoping for something close to 13kgs.

If you like anodised grey, then you'll like this bike. Goes nicely with my old-style XTR running gear.

Durability issues
None, aside from my issues with Hayes brakes. Serves me right for taking the cheap option.

Shifting from middle ring to granny is inconsistent, which some people have told me is common with these bikes. This can be very annoying at times, but it usually just means that I have to concentrate a bit more and shift earlier.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
This bike is in a constant state of modification, as it is the combination of a whole lot of different purchases. Like I say, I've got a new wheelset coming and the only other major thing that I could do for this bike (assuming the brakes are good, which I'm sure they are) is to get an SPV shock like a 5th Element Air. I think this would pretty much perfect it.

Final comments
I was slightly disappointed at first, as I didn't find FSR suspension to be as good as iDrive suspension - GT really nailed it in my opinion. However, iDrives are always too heavy and the finish and ride of the Enduro is insane - it's geniunely light for a 5 inch bike that inspires confidence across a whole range of conditions. Highly adjustable, good to look at and a truly worthy long term purchase that's just plain fun to ride.

15-04-2004, 05:06 PM
Frame Make '03 Craftworks FRM125
Intended use Trail, FR and DH
Actual use Trail, XC and DH
Front fork & Travel '03 Z1 FR 130mm
Rear shock & Travel
(stock) Fox Vanilla R, 5" & 6" 600 lb spring OR
Avalanche DHS (8"x2.25") with custom linkage plates, 7.5".

Comment on the following...
I'm riding the 18" frame. For trail & XC type riding it's a bit short in the top tube for me. I've gone to a 105mm stem & it feels much better but I would like it longer than the stock 585mm.

Suspension Travel
I only use the 5" setting & needed to up the spring to a 600#. For rough trail riding it glides through OK. Small drops feel fine, not very harsh.
With the Avy shock & long travel plates it soaks up everything. I sink into the first third of the travel & it feels gooood. 8)

Suspension design
Is Horst link 4 bar, Is good.

Hayes HFX9, I few hassles at first, now mostly sorted.

15.5 ~ 16.5kg. Need better scales. Just too heavy to trail ride/XC all day but I still try. The early 2003 model I have came with a XC biased parts spec. It's been OK for me but I'm light on gear.

Big & white with mostly black components. Turns heads. :)

Durability issues
Took delivery Nov '02 & so far the TruVativ BB has crapped out & I serviced the rear end. Rode all winter '03, lotsa mud & shite. The pivots needed servicing / new bearings before I got to them. :oops: I'll be checking them more often now.

Shimano Deore & XT, TruVativ cranks & rings. I need to service the rear WTB freehub, it's getting sticky. Usual Shimano 9 speed shifting, good when it's good etc.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Done for trail riding; longer stem (105mm), VP platform/SPD pedals, Longer seatpost (400mm).
Like done for trail riding; maybe lighter frame & parts if possible, see also below.
Done for DH; back to stock stem & seatpost with spare seat, DH tyres, Avalanche shock with long travel plates, option of flat pedals.
Like done for DH; New wheels before I trash the stock ones & to keep the DH tyres on, A new 6" or 7" fork, Sherman Slider + or Boxxer team or ??.

Final comments
I'd really like to make my bike into 2.
No, not by repeated jumping or with a hacksaw. It could be either a long travel trail bike or a FR/DH machine.
A lighter frame & longer top tube (~600mm for me anyway), lighter parts & maybe an air shock for all day trail fun.
For FR/DH frame as stock or with long travel plates & shock, maybe a custom swing arm? Stronger wheels & cranks, a chain guide, bigger fork to match rear travel.

15-04-2004, 05:22 PM
b]Frame Make[/b] specialized
Frame Model and year 2002 big hit DH
Intended use DH\Freeriding
Actual use DH,freeriding,DJand street
Front fork & Travel 190mm
Rear shock & Travel fox vanilla RC \ 8.1
Comment on the following...
Geometry It can be set at 88.0 or86.0. I run it in the 86 pos cause i like it a bit slacker. For me the seat tube head angle and the rest are spot on.

Suspension Travel 8.1 in the rear but might go for a bigger shock and up-the-anti to bout nine to compensate for the new forks. At the moment iv got a pair of 02 shiverswith 190mm but soon to get my 888r's.

Suspension design4 bar linkage, might not be the most advanced but it works for me

Braking Im running 03 hope M4's with 8 inch roters front and rear. Wicked strong with plenty in between.

Weight I think it weighs bout 23kg's

Looks mmmm Sexay! Its not to bad at the moment but in a few months will have it resprayed with some trick graphics.

Durability issues No quarms with the frame except where the chain guide bolts on, hit the boomerang on the mrp on a rock and tore the three bolts that hold it on out its just the parts that shit themselves.

Driveline tubular Cro-mo cranks,mrp chainguide,truvative holzfella pedals,XT shortcage rear mech,42 tooth ring and LX shifter pod. Cluster and chain???

Modifications done, or would like done to improve sdg grand prix saddle,hope m4 brakes,truvative pedals azonic shorty stem, ameba 5mm thick bars.
My soon to be's are hadley rear hub(in mail) 888r's(in the mail) and a short cage saint rear mech and possibly a 3 inch shock instead of 2.7 either an avy or 6 way.

Final comments Dam i wish the mail would come!!

15-04-2004, 05:37 PM
Frame Make Santa Cruz
Frame Model and year 2003 Bullit
Intended use Freeride/DH
Actual use Freeride/DH/Urban
Front fork & Travel Boxxer World Cup '04 (also- Monster T2, Boxxer 2002). 7".
Rear shock & Travel 5th Element. Titanium spring. 7"
Comment on the following...
Geometry Perfect for all Freeride applictaions. BB height is in the ballpark for more extreme freeride bikes. For DH, a lower standover, slacker head angle and lower BB could make this one of the ultimate DH Bikes for shorter courses.

Suspension Travel 5th Element tuned 7", which feels limitless- wind up the bottom out socket and the bike is very very smooth. Matches lighterweight race style forks as they create a much more balanced ride.

Suspension design Single pivot- long lasting, stiff and reliable. When coupled to a 5th shock the bike rides amazingly- a marked improvement over the Fox Vanillas that previously supported the Bullit

Braking The Downfall of the bullit as a DH bike depending on your style. If you are of the brake late and try to carry as much speed though sections then you will find the Bullit fairly sketchy- the rear end noticably stiffens under hard braking, and in loose off camber corners, can buck the rider. The bullit is at it's best in long drifting corners- the more weight you push into the bike the faster it goes, and drift is easily controlled by the riders stance over the bike.

Weight Very Light for DH rigs, but heavy as a freeride bike. Frame weight is around 8 pounds, and with my build the bike is around 37 pounds. The main benefit is that the bike is extremely flickable in the air and on the ground.

Looks I'll leave that to you to decide.

http://www.farkin.net/forums/album_thumbnail.php?pic_id=6376 (http://www.farkin.net/forums/album_pic.php?pic_id=6376)

Durability issues 5th element shocks are prone to destroying themselves if not correctly set up. I had this problem- 6 times.

Driveline Not the greatest chainline, made worse by the evil srs guide.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve none. At the moment, the only original part on the bike is the frame. I have changed everyother part so they can keep up with the frame.

Final comments Sturdy. Reliable. Light. One of the best bikes in the class, which adds to their cult-like following in the US. Definately not the best value, but mine has stood the test of time...

15-04-2004, 05:40 PM
Frame Make Specialized
Frame Model and year Big Hit 04
Intended use Freeride/DH/some XC
Actual use DH/Freeride
Front fork & Travel Marzocchi Shiver DC 190 mm travel
Rear shock & Travel Manitou Swinger 4-way 2.75" stroke (8.1/6.8" travel settings)

Geometry I run the frame in the 8.1" travel mode with a low BB for DH. The head angle is approx 66* and the bike is super stable at speed in this mode. Although the low BB means hitting a few rocks now and then.

Suspension Travel 7.5"f/8.1"r is perfect for me. The front fork is awesome at speed and I've had no flex problems at all. It keeps the line I want. The rear feels super plush and bottomless. The combo is a bike that feels perfectly balanced. The swinger 4-way rebound is set to max at the moment, which is a bummer as I wanted to increase it a bit, but couldn't. Also, I couldn't get all the shock mount positions with the swinger 4-way, as the spring is longer than the fox unit that the frame was originally designed around. Minor hassles only.

Suspension design FSR/Horst linkage. Tried and tested design works well. Adjustable rear travel, BB height and shock progression... nice.

Braking Shimano XT hydro with 8" rotor on the front works brilliantly. Nice modulation and power. Hayes HFX9 with 8" rotor has plenty of power, but less modulation than the XT. Still works well enough.

Weight Too heavy for XC! In the shop with Jr T's it weighed in at 19 kg, its probably 20 kg with the Shivers now.

Looks Killer beep blue/purple/black stealth frame. Stickers are starting to show some wear though.

Durability issues It looks bullet-proof. Great looking welds and plenty of gussets where you need them. The frame's been around for a few years, so any durability issues would be known by now. Reports are that it's solid. Only one thing, Spec has a crap replaceable derailleur hanger design that bends easily and can get loose. I've already bent one, but easily beat it back into shape on another Spec bike I own.

Driveline Shimano LX/XT short-cage. Holzfella cranks with two front gears with a bash ring. Works pretty well so far. Derailleur alignment has already changed, needing some adjustment to get all the gears going again. Assymetric rear chainstay keeps the chain-line reasonably straight, so it shifts well.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve I'd like a BETD seat-stay for fitting a 26" rear wheel. That increases teh travel to 9" and allows much more tyre choice than a 24" wheel. Also the 24" wheel doesn't climb over large rocks and ledges as well as a 26" wheel. Otherwise it works well for DH and is not noticeable. Otherwise some lightweight components to get the weight down such as no-tubes, etc.

Final comments Excellent value for money. Weight is a bit of a disadvantage for free riding as is the interrupted seat-post design. I still have three different seat post lengths for different types of riding. Better as a DH bike. I like the lifetime frame warranty and highly adjustable suspension design.

15-04-2004, 06:17 PM
Frame Make Iron Horse
Frame Model and year 2004 SGS-DH Team
Intended use Downhill/race
Actual use Hillclimb sprints
Front fork & Travel Boxxer Team, 7" travel
Rear shock & Travel Manitou Swinger 6-way, 2.75 stroke giving 8.5" travel
Comment on the following...
Geometry For a size medium:
Top tube: fairly long for a medium, which is good because I dislike short top tubes. Keep in mind that the "top tube" length that matters is really the distance from BB to headtube/bars, because if you're not sitting down. The actual TT is pretty short. When I get the bike back home, I'll measure it up.

BB height: Not sure on sagged measurements, but I'm pretty sure static is 14.5". It's pretty nice where it is, stable but I don't bash my pedals much. If I was going to change it, I'd go marginally lower. Again, I'll measure it under sag when I get it back.

Head angle: Claimed 66.5* on the IH website, but I have no idea what it really is. It's nice where it is, but if I was going to change it, I'd slacken it slightly. I can't really measure this accurately, sorry!

Chainstays: 17.36" according to the website, but that's static. It increases a bit under sag, and I'd like to make them about 1/2 to 3/4" shorter (because I'm a short chainstay fanatic).

Standover: 19" seat tube height (on a size medium). IMHO this is too high for a DH bike, unless there's no way around it (due to shock position etc). They run the smalls at 17", I don't see why they had to make the standover higher for the bigger bikes - just make the top tube longer!

Seat tube angle/seat position: the seat tube angle is run at a fairly "normal" angle, as opposed to being super slack like an Intense etc. I like the idea of this, as it keeps the seat forward and out of the way (shortish actual TT comes into play here). Doesn't look as good as a slack seat angle tho ;)

Suspension Travel 8.5", I don't want any more. Having had brief rides on V10s (just down short sections of trail) and a run or two on an M1 (which was set up for heaps of sag), I find that it gets too hard to move the bike out of its sag to get it off the ground. I also found that having the suspension too soft and linear (ie not just a "soft spot" in the travel) makes getting the front wheel off the ground a tad hard, because the BB dives rather than the front lifting. I haven't managed to bottom the bike yet (or not hard enough to notice anyway), which is kind of weird, considering that I've got it set up with a 400lb spring (I'm about 95kg in gear!), minimum compression damping, minimum SPV pressure, and max air chamber volume. This makes me think that maybe less travel, run softer, with more progression would be better.

Suspension design FSR/Horst link. Very mildly progressive.

Braking Neutral enough

Weight IH claims 10.5lbs for the frame with shock, but I reckon it's heavier. The complete bike weighs 46lbs, and with Boxxers, v-drives, Easton bars, Thomson stem (nothing very heavy at all) on it, I find the claimed weight hard to believe. Honestly the frame weight doesn't bother me much, the only place I can really think of to take weight off would be the wheels (Minion 2.7/2.5 with DH tubes on WTB Laserdiscs on WTB hubs).

Looks It's matte black, which is madcore.

Durability issues Haven't had it long enough to really say. Only issue I've had has been with the overly short derailleur hanger bolts stripping out - pretty silly oversight on the part of the manufacturer, especially seeing as the holes were drilled and tapped about 3 times as deep as the bolts actually went!
I keep smashing parts though (2 derailleurs, one brake lever, shock's been warrantied 3 times)

Driveline V-drive cranks, e13 guide, X9 shifter/cassette/derailleur, SRAM chain (pc69?)

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Nothing major, a tad more sag would be nice (only a little, I dislike the I'm-drowning-in-travel feeling you get from a bike that's too soft), a derailleur guard would be cool (something that protects the cage).

Final comments The frame seems to be a pretty solid package (can't comment on breakages, obviously), but a slightly lower BB and slacker head angle wouldn't hurt. More sag might cure this though.

Mr Plow, do you mean you're actually designing and building a frame?

No Skid Marks
15-04-2004, 06:44 PM
Frame Make Balfa
Frame Model and yearBB72003
Intended useDH/freeride
Actual useas above and I ride it on any sub 2 hour XC ride.
Front fork & Travel Shivvers 2003
Rear shock & Travel Fith Element,9+
Comment on the following...
Geometry About 66degrees,Bit slack for xc so I just weigh up the front on the flat surfaces.

Suspension TravelExcellent,Heaps of travel,rear is perfect,and good for anything thanks to the 5th Element shock.

Suspension designVery high single pivot.Normaly single pivots lock out under brakes and jack up the rear ,but I don't find it a problem on this bike.I'm not sure if it's because of the shock or the masses of travel.Even if it was a problem Balfa offer a floating rear set-up.

Braking Hope M4s,Love them.

Weight 18.5kg,Thats with XTR cranfs, a few Ti bolts and nothing that dosn't need to be there.

Looks A bit ugly,but you learn to love it. Nice and low lookig.

Durability issues None whatsoever.My freind's bikes are my durability issue.

Driveline XT mech,XTR cranks.9 speed only for the gear ratio's otherwise I would run 8.(I live in the mountains so I need low gears).

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Ti spring and 888s would be good to get the weight down more.

Final comments I've had or ridden most other good bikes,money is no option for me because I love Bikes and I have a BB7 for good.Canadian made quallity with a cro-mo rear end.Oh and they don't lock out under pedaling either because they have a roller up near the pivot that the chain goes over.I recon I could get it under 18kg with Boxxers and other lightweight bit's.

15-04-2004, 07:39 PM
Frame Make balfa
Frame Model and year bb7 2003
Intended use downhill racing
Actual use downhill freeride dirt jumping urban :?
Front fork & Travel boxxer team 7 inches
Rear shock & Travel fox rc (customs have my 5th) 9 inches
Comment on the following...
Geometry head angle is a tiny bit slack for tight technical stuff but its adjustable, i like the low bb though so i put up with the headangle, its all good and in open fast courses is so damn stable geometry other than that is PERFECT

Suspension Travel with the rc i dont like it, its a bit soggy and doesnt pedal well, solution CUSTOMS GIVE ME MY 5TH! :evil:

Suspension design single pivot with a roller thingiemabob to stop the suspension locking out when you pedal 8)

Braking i have a floater so its just damn awesome and you can adjsut how active it is too.. coooooool

Weight i dunno BAs scales are dead :?

Looks only thing out there that looks better is a dhs mono (BA have 3 ooooooooo thats a sexy frame)

Durability issues er the headtube tears off if you huck 500 foot hucks to flat on your daily rides?

Driveline xtr mech and shifter, xtr cranks and bb (MAKE SURE THESE ARE DONE UP TIGHT!) :oops:

Modifications done, or would like done to improve i drilled the hell out outta my mrp to save weight and got a evil the next day :? atm trying to save weight as much as possible i want this sub 40 pounds!

Final comments awesome bike atm it pedals like soggy cornflakes you float in the travel so damn much but my 5th is on the way (has been for almost 2 months :evil: ) i know this will make a HUGE difference

15-04-2004, 07:57 PM
Suspension design single pivot with a roller thingiemabob to stop the suspension locking out when you pedal 8)

Its more so that It doesnt get chain slap.... you want the suspension to lock out when you pedal so it doesnt bob

15-04-2004, 08:00 PM
Suspension design single pivot with a roller thingiemabob to stop the suspension locking out when you pedal 8)

Its more so that It doesnt get chain slap.... you want the suspension to lock out when you pedal so it doesnt bob

Idealy you wouldnt want the suspension to lock out while pedalling, you would want all rider induced forces removed, but to still remain active to the undulations(sp) of the trail

15-04-2004, 08:30 PM
it still firms up if you know what i mean but doesnt lock completly liek an orange does, for a 9 inch travel bike with an 03 rc (no propedal or ANYTHING) it does pedal really well and i forgot to mention another thing i liek about it is me and john have the only 2 white ones in australia 8)

15-04-2004, 08:37 PM
Suspension design single pivot with a roller thingiemabob to stop the suspension locking out when you pedal 8)

Its more so that It doesnt get chain slap.... you want the suspension to lock out when you pedal so it doesnt bob

Stops chainslap by putting the chain up near the swingarm instead of 8" under it? Riiiight. It's there to reduce chain growth, so you don't get anywhere near as much pedal kickback or suspension extension.

As chewy said, you want the rider-induced suspension movement to be negated, not the suspension to be locked out. Ideally the extension forces caused by the chain should exactly equal the compression forces exerted by the rider... if you can achieve this, you'll get a 100% bob-free bike. Unfortunately it's pretty much impossible :)

15-04-2004, 08:40 PM
b]Frame Make[/b] Kona
Frame Model and year Stab (with 8" plates not 6) 2000
Intended use downhill
Actual use Downhill ... Dirt Jumping ... "free riding" ... urban
Front fork & Travel 2003 Boxxer teams 7"
Rear shock & Travel fox RC bit over 8"
Comment on the following...
Geometry because of the rear plates the bike sits a little higher in the rear end (but not much) ... it could be more "sled like for downhill but it isnt .... i am tall so it seems pretty good for me.

Suspension Travel like all konas it feels wierd it works pretty good ... would rather a single pivot frame though

Suspension design four bar linkage

Braking it chatters through some corners when the breaking is hardcore ..... but other than that it works well

Weight it is pretty light i would probably say it is an average dh bike weight

Looks i think it looks rad could be tankier looking though ( could just be a 223 hahaha)

Durability issues they are known to crack in the swing arm ......

Driveline all xt and race face

Modifications done, or would like done to improve umm it runs custom 8" plates instead of the 6 .. though i might run the six for awhile .... i want a 42tooth chain wheel and new chain guide ... azonic stem ... pro taper bars and a 2003 fox rc (second hand one)

Final comments this bike looks and feels cool easy to dirt jump and good on the downhill track it is awsome in tight rocky areas like on the creek track in townsville!!

15-04-2004, 08:45 PM
Suspension Travel like all konas it feels wierd it works pretty good ... would rather a single pivot frame though

Suspension design four bar linkage

Just thought I'd say, it is a single-pivot. And its a walking beam type suspension linkage, not a 4-bar. I think.

15-04-2004, 08:47 PM
Suspension Travel like all konas it feels wierd it works pretty good ... would rather a single pivot frame though

Suspension design four bar linkage

Just thought I'd say, it is a single-pivot. And its a walking beam type suspension linkage, not a 4-bar. I think.

it's still a 4 bar (count them) it's just not a hoist link.

15-04-2004, 08:52 PM
That would make a D8 and heaps of other linkage activated shock bikes 4 bars too though.

15-04-2004, 09:02 PM
Frame Make Giant atx-1 2000 model
Frame Model and year Abov'd!
Intended use DH And oh no not jumping
Actual use Use it for urban, jumps and dh
Front fork & Travel 00 boxxer 6 inch (soon to be 02 with 7)
Rear shock & Travel Fox vanilla rx with 6 inch
Comment on the following...
Geometry what the hells that..
Suspension Travel mm bouncy
Suspension design ....its has a spring, its got a few swingarms here n there...
Braking rear via xt 6 inch hydro...front via 7 inch armour
Weight bout 15 or 16 kgs
Looks good to me..white paint job!
Durability issues so far so good, no creaks cracks leaks or dints!
Driveline Sram x-7 components make her run! 321 front disc only wheel with alex dx 32 rear (POS)
Modifications done, or would like done to improvereplaced whiole bike except forks since about 6 months ago, need 2 or boxxersraces, theyre coming, rear shock 8 inch travel and rc rear shock with 321 rear wheel and im set!
Final commentsAHHA atx-1 in your face, go get 1 theyre awsome

15-04-2004, 09:57 PM
frame makeBalfa bb7
intended useDH
forkboxxer 02 170mm[/b]
rear shock travelfox rc 9 inches
geometryHA 66
suspention designsingle pivot
brakingshimano xt
weight19 kg
looksgood. not many bikes that look like a balfa
durabilitythese bikes are real strong.the only stuff that has broken are the components
drivetrainshimano xt shifter,xtr remote shifter,tiagra derailer
mods donei took the cables out of the top cable housing and routed them around the base of the head tube because my boxxer crown was creasing them.it would be nice with a floater and 5th element,doradosand sram
final comenta real good DH bike.it excels in wide open downhill runs.i find that it still works extremely well with the fox rc tho a 5th element would be the icing on the cake

16-04-2004, 08:19 AM
Frame Make Craftworks
Frame Model and year DHR208 2002 model
Intended use DH racing
Actual use weekend shuttles, Dh racing, anything else I feel like
Front fork & Travel 2000 model Boxxer 7"
Rear shock & Travel Fox RC, 208mm or 8 and a bit inches

Geometry The geometry is very adjustable with 3 shock mount positions and three linkage plate positions to mix and match. I run the lowest linkage setting and the 2nd shock position to give it a more progressive feel without having the BB too low. The geometry is set up the way I prefer but the range is so huge I'm sure it could suit most people somehow.

Suspension Travel The rear end doesn't bottom unless I hit a square edge very hard. It comes close to wallowing though and so doesn't sprint very well.

Suspension design 4-bar linkage similar to Intense. Very active, with no appreciable feedback under braking - I notice the difference compared to single pivots when I ride them.

Braking Hayes HFX 9s - Powerful enough when I haven't glazed them from being the brake dragging geek I am. The hoses are a tad long and I'll be installing a Goodridge line on the rear to cure a bit of persistant mushiness from the long nylon hose flexing

Weight It's not light thats for sure - as heavy as Kram's V10 with 888s but I don't know the exact figure. Rides fairly light though, but it sucks to lift into the ute.

Looks The paint is chipped, scratched or rubbed off in so many places. The frame looks solid as and overall it's a fairly nice looking bike IMO.

Durability issues Occasional frame creaks but no sign of cracking yet. The bearings lasted 2 years and most were still smooth when I changed them. Paint could be a bit more durable but the frame stickers are lasting well under the clear coat.

Driveline Raceface cranks, Aireal guide, wipperman chain, XTR shifter, LX mech, XT cluster (8spd). The Shifter has a broken adjuster barrel so the cable end just sits in the hole. It's not perfect and the shifting reflecs this, but you can get it to work.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Had to Dremel and drill the Aireal device to mount it. It still doesn't run as smooth as a Craftworks device on a DHR208 but it's good enough. Recommend a different device for other looking at this frame.

Final comments Overall a very sturdy bike that responds better to firm rider input. It doesn't respond quickly to minor weight changes and needs to be pushed hard to get the most out of it.

16-04-2004, 10:36 AM
does anyone reckon it would be a good idea if this became a sticky, so people could easily check out quick little reviews of perspective buys?

16-04-2004, 10:57 AM
Frame Make: Craftworks
Frame Model and year: 03' FRM125
Intended use: I think its more of a trail, aggressive XC, Freeride type of Machine. It can surely take abbuse.
Actual use: Downhill, Freeride.
Front fork & Travel: 2002 Marzocchi Super T w/ 7inches travel.
Rear shock & Travel: 2003 Fox RC w/ 7inches travel.

I find it a perfect setup. It has 7inches through the linkage plates "Gutty" made for it which gives it more of a Downhill frame feel. I dont know exact measurements.

Suspension Travel:
Im getting like 6.9inches out of it. Im not complaining!

Suspension design:
I dont know. Im not really into frame design. Someone else will know.

Ive got some beautiful 8inch XTs on my beast, so it stops really well! I dont really notice much brake-jack.

About 17.5kg-18kg. Nothing too light, but i cant expect it to be light with the componants i run.

As sexy as white is, its a bitch to maintain. Its a pretty hot bike IMO :P!

Durability issues:
Its fine. I replace bearings when it starts to creak or seize up. Its all good!

Pretty damn good. Aireal cranks, Aireal guide, Sram chain, Sram Thumb Attack shifter, Ultegra mech, XT cluster (8spd). Seems like the coolest things to be running!

Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
Well i got the new linkage plates, ive angle grinded bits off my frame so i can fit chainguide! I wouldnt mind a custom spray job!

Final comments:
Pretty sweet bike! Reccomended, but dont everyone bbuy this bike! It seems people have been! Its not as unique as it was a year ago when only 2 or 3 people had them on farkin!

16-04-2004, 05:00 PM
Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
Well i got the new linkage plates, ive angle grinded bits off my frame so i can fit chainguide! I wouldnt mind a custom spray job!

Youv done what???

16-04-2004, 05:08 PM
CHEWY wrote:
konasaurus wrote:

Suspension Travel like all konas it feels wierd it works pretty good ... would rather a single pivot frame though

Suspension design four bar linkage

Just thought I'd say, it is a single-pivot. And its a walking beam type suspension linkage, not a 4-bar. I think.

it's still a 4 bar (count them) it's just not a hoist link.

I just wanna point out here that Ty is wrong and Chewy is correct. If the pivot is on the seat stay, then the suspension design is essentially a single pivot bike with a complicated linkage (like a Giant AC). It's only a "true" 4-bar design if the pivot is on the chainstay (like a Specialized).

16-04-2004, 06:40 PM
CHEWY wrote:
konasaurus wrote:

Suspension Travel like all konas it feels wierd it works pretty good ... would rather a single pivot frame though

Suspension design four bar linkage

Just thought I'd say, it is a single-pivot. And its a walking beam type suspension linkage, not a 4-bar. I think.

it's still a 4 bar (count them) it's just not a hoist link.

I just wanna point out here that Ty is wrong and Chewy is correct. If the pivot is on the seat stay, then the suspension design is essentially a single pivot bike with a complicated linkage (like a Giant AC). It's only a "true" 4-bar design if the pivot is on the chainstay (like a Specialized).

Actually, Ty is unambiguously right. But really it depends what your major concern is, pedalling/braking or shock action. It's still got 4 bars, but for pedalling and braking purposes it's a singlepivot.

16-04-2004, 06:57 PM
Keep them coming guys! Most of these replies have been very informative (except for PsychoDH, who obviosly doesn't know much about his bike).
To the rest of you good on you! Good to see!
As far as Ty's statement, yes it is true, but really the general 4 bar term IMO relates to horst, Lawlill etc design. Therefor all others are just a linkage actuated single pivot.

And socket, yes, I am designing and building my own bike :wink:
And you all should buy one!

(oh and try to keep this on topic fellas, I hope it will some day make a valuable resource for people in the market for a new bike)

16-04-2004, 11:04 PM
That would make a D8 and heaps of other linkage activated shock bikes 4 bars too though.

They are, technically.

16-04-2004, 11:10 PM
Frame Make Specialized
Frame Model and year 2003 Big Hit DH
Intended use DH/Freeride
Actual use DH/Freeriding/DJ/Urban/Longish rides etc... :?
Front fork & Travel Boxxer team 7"
Rear shock & Travel Fox RC 8.1"
Comment on the following...
Slackest Ha lowest bb setting for a bighit......cant remember of the top of my head

Suspension Travel
In the 8.1 inch setting

Suspension design
FSR linkage

Stock hayes mags 8 inch front, 6 inch rear

Not quite sure...a little under 40lbs i think... anyone know?

SEXY... all black... matte black to be exact 8)

Durability issues
Strong... and errrr... strong :roll:

MRP bones chaingude cranks combo and xt rear derr'...

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
I want a platform shock... feels a little soggy with the rc but its ok... wouldn't mind a 5th or a 6 way

Final comments
I love it... it does everything... although it has to :?.. but its great and perfect in the air...

27-04-2004, 08:54 PM
Frame Make Norco
Frame Model and year 2004 Six
Intended use Freeride/Shore
Actual use Bit of everything
Front fork & Travel Marzocchi Z150 6"
Rear shock & Travel Fox Vanilla RC w/ pro pedal
Comment on the following...


The angles are pretty standard, and make for a pretty good handling bike. The lowish BB makes this thing carve fast turns.

Suspension Travel

Two settings 5 or 6"

Suspension design

Four bar Horst link

Hayes HFX-9 with 8" rotors. Despite what people say I don't seem to have any problem with power or modulation.


Approx 40lbs


I like the green with the matt black rear. It looks good with dirt on it, kind of camo.

Durability issues

None so far. I don't know how long the rims will last, time will tell I guess. The chain is pretty dodgy and I might replace this soon


Shimano LX rear derailleur, Hussefelt cranks, Deore front derailleur, and dodgy chain.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve

Changed standard Kenda Nevegal 2.7 tyres to a Maxxis Highroller 2.5 super tacky on front and Maxxis Larsen TT 2.35 on rear. Will change back to bigger rubber for more DH stuff.

Replaced the pedals with Shimano 646.

When my new Sram X9 derailuer and shifter come from England with my brother this week I'll put my XTR rear derailleur and XT shifter on from my tracer.

I'm also going to have a chain device and perhaps a road deraileur and freewheel to put in case I go to Thredbo or Cairns for some DH.

Final comments

I'm really enjoying riding this bike at the moment. I'm actually really surprised by how well this bike climbs and pedals, technical climbs are sucked up with relative ease despite the weight of the bike, Pro Pedal seems to work.

The use of rapid fire shifter for the rear and a grip shift for the front at first seemed strange, but I've found it a handy thing being able to micro adjust the front derailleur. God knows what will happen when my other bike get the Sram shifters. 2 bikes, 3 different shift systems :?

27-04-2004, 09:51 PM
Frame Make
Frame Model and year
03 Stinky
Intended use
Freeride stuffing around
Actual use
Bit of everything but now mostly downhill
Front fork & Travel
Boxxer race 170mm
Rear shock & Travel
Vanilla with 850lb spring
Comment on the following...
Feels ok to me but is my first dually so what would I know.

Suspension Travel
Good now I have the boxxers on and the 850lb spring

Suspension design
Kona four bar linkage

Hayes hfx nines no probs so far

about 18kg now

really good

Durability issues
none so far, very happy with it

ultegra rear with 12-27 and 22-32 front with bashguard bit low on top speed, but have pedaled it to 70km\h down a big hill

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
boxxers, aireal hubs laced to ex729 rims
would like to go to 42t front single chain ring and fox rc
Final comments
Very happy have used it for almost everthing, Mont 24hr, 75km cross country rides, commuting to work and back, downhilling and general stuffing around

29-04-2004, 02:02 AM
Frame Make Banshee

Frame Model and year Scream 2003

Intended use Freeride bike

Actual use Not sure

Front fork & Travel super monster t 12"

Rear shock & Travel 5th element 8"

Comment on the following...
Geometry geometry seems way too out initially.making riding almost impossible and too slack.fork seems too choppered out.but after lowering both the crowns and tunning up the fork accordingly,everything seems fine now.

Suspension Travel imo,its abit unbalanced between 12" front and 8" rear.

Suspension design 4 bar linkage

Braking so far so good and it seems very stable through braking during corners.

Weight way too heavy.the last time i weigh it,its at 78 pounds.shouldnt be the weighing machine is spoilt.

Looks not too bad.even scrampler riders turn their heads.

Durability issues bombproof componentary choice and frame.

Driveline 9sp, single ring 40t upfront.no problems as yet.shiftings are smooth and fast.xt cassette xtr 2003 rear D xtr shifter cable and housing.gusset crmo cranks and gusset tribal sprocket.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve no idea.

Final comments imo,ever since i have change that fork,the bike becomes a basically good for nothing but huck bike.

2 smooth
29-04-2004, 06:48 PM
Frame Make Norco
Frame Model and year VPS A-Line 2003
Intended use Downhill, Freeride
Actual use Everything...comuting, hucking, jumping, freeriding, shore, everything, as i said.
Front fork & Travel 2001 Marzocchi Monster T, 7" travel
Rear shock & Travel Fox Vanilla RC, 2.8, 8" travel
Comment on the following...
Geometry Ahhh...yeh. not the shallowest angles, but it feels pretty stable at any speed. Iv got lower forks on it than stock, so it brought the head angle down a smidge.

Suspension Travel 7" front, 7.9" rear

Suspension design FSR four bar linkage.

Braking Bit of brake-jack...

Weight Stock, it weigh 51 pounds. Now its down to about 45.

Looks I recon it looks the shit persoanlly. White, black and red.

Durability issues Havn't had a problem with it since i got it january last year.

Driveline 9 spd, 32-11 cassette, 42t ring

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Ahhh...ok. Well, the only things that are stock are; Cranks, BB, Cassette, Chain guide, Shifter and front hub.

Final comments For the price...you cant beat it. I strongly recommend buying one.

29-04-2004, 07:14 PM
Frame Make avanti D8
Frame Model and year avanti D8 2003
Intended use dh, freeride
Actual use dh, freeride
Front fork & Travel boxxer race 8 inch
Rear shock & Travel fox vanilla RC 8 inch
Comment on the following...
Geometry :?

Suspension Travel good

Suspension design works well

Braking good. the stock brakes work well

Weight too much

Looks gooooood

Durability issues linakge comes loose easy and rear brake keeps coming loose :evil:

Driveline cool :?

Modifications done, or would like done to improve tyres, chainring, forks later.

Final commentsgood bike seeing how much i got it for :P

29-04-2004, 08:38 PM
This is A mates bike I thought since I modded it, I would review it here too...
Frame Make Raceline
Frame Model and year EXT Sport 02
Intended use Light Cross Country
Actual use Downhill / Freeride Machine!
Front fork & Travel JnrT2's 03, 5" (were RST elastomer crappas)
Rear shock & Travel R/S Pro Deluxe 6" (was pissy air shock 4")
Comment on the following...
Geometry Really steep at first with high BB :shock: Caused by putting a 30mm longer Eye2eye shock in the rear. Took to the shock/seatstay with the angle grinder and drill and moved the shock up and forward a heap. S'all good now :wink:

Suspension Travel 5"F & 5"-6" rear

Suspension design 4 bar lankage, non horst single pivot style

Braking Crap! Updated from truly the worst brakes ever to hope M4's the other day, makes it soo much better. Rear suspension locks up noticably under brakes compared to my Raceline DH.

Weight Pretty Light due to XC Orientated frame

Looks Sweet. Pimpin' white with black bombers and rear triangle

Durability issues Probably... Waiting for some Crackage, Frame seems pretty tough tho, Rear end may cause troubles. Or shock mount. I don't think frame is worried by tripple clamps tho.

Driveline Deore and Truvative, shifts nice. 32/22/ bashy makes it a great allrounder with 11/32 rear. Keeps chain on quite well, runs outta gears on high speed.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve What hasn't been Modded! See above.
Maybe new linkage plates on the rear would be the go, it goes into falling rate at the moment cause of the longer shock :?

Final comments It is actually quite amazing how well this bike pedals and descends. Head angle and BB are very similar to DH and Frame seems not much lighter duty either.

30-04-2004, 11:38 PM
Frame Make Iron Horse
Frame Model and year 2002 G-Spot
Intended use Freeride
Actual use Everything, really
Front fork & Travel 2003 Marzocchi DJ1 4"
Rear shock & Travel 2002 Fox Vanilla R 2.25 stroke, 4/5" travel
Comment on the following...
Geometry nice to ride, seems a bit slow to steer sometimes

Suspension Travel very nice. it's a bit soft in the 5" setting, but the travel seems almost endless. 4" is pretty cool, but not quite as responsive

Suspension design FSR. i haven't ridden anything else so i can't compare it to anything.

Braking dice whiplash 7" f, 6"r.

Weight too bloody heavy for my liking.

Looks schveeet

Durability issues my mate cracked his at the shock mounting points, but he'd just stacked it coming down a near-vertical cliff face, so that probably had more to do with it than the actual frame design.

Driveline deore derailleurs f & r, deore r shifter and halfpipe front shifter, truvative isoflow cranks (22-32-bashring), dice pedals

Modifications done, or would like done to improve i built it up from scratch, so pretty much everything is a modification. i'd like to get the sram x.7 shifter and rear derailleur kit, stiffer spring for the shock, 5" kit for the forks, dice roulette rear hub, cranks/bb that are not bloody square taper and a new saddle

Final comments i love this bike! one of my mates bought an '04 sgs-fr on the basis of riding mine, so it can't be too bad.

14-09-2004, 06:49 PM
Ok, I would like to bump this hopefully giving it Sticky status.
Hopefully this will leesen the "Which bike should I get" Posts.

14-09-2004, 07:24 PM
Frame Make Balfa
Frame Model and year BB7 2004
Intended use Dh & Extreme FR
Actual use as above
Front fork & Travel Marzoochi 888rts, 200mm
Rear shock & Travel progressive suspention 5TH element, 230mm

feels very slack, bit slow tostart, but when ur at speed, it just holds on and feels very comfortable

Suspension Travel
the way the suspention works on the balfa is amazing, the high pivot point really makes u notice it, and u dont even feel the 9 inches, unless in rough situations

Suspension design
the high pivot point makes the wheel move backwards instead of upwards more making sharp hits unnoticable

taken care of by hayes mags, front and rear, optional floater but u dont rear notice the brake jack with out it

mine came in at a total of 20.5 kg which is light (lotec was like 26ish (confirm?)) its dam light and easy to throw around

dam sexy, as anyone. silver frame and black forks, what more do i say?

Durability issues
i dont even know the meanin as i got a balfa

sic, the chainline hardly changes thanks to the weird route

Modifications done, or would like done to improve

Final comments
this is probally the best investment i ever made, nearly didnt do it as iwas going to get a dh team, but slap myself out of it and got this, a bit more dough but so worth it

Cave Dweller
14-09-2004, 07:36 PM
Frame Make Turner
Frame Model and year DHR 2004
Intended use Downhill
Actual use Downhill, urban, cross counrty, anything really
Front fork & Travel 2002 monster T
Rear shock & Travel Had a romic on there and it was ok but im using an avalanche now. The yare the shniz!!
Geometry Perfect for DH with a 7 inch fork
Suspension Travel With the romic it was nice but the avy is heaps better
Suspension design Single pivot with progress shock linkage
Braking It brakes well, i don't notice brake jack but have been riding single pivots for ages. Try not to use the brakes anyway.
Weight No idea, probably around 45 pounds
Looks Sweet, check it
Durability issues None, 03's had a few issues but its fixed now.
Driveline Good. 135mm rear hub, standard BB size, not too wide.
Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Final comments Sick as bike. Talk with bill from DH direct and get one ASAP!!

26-09-2004, 05:47 PM
mines only a frame, but as i havent seen any reviews on it ill put it up and suggest bits

Frame Make:da bomb

Frame Model and year:xlr8 2003

Intended use:slalom, 4x, urban

Actual use: slalom, dh, xc, urban, trials

suggested Front fork:psylo tullio sl, marzocchi z series, 5" travel best

Comment on the following...

Geometry: its designed for slalom and absolutely rules at it, good geo for urban too, ok for dh, bad seat adjustment though because of seat tube

Braking: quite stable when braking, suggest hydros

Weight:frame only i dont know exactly, but if youre not careful with part choice the bike will end up heavy

Looks: awesome paint, bendy seat tube makes it easy on the eyes

Durability:as long as you dont put on a dc fork, pretty damn good

suggested Driveline:sinlge front ring, 8 or 9 speed rear derauiler (note cannot put on a clamp on front derauiler because of seat tube

Final comments: great all round hardtail, i love mine, good price all up a great bike

27-09-2004, 05:31 PM
Frame Make GT
Frame Model and year DHi 2004
Intended use DH racing
Actual use DH racing
Front fork & Travel marzocchi 888R 200mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox vanilla RC w/ pro pedal 9inch &lt;A TITLE="Click for more information about travel" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="http://search.targetwords.com/u.search?x=5977|1||||travel|AA1VDw">travel</A>
Comment on the following...
Geometry all the angles seem to be pretty sorted, it has an adjustable wheel base which is good but the angle is a bit slack with the 888r's, a set of low rider crowns would cure this but is expensive, the head angle is sweet with a set of boxxers

Suspension Travel Ample travel at both ends, neither end gives a harsh bottom out which is good

Suspension design I-drive BB type, this makes pedalling really nice with out really effecting the suspension travel. it makes the suspension a bit firmer but its not much.

Braking Hayes HFX9's, so far ive had no problems with them

Weight 40pounds, excellent weight for a DH bike, could be made a couple of pounds lighter without much change

Looks cool paint job, troy lee style

Durability issues the swing arms on the 2003 models cracked alot but this seems to have been fixed with a beefier swing arm.
and i cracked the 888r's

Driveline XTR cranks, derailer, BB and cassette. top quality shimano, works well. custom MRP guide for the i drive

Modifications done, or would like done to improveeither low rider crowns for the 888's, or a different set of forks.
maybe a sram drive train and stronger rims

Final commentswicked bike, wicked price

27-09-2004, 11:38 PM
Frame Make haro
Frame Model and year X2, 2001
Intended use aggresive trails?
Actual use free ride, dJ, XC, everything that can be done.
Front fork &amp; Travel manitou magnum 76mm travel
Rear shock &amp; Travel RST 22a, 116 mm (pretty sure)
feels pretty nice to ride, once you get used to it, easy to manouvure whilist in the air, nice and steady when at high speeds, i do not know what else to say..could do with a shorter top tube maybe? to make it a bit easier to pull up, but it is all good

Suspension Travel
could do with a lot more, was great when i started out, but know i have progressed... does get a bit of bottoming out on the odd occasions..

Suspension design
single pivot, basic cheapeo desgin does the job..with a lot of bob through

i stop, brakes are not that great but are easy to maintain and adjust..

i was amazed when i first lifted it up, super light well i think it is..

does not look that bad, nice and tanky, with a bit of a santa cruie builit in there

Durability issues
so far all is good, for god sakes my tires are not even worn down yet after 8 months of constant rideing..

it was smooth and crisp untill i played around with it and mangled my chain..now i have a new derliuer etc, it is super nice..

Modifications done, or would like done to improve

put azonic shorty stem on, would like get some new forks something lightish with a bit of travel..ah yeah and a new rear wheel

Final comments
fair decent bike for what i paid for it ($525 new).. does a good job absorbs the rocks, roots etc on the trails, takes the hits of the jumps..
i would recomend it to some one loking for a bike to see if they like the word of the boing!

29-09-2004, 05:56 PM
Frame Make: ruckus hardtail
Frame Model and year: 2.0 2004
Intended use: all rounder
Actual use:dh/fr/street
Front fork &amp; Travel:marzocchi ms comp 100mm (orderd 05 boxxer team)
Rear shock &amp; Travel: N/A
Comment on the following...
Geometry good, when i get my boxxers in 3 weeks it will be

Suspension Travel: I need more thats why i got the boxxers

Braking: perfect put on some hydros on em

Weight: fine pretty lightweight

Looks: sweeet

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
forks,brakes,hubs,handlebars,(chainguide soon to be)

01-10-2004, 04:53 PM
Frame Make YETI
Frame Model and year 2004 DJ
Intended use DJ/Street/4X
Actual useDJ/Street/4X
Front fork &amp; Travel 03 Psylo SL, 125mm. (5”)
Rear shock &amp; Travel none

Comment on the following...

Geometry perfect...Feels really good in the air and manuals awesome

Suspension Travel none

Suspension design none

Braking 04 XT w/ 180 front 160 rear BRAKING Wave rotor

Weight 14kg


Durability issues Well I haven’t snapped it yet

Driveline Single 42t front, 11-32 rear

Modifications done, or would like done to improve would like Yeti to make a 12mm TA dropouts for the rear

Final comments Super sweet ride... worth every penny

01-10-2004, 09:27 PM
Frame Make Rocky Mountain
Frame Model and year Flow 03
Intended use "Freeride"
Actual use Mainly DJ, a spot of XC
Front fork &amp; Travel QR 20mm 04 Dirt Jumper IIs 6"
Rear shock &amp; Travel NA
Geometry The top tube is long, then again so are my legs. So I think it equals out..
Suspension Travel NA
Suspension design NA
Braking Shimano 525 Hydros, it stops me good.
Weight Fairly heavy due to spec, not sure of actual weight.
Looks Dandy, could use matching rims though.
Durability issues People say RMs snap, mine has held up fine so far..
Driveline Deore shifter rear + LX derailleur with Aireal DH guide on the front, the Aireal drops chains often. No problems shifting.
Modifications done, or would like done to improve Lighter forks and front rim. Probably end up going single track rim front and Blacks. Oh, and I'll get around to ordering a shorter stem sometime soon. And 2" protapers.
Final comments Not to many around, I feel special.

15-10-2004, 01:57 AM
Frame Make NORCO
Frame Model and year Atomik 2003
Intended use Light freeride
Actual use DH racing
Front fork &amp; Travel DNM USD 180s 7in (DJ3 standard)
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla 5.25
Comment on the following...
Change from dj3 to dnms brought the front higher and sharpen the steering. Took time to get used to new geo.

Suspension Travel
5.25 inches. Gets quite choppy on rough dh courses, i run fairly hard spring, to counter bottoming out. Great for fr. 05 models has 7 inches.

Suspension design
Specialised design, not sure what its called.

hayes 8 rotors with dice hydros, not happy at the moment, not enough feel, need bleeding.

Weighted today 19.9kg, aint no lightweight

If it went like it looks, i would be wining local races. :wink:

Durability issues
None so far, nothing some locktight cant fix.

Deore shifters f/r. Truaviv huselfellt.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
dnm usd's 180, aireal dh hub, dice hydros, fsa bash guard, dh tires, i would like to get braking up to scratch and get long travel single crown insted of dnm's.

Final comments
Awesome bike for money, i paid mine 2g brand new (03 model in 04) and it worth every cent. Need to cut some wight so i can take it trail riding (lighter fork would solve that)


17-10-2004, 09:55 PM
Frame Make Avanti D8
Frame Model and year D8 2002
Intended use Downhill, freeride and commuting
Actual use Find out when I finally finish having it assembled and sorted.
Front fork &amp; Travel DNM USD 180, 7 inch
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla RC, 2.75, 800lb, 8 inch
Comment on the following...
Geometry The 7 inch DNM's have altered the head angle a bit.

Geometry diagram here, http://www.farkin.net/forums/album_pic.php?pic_id=12303]

Suspension Travel 7 inches at the front and 8 inches at the rear. This should be more than enough suspension travel for me as I'm too much of a soft serve to do HUGE drops. :oops:

Suspension design There seems to be some debate about this. Some say single pivot with rising rate activation others say four bar linkage. Can't really comment on how well it works yet, as the bike was only assembled for half an hour before discovering rear shock was blown. Grrrr!

Braking Navigator 6 pots 170mm front disk, 150mm rear disk. I've said this a few times on the forums but just in case, these are the shizzers my nizzers. They perform flawlessly, immense power, never lock, ok feel and they don't squeal too much. Did I mention that they look pimping as well?

Weight Don't know yet but she is going to be heavy, I'm expecting around 20kg. I bought the frame second hand and have chosen parts for the bike based on toughness. Thus the frame is cro-moly as is the crank and BB. The USD's are tough, but weigh almost 4 kilos by themselves.

Looks It looks deceptively simple and almost elegant with its lack of clutter. The orange after market paint job on the frame seems to contrast well with the black suspension etc.

This is a pretty bad picture from my phone but it gives you some idea. http://www.farkin.net/forums/album_pic.php?pic_id=12302]

Durability issues Well did I mention that the rear shock was blown? No biggie though I got the frame for a good price and it probably was due for a service anyway. I would have liked to have known that the shock needed a service so I could send it off while getting the bike assembled (ahem No Skid Marks), instead of getting it assembled then having to wait another week. :roll:

I've built the bike up so that it will be bomb proof. The frame is cro-moly. The 2002 frame has extra bracing compared to the 2001. The cranks and BB are Odyssey 41 Thermal, which means they are cro-moly and have a life time warranty. The DNM's are heavy but nigh indestructible, I'm just worried about scratching the stanchions.

Odyssey 41 Thermal cro-moly cranks and BB, Aerial bash plate, DMR V8 pedals, Deore everything else.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Frame was built up from the ground.

Rear wheel (Mavic D321) is a little bit bent so I plan to replace it with the same set up as the front (Dirtbag rim, a2z hub), when I completely screw it.

Modified chain guides to accept bash plate.

Plan to upgrade disks to 203mm front and rear for bling bling factor. Hehe watch me bend my frame with a single finger. :twisted:

Final comments
One of kids at Bike Addiction reckoned the frame I bought won a National title or something. Not sure if that's true, but it wouldn't surprise me. The bike has a very low centre of gravity, turns well and has excellent balance. Can't wait to get it back and give it a proper thrashing.

18-10-2004, 07:04 PM
Frame Make KONA Coiler Deelux
Frame Model and year 2004
Intended use All-mountain (freeride)
Actual use XC, Freeride and a bit of lightweight DH.
Front fork &amp; Travel Marzocchi Z1 FR (quickrelease)
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla RC (Propedal) - 5'
Comment on the following...
Geometry A well balanced bike. Head tube angle is just right - not too slack and not too twitchy. Feals great in singletrack and downhill. My only complaint is it sits quite high at the front (good 'ol Marzocchi forks) which is nice for hucking, but sucks for going up hill. The ETA (reduces travel to 3cm) is awesome for going up long hills and fixes up the angle issues, but it is a pain to put on and only worth it for really long grinds.

Suspension Travel 5' and 5'. Travel is good for light freeride, bashing around the bush and generally having a good time. It doesn't bob too much, but I am not entirely convinced that it is as good as a 5th Element. Still it climbs well for a bike of its type and weight.

The suspension doesn't seem to absorb the small bumbs as much as some other bikes I have ridden (new Santa Cruz Heckler with Fox up the front and 5th Element) and it doesn't feel like it has a whole lot of suspension. However it is there when you need it and constantly suprises me by eating up bigger hits.

Suspension design 4 bar linkage......or is it?

Braking Hayes Mag 6'. I am pretty happy with these brakes. Bleeding is a little painful but gets easier every time I do it. They do seem a little temperamental sometimes though. Enough stopping power for me.

Weight Haven't weighed it, but it ain't that light (heavier than a Heckler - that is for sure). Not nearly as heavy as a DH beasty though.

Looks Black, black and black. I think it looks mint - especially with my dark grey V12's and leapard skin seat.

Durability issues Its a Kona.

Driveline LX front and XT rear derailler, with a Blackspire SuperGod bashguard instead of the big ring (not standard). Driveline works sweet, altough I run out of gears on the really fast stuff. I have considered putting a single ring at the front, but I use granny too often.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Much of the parts that come on Konas are pretty crap. I have made the following changes: Blackspire RingGod bashguard; SGS BelAir leopard skin seat; Answer Protaper handle bars (thankyou very much AMB mag); Oury locker grips; DMR V12 pedels. Richey Omegabite Rear tyre.

Am pretty happy the setup now, except for the front tyre.

Final comments Very happy with this bike (with the modifications). Suits someone that wants to mess around on the trail annd generally have a good time. It is not designed for huge hucks, but can climb a hill, conquer a XC track and handle a bit of Northshore type actions (huge drops excepted). A great bike and you know it is not going to break on you. Complaints: Bad Kona for putting Nokian tyres on this bike - they really really suck. Change em quick.

01-11-2004, 02:09 PM
Frame Make Kona
Frame Model and year Stuff 2003
Intended use Out Of Bounds HT (whatever the fuck that means)
Actual use Its my only bike, does everything.
Front fork &amp; Travel Marzocchi EXR comp
Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A
Comment on the following...
Pretty ace actually, its in between everything Steepish head angle shortish stays, great for general playing around stands up on its rear nicely and handles trails well, little short to be sitting and climbing.

Suspension Travel 4" on the front

Suspension design Umm its a fork its got oil and springs :wink:

Braking Shimano mechanicals with Avid levers. Not bad for the first time rider, gave me heaps pf stopping power off the shelf, the pads have worn now, very easy to adjust any gimp with a 5mm allen key can do it.

13kg to 15kg (I think)

Looks Awesome, army green, they looked hot in this colour ( biased opinion I know)

Durability issues Frame zero zip zilch, fork Ive just found a crack in it (16 months old) Ive smashed derailiuers, done spokes broken freewheels and axles and buckled the rear rim.

Driveline Shimano Deore rear DR Alivio front DR, was giving me the shits till I discovered twisted link in the chain :oops: Pretty standard stuff fine for the average rider.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Well I'm getting into street/trials, so I do wish the frame had rim brake lugs fitted so I could fit a set of rimmies to her. Fork, rear wheel and hub has to be changed, cranks and pedals will have to go soon and new driveline.

Final commentsI fucking love my bike, its taken me to places Ive never seen and I'm now riding in a way I never thought possible, I'm not hucking 10 foot drops or road gapping over 20 foot, but it can handle anything up to 6foot down with ease and as I said she loves to be stood on the rear end.

02-11-2004, 09:57 AM
Frame Make Turner
Frame Model and year DHR '04 model
Intended use DH racing, practising and mucking around
Actual use Ditto. Excpet for some long road kilometres.
Front fork &amp; Travel '04 Boxxer Race fitted with Mojo damper kit. 7" travel
Rear shock &amp; Travel Romic TwinTube. 8.5" rear wheel travel

Geometry The head angle on the 04 model is 67 degrees and I initially noticed the sharpness compared to my slacker angler Craftworks but now it's a non-issue. The BB is 14.6" high which is pretty average but it feels lower due to the low centre of gravity the bike has.

Suspension Travel The 8.5" rear and 7" front have been more than capable of everything I've thrown it at so far. I wouldn't go any less as I'm not particularly smooth but I don't really need any more. Doesn't mean I won't try some 8" Boxxers at some stage for real rock eating travel.

Suspension design Ok, I'll start with the forks first. If you have Boxxer Races or Teams and you can afford it - get a Mojo kit. It takes a run or two to see how they work as they're a strange fork in the carpark test, but when you get them into rocks they're so consistent and plush it's amazing. More forks should feel like this. Plus they weigh in under 6.5lbs (I checked).

The rear is a linkage activated single pivot. The linkage only affects the shock progression, it doesn't reduce brake effect on the suspension. The single pivot is noticably stiffer than several of the linkage designs I've ridden but not entirely flex free. I'm using reducers to space the 20mm through axle rear end down to a 12mm. No doubt the 20mm would also stiffen up an already tight swingarm.

Braking As with any single pivot there's interference when the rear brake is applied. It sounds weird but I'm not fazed by this. Two benefits I've noticed is that it encourages me to stop dragging the rear brake as well as a slight acceleration out of berms when I let go of the brake. This helps alleviate my bad habit of over-braking into corners.

Weight Built up the bike weighs 18.6kg or about 41 lbs. This weight was provided by a trade calibrated set of scales BTW.

Looks It's purdy - check it out here - http://www.farkin.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21520&amp;start=0

Durability issues Err... only had it for four or five weeks. The main pivot was creaking a bit after Coffs but it was a simple fix.

Driveline XT cranks with an MRP Slalom System2, Wipperman chain, XT cassette, SRAM X-9 mech, X-7 shifter

Modifications done, or would like done to improve The 1.5 steerer reduces the turning circle on pre-'05 Boxxers as the crowns foul on the frame. Would like to modify the top crown a bit to remedy this.

Final comments Honestly, it's a great bike and for racer-heads I'd recommend it. Worth investigating by anyone in the market for a race bike.

02-11-2004, 07:03 PM
frame make: 2005 model specialized p2

Intended use: hard nut hart ail

Actual use: fr DJ and everything in between

Fork: Mischa dirt jam pro

Brakes: Hayes Machs wave rotors

Wheels: sun ditch whitch

Chainguide/crank/bashguard: truvativ hussefelt with boxguide and bashuard.

Review: The dirt jam bottoms easy but is stong as f%%k im happy with them.Frame looks sexy and is strong as, the brakes are excellent for mechs and the ditch with rims are strong as aswell. The whole drivetrain is bombproof with he hussefelt crank, box guide chain device, and bash guard. Truvativ also supply the stem on the 2005 model and its got perfect reach. Tires are great.

All together the bike is the best buy for its purpose, hardnut hardtail.

10/10 :D 8)

17-12-2004, 03:38 PM
Frame Make Gary Fisher
Frame Model and year HooKooEKoo (1996)
Intended use XC race
Actual use try-hard trials, pretend freeride, urban epics
Front fork &amp; Travel RS Quadra 21R 63mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A
Comment on the following...
Geometry 18" size. Probably has ideal geo for XC, but even though i've grown a bit since i got it it's still irritatingly long in the cockpit for anything but steep climbs. It doesn't help that the stock stem is quite long too, but the short rear end makes fitting a short stem feel like i'm falling off the back of the bike. Steering also gets a bit, erm, interesting without the extra leverage of the long stem. The sloping top tube is great for descending/trials-y seat positions, making the bike feel smaller than it is.

Suspension Travel Those 63mm really do fly by on the big drops but the short travel wouldn't be so bad were it not that my forks compensate for lack of vertical movement with a good centimetre or so of horizontal motion. Love those non-servicable bushings.

Suspension design Probably the lightest you could get in '96 with the magnesium bits in the R-spec. Great ride when new. No possibility to open the bastard up and fix it might have shaved off the grams but certainly increased the shortgevity of its performance though. The fork boots do double duty as seals and (of course) can't be replaced so once they went hard and shrunk (after a few months of mistakenly putting judy butter on the stanchion outers, thanks for the "tip" Maroubra Cycles!) i gained a buttload of extra friction damping. This was ok, because the MCUs (remember them?) had started to decompose and i replaced them with '98 judy springs. The forx now have one 2000 judy/jett spring and a bit of MCU in one leg, one '98 judy spring and the remaining MCUs in the other, broken preload topcaps, 2 dimensional travel and require continuous care, but still seem to hold the front wheel on well enough.

Braking cantilever brakes were ok, but the '97 model year was when v-brakes took off, so this bike was always a bit down on stopping capacity. That said the cantis were strong enough for club XC and had very comfy levers. They never gave me trouble but when i started getting into trials (sorta) and my inability to lock them up reliably led to Magura hs33s. Overkill perhaps, but after the pre-requisite 2 weeks of fiddling to get them set up they've been changing go to whoa for 4 years and all on the original pads. Yes, the brakes can flex the frame and the fork, but only if you pull the lever hard enough, actual riding doesn't require such heavy braking (the wheel locks from any speed before flex begins).

Weight This is the lightest (mountain) bike i've ever lifted, bar a 5000 euro porsche "marathon" bike, even though it's cromo. Nowadays it's a bit heavier though, due to mods.

Looks The green with gold tinge paint looks the shizzit, but it's hard to look past the "mutton cast as lamb" look the maguras, V8s, bashring, riser + bar caps combined with the Quadras, narrow-as rims and absolutely-not-reinforced frame give it. Also looks a bit lamer ever since i went through my "stickers" phase and put everything adhesive i could find (even the foxtel channel guide) on any patch of frame that would fit it (not much).

Durability issues What? even though i got it for XC and years (and a few extra kgs of rider) later ('99-2000) started trying to huck it, trials it and generally do anything that would've voided the warranty were it new the one and only time it cacked it was the second week i had it when i knocked the rear mech into the spokes in a race and it bent the hanger (not the spokes tho). new mech, hanger bent back, no problems since. Things that have broken: MCUs in shock degrading (circa 1999-present), bottom bracket spindle cracked (late 2002), crank arm sheared off (early '03), rear cluster wore out (2001), OEM chain broke during race in '96, fixed it with two rocks and it held 'till 2001. Wheels etc. no probs, frame flexes a bit under big torque, but no cracks or creaks.

[b]Driveline the bits that wear out do, of course, but the mechs keep shifting, hubs keep spinning and the shifters (gripshifts) have never faltered once.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve New/revised and constantly tweaked shock internals as described above: bouncy, but keep the bottoming at bay. MRP bashring instead of the 42 which i "retired" after knocking a thumb-sized chunk out of the anzac bridge with it. Maguras to lessen the pain of keeping wheels locked, make naz jealous and help me flip the bike when i get on straight after riding a bmx. DMR V8s because those asymmetric stock pedals were giving me the shits. A friend's old riser bars and some bar caps to keep the grips on after i pissed off the barends for that "freeride" look. Better (ie softer) saddle: keith bontrager must think butt callouses are cool. lots of pez stickers. I'd probably like to swap the fork for a better 'un (more suited to my riding + not rooted as much), but likely wont since i'm poor and unemployed and poor.

Final comments Definitely the most long-suffering bike i know of. I am continually amazed I haven't busted more bits or the frame/fork entirely, considering its age and inappropriateness for the riding I do. With a 4" (or even 5" with sag) fork it'd still be quite rideable and probably a great trail/allmountain/mild-urban-freeride bike. I'd love to build up a dually and let the Fisher have a rest and maybe use it how it was intended instead of thrashing it, but i know it'll probably get more hard work before that happens.

19-12-2004, 01:33 PM
Frame Make GT
Frame Model and year 2003 Ruckus I-Drive 2.0
Intended use Freeride, Hardcore Trail
Actual use Freeride, DH, Trail
Front fork &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla 125R
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla RC, 6.5 rear travel, Dual position chip

Geometry For trail it is OK, but for freeride and downhill it feels a little steep and twitchy, changed to slacker angles and feels a little better

Suspension Travel 6.5 Rear is fine, took a while to set up shock right but now its dialed and real good.

Suspension design I Drive design is awesome, no- hardly any pedal bob and is still active when pedaling, AWESOME

Braking Shimano Deore Hydros, on par with HFX 9s. Don't really need to be upgraded, nice levers too. Easy to bleed correctly.

Weight Reasonable for Freeride, 30ish pounds, feels lighter on bike

Looks Pretty damn sexy, love the 04 1.0 though

Durability issues None, Quite strong, linkage requires maintenance though

Driveline Shimano Deore rear, is quite dodgy, needs to be tuned though

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
None really, Ourys
Would like to put on some Shermans or Z150s to balance out the travel though and slacker angles too. Would like to put on chainguide but have to buy GT special one -$600

Final comments Great freeride bike, tough componentry, no bob, awesome travel.

Joly Joe Rider
27-12-2004, 09:57 AM
Frame Make Iron Horse
Frame Model and year Hollow Point (ex madcatz team bike)
Intended use 4x
Actual use mostly 4x, BMX a bit of DH
Front fork &amp; Travel 03 RS Psylo Tullio U-Turn with modded fox vanilla damper cart.
Rear shock &amp; Travel 5th Element coil, 4" travel, 550bl spring
Comment on the following...
Geometry Awsome rides bermed corners really well.
69dg HA 42"WB perfect

Suspension Travel Perfect for this type of riding

Suspension design DW link

Braking HFX9

Weight about 13kgs

Looks Cool

Durability issues None really

Driveline Hussefelts, custom chain device, Shimano deore 9spd casseste, Blueprinted LX deore deraliure with custom short cage.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve ex717s and more carbon bits

Final comments Dream bike for me!

30-12-2004, 08:59 AM
Frame Make Orange
Frame Model and year Patriot 02
Intended use Downhill
Actual use Downhill and DJ
Front fork &amp; Travel Boxxers, 6in
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla RC, 6in
Comment on the following...
Geometry 14in Frame, really small and chuckable. Perfect for riding here in Cairns

Suspension Travel 6in on the back does me well, I'm only a small fella. I'm stepping it up to a 4-way soon with 8in.

Suspension design Orange's single pivot, can't go wrong

Braking Armour hyrdos all round, 7in rotors, adeqate braking.

Weight Really light, I'd guess around the 30pound mark.

Looks......The shit

Durability issues None at all, This bike refuses to snap.

Driveline Shimano 105 roadie with roadie cassette.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve No mods at the moment, but 04 boxxers, Swinger 4-way and an E.13 are on their way soon hopefully. Thats if my sponsers (mum and dad) help me fund it.

Final comments Schweeeeet, light and chuckable. What more could you want?

Harder Nox
30-12-2004, 09:51 AM
Frame Make Dorco
Frame Model and year Team Race 2003
Intended use DH Racing
Actual use Freeride, HUCKING, DH, Urban, DJ, Commuting
Front fork &amp; Travel 2003 Monster T1 - 8"
Rear shock &amp; Travel 2003 Fox Vannila RC - 8-ish inches

The angles feel really good, with a size small frame everything is nice and compact which i like.

Suspension Travel
Norco website says 8" but i've been told it has more.

Suspension design
FSR, nice and reactive and plush

Hayes Mag, with 8" rotors

Heavy, but controllable.

...insane!! the monsters just top it off!!

Durability issues
None yet....

ShiTmano 105 rear mech, XT casette and shifter, Half a blackspire chain device!

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Need a new chain guide asap, an upgrade of the rear shock eventually, and some SRAM gear

Final comments
I Love it!!

09-01-2006, 06:55 AM
Love a gravedig!:D

Frame Make Ellsworth
Frame Model and year 04 Moment Large 19"
Intended use Trailbike and light freeride
Actual use Trailbike
Front fork &amp; Travel Manitou Nixon Platinum (Air) SPV and Infinite travel adjust, variable 0- 145mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel Custom Fox Float R, 5.5 inches
Comment on the following...
Geometry. Head angle can sometimes feel a little slack but most times it feels perfect. Everything else is just right.

Suspension Travel. 5.5 inches, 6 with Fox DHX. Feels much lighter and still very plush with 5.5.

Suspension design. Ellsworth ICT, nothing better. It is better than anything I have ever ridden before. It is fully active and just beautiful. Better than the VPP and DW link bikes I've ridden. No platform valve shock technology interferance. I rode practically everything available before I bought this.
The only time I've got it to bob is if there isn't enough pressure in the shock or really mashing on the pedals while standing.

Braking. Avid Juicy 7's on 6 inch rotors. Powerful and progressive braking, I love them. I originally had Hayes HFX-9's on it but they blew up after a long descent so I changed.

Weight. 13.6kgs but feels lighter. It has the air shock and fork to reduce a bit of weight, feels light as a feather when you hit the trail.

Looks Black, black and more black. I love the look of the frame, the machined link on the top is sweet. Anodised and shot peened finish with laser etched graphics, beautiful and hard wearing.

Durability issues None

Driveline. X.O rear derailleur with X.9 triggers, XT front. Race Face Cranks with Time ATAC SL pedals, Connex 909 Gold chain. Crossmax XL wheelset.
SIC bar and stem.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve. Came as a frame only so all the parts were my choice. Would like a SRAM front derailleur and carbon upgrades to the Juicies, possibly a change of forks. The rotors are ordinary so I'd like some different ones.

Final comments. This is the perfect 'one bike', it feels just right in most situations. The suspension is fantastic and the whole rig just feels quality. I could have saved alot of time and money buying one of these first, I probably wouldn't have bought anything else it is that good.

09-01-2006, 07:50 AM
Frame Make NS
Frame Model and year Bitch 2006
Intended use 4x/Freeride HT
Actual use DJ/Street/Park
Front fork ; Travel 2004 Sherman Firefly's 130mm
Rear shock ; Travel none

Comment on the following...

Geometry Nice and short, pritty short chain stays, just feels spot on.

Suspension Travel none

Suspension design none

Braking XT 4 Pot Rear Brake (soon to be on a goodridge hose)

Weight 13kg

Looks Hot!

Durability issues Hell no, its meant to be an extreme freeride HT rig lol

Driveline 32tooth front, 16tooth rear. SS Hub

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Nothing as yet

Final comments Fricken awesome rig, geometry is great, and it a strong beast

09-01-2006, 09:40 PM
I think only one word needs to be said: "stickify"

09-01-2006, 10:08 PM
Frame Make: Norco
Frame Model and year: 125, 2005
Intended use Super Cross (Dirt, Urban, 4X)
Actual use Dirt Jumping, Urban, Skatepark, and the very odd Downhill run.
Front fork and travel 2004 Marzocchi Dirt Jumper One, 130mm
Rear shock and travel None, Hardtail Pride.

Geometry: Feels good, I'm growing taller so the top tube seems to be shrinking. 130mm dosen't feel too out of place, short and high.

Suspension Travel: I have a hardtail.

Suspension design: Hardtail.

Braking: Hayes MX-2, rear only. Feels really bad, definetly time for an upgrade, and it sounds like 100 cattle dieing.

Weight: 15 Kilo's, give or take one.

Looks: Awesome, a beautiful combination of orange, gold and black. the dual 24" look sick!

Durability issues: The stock seat and seatpost that i'm currently running is pretty piss weak, managed to bend the seat and the post holt area.

Driveline: Singlespeed, no hassles here. Awesome ratio of 36:16.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve: Done; Wheelset, singlespeed, forks, bar and stem, cranks, headset, grips, and a few little bits here and there. Future; rear hub and maybe a new stem.

Final comments: Great bike, I couldn't be any happier with it. Get's me everywhere and can take a hefty beating.

10-01-2006, 09:39 PM
I'm bored so I'm gonna put up some more of these:D

Frame Make Yeti
Frame Model and year AS-X Large 2003
Intended use Freeride
Actual use Freeride and Trailbike. Has been used for DH too.
Front fork &amp; Travel Maverick DUC 32 air, 4-6". Light as hell and plush.
Rear shock &amp; Travel Progressive 5th Element, 6-7" travel
Comment on the following...
Geometry. Head angle is a bit steep for downhill, gets very twitchy at speed. Rides very well in Freeride or trail applications, the angles feel spot on.

Suspension Travel 4-6" front and 6-7" rear

Suspension design Single pivot with a swing link up top.

Braking Navigator 6 pistons, very powerful but a little heavy. Too powerful for the fork, I will need to change because the forks twist under braking. They just get better as they get hot, seriously good brakes for the price.
A little brake jack is noticeable but nothing serious.

Weight When I had it set up for DH it weighed nearly 21kgs, now with super light forks and lighter components it's closer to 14.

Looks I love the 'Gravel' colour with black components and graphics. It looks tough. Yeti saddle and grips look good. I reckon the upside down Mavericks look sweet, I would like to have a better blacker rim on the front though.

Durability issues . I had the Yeti Hop up kit installed in the suspension links. Basically removed the bushes and replaced with sealed bearings, there was no problem with the old ones it was just a redesign so I upgraded. The frame is solid and have had no problems at all.

Driveline Saint 165mm Cranks with 2 rings and a bashie, LX front Derailleur and an X.9 rear, X.9 triggers and a Wipperman Connex 909 gold chain. Sram PG 970 cassette.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Since it came as a frame only the components are a mix of leftovers and a few new bits.
SIC Race bars, A2Z bolt on rear hub, Maverick DUC 32 fork, Saint cranks, Navigator brakes, X.9 etc. It's a bitsa really, I didn't spend a huge amount on it, I probably should have bought the fully built up model.

I would like to put a single crown 7" fork with a 1.5 steerer on this thing and the tyres on it are Larsens, they need to go.

Final comments. This is one tough puppy, it has taken everything I've dished out and comes back for more. It is simple, reliable and very solid, it has never let me down but I was riding it when I had my worst ever crash.:o
It makes you want to ride more and get better.

10-01-2006, 09:49 PM
Just wanted to say that this is one of the greatest threads ever - im finding it very useful indeed!

10-01-2006, 10:31 PM
Frame Make Cannondale
Frame Model and year F600 CAAD4, Large, 2003
Intended use Budget XC racer
Actual use General purpose hardtail
Front fork &amp; Travel Lefty Jake 100mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A
Comment on the following...
Geometry Classic Cannondale XC geometry, comfortable and stable without being slow.

Suspension Travel. 100mm Lefty fork, Firm spring since I'm a fat bugger.

Suspension design. As far as the fork goes, Lefty's are just incredible. Stiffer and lighter than alot of regular forks, easy to maintain and buttery smooth travel on needle bearings.

Braking. Hayes HFX-9's on 6" wavy rotors, they perform adequately in XC and trail duties.

Weight. It's about 11kgs, the coil sprung fork is heavier than the standard Headshock that was on the bike before.

Looks. Black with white graphics, most of the components are black. I quite like it. The satin Black paint is a bitch to clean.

Durability issues. I chose the lower specced CAAD4 instead of the lighter CAAD5 and Dual Assault frames because I killed a CAAD5 in the past. The frame is stiff but not uncomfortable and it is my favourite model of Cannondale hardtail. I killed the rear wheel in a stack, replaced it with a Mavic Crossland.

Driveline. All SRAM, I wanted to build a bike with no Shimano just for a change. X.7 triggers, X-Gen front derailleur, X.9 rear, PG 970 cassette, Race face cranks, Wipperman Connex 909 Gold chain ( i love these chains)
I quite like the way it performs, I still prefer Shimano cassettes though.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve.
The only stock parts on this bike are the frame, seatpost and stem, the rest are all parts I chose on a limited budget.
The Lefty was added because it's got 20mm more travel than the Super Headshock and doesn't slacken the head angle. EA 90 riser bar and lock on Rogues replaced the flat bar and cheap grips. The saddle is from my Gemini and the other components I got cheaply.

Final comments.
I really like this bike, it doesnt look a million dollars but it rides very well and great for most kinds of riding, I wouldn't like to jump it though as it's a little big. This was my second Cannondale and it has stayed in my stable because it's such a great bike. Aside form GT Zaskars, the F series Cannondales are my favourite hardtails.

10-01-2006, 11:25 PM
Frame Make Trek

Frame Model and year Diesel 2002

Intended use DH/Freeride

Actual use DH

Front fork & Travel 2002 Boxxer World Cup, 7"

Rear shock & Travel 5th Element and Fox Vanilla RC (cant remember what travel)

Geometry: Everything is the right height, width,etc making it very comfortable to ride

Suspension Travel I think its got enough :P

Suspension design Single pivot

Braking The Hayes Mags 8" I put on it pull the bike up very well

Weight Haven't had a chance to weigh it yet but for the chunkiness of the frame it is very light

Looks Some people would argue that the chunkiness at the front of the bike near the head tube is ugly but I've got used to it.

Durability issues The frame definately doesnt look like its going to snap anytime soon. Weak point possibly might be how the rear wheel attaches to the frame. But its better to snap the things on there instead of the swing arm!

Driveline I love it! The Shimano XTR shifter and derialleur perform well on the SRAM cassette and chain. Chain Torque Eliminator is a good idea too!

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Not really much to improve... its basically top of the line component wise

Final comments Great bike and great value (well my deal was!). Will not break anytime soon and is strong as anything.

Full list of specs and pics here: Click Me! (http://forums.farkin.net/showthread.php?t=45128)

11-01-2006, 12:28 AM
Frame Make GT
Frame Model and year Zaskar Team, Large 2001
Intended use XC racing
Actual use XC racing
Front fork &amp; Travel Rock Shox SID 63mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A
Comment on the following...
Geometry Long and low, short chainstays and steep head angle. Steering is very quick. Very good race geometry.

Suspension Travel Only the fork. 63mm really very short travel.

Suspension design N/A

Braking XTR V brakes on Cross Max ceramic rims. The bike is very light and doesn't really need discs. I love the feel and power of these brakes.

Weight. It's a shade over 9kgs, feels insanely light but there are much lighter XC bikes out there.

Looks. To me this bike is pure porn. Blue and Yellow team graphics, carbon components and electric blue forks.

Durability issues.
It has very thin tubing, hence a dent in the top tube. The bike is irreplaceable so I rarely ride it. It's the last of the GT's made in the USA in Santa Ana with Easton tubing, the newer Kinesis ones aren't quite as nice though.

Driveline. Full XTR group, the older 9 speed. This is possibly the best groupset ever made (except for old 8spd XTR and X.O)

Modifications done, or would like done to improve.
This bike was raced by a pro rider before I got it but a few parts needed replacing. A low rise EC90 bar, lock on ruffians, new UST Pythons and a pair of eggbeaters. The components are showing their age now but they are still performing well. The bike cost about $8100 when new, I'm glad I didn't pay anywhere near that much for it.

Final comments.
I lusted after one of these for so long and took me ages to find one. The first ride on it was incredible, it's so fast and light, incredibly agile. The minimal travel forks are a little harsh but the tubeless tyres make up for it a little.
You can't just go for a casual ride on this thing, it just begs to go faster.
I really have no business on board one of these but I love it to death.

11-01-2006, 02:45 AM
Sill bored, still more bikes.

Frame Make GT
Frame Model and year DHi Race, Medium 2003
Intended use Downhill
Actual use Downhill / Freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel Rock Shox Boxxer 7"
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Vanilla RC, 9" (closer to 8.5)
Comment on the following...
Geometry The angles work well with my lack of style. The wheelbase is adjustable as is the head angle. I set mine up in the slackest position.

Suspension Travel 7 inches on the front, good enough but I wouldn't mind 8. GT says 9 inches on the rear but it's closer to 8.5.

Suspension design i-drive, easy to set up and very smooth pedaling bike.
You do get a little brake jack but that's as bad as it gets. I love it.

Braking Hayes Mag with 8" rotors. I don't particularly like these, I don't think they are up to the job even when freshly bled and set up correctly.

Weight About 19kgs

Looks I don't particularly like the Gunmetal paint, I think it looks cheap. I'd love to get it sandblasted and clearcoated. I always wanted the Blue and Yellow team bike, just like Steve Peat's old one. The old black one looked sweet too.

Durability issues I've seen quite a few of these in various states of disrepair. The swingarms were notorious for snapping. I've had no issues with mine because it's had a very easy life.

Driveline. 9spd old XTR, derailleur, cassette, cranks, chain. XT shifter and an MRP chain guide.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
It's pretty stock except for; Azonic bar and stem, Mavic 521 rims, 800lb spring in rear shock, Ruffian grips. Maxxis and Michelin tyres.

Final comments.
If I was to spend the same amount of cash on a downhill bike again I don't think I'd buy a DHi. There are much better value bikes out there but I still reckon it handles better and pedals better than alot of DH bikes even now.

11-01-2006, 05:15 AM
Frame Make Kona
Frame Model and year Unit 18" 04
Intended use XC Singlespeed
Actual use Pub bike
Front fork &amp; Travel Marzocchi MZ comp, supposed to be 100mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel None
Comment on the following...
Geometry Very good for a SS.

Suspension Travel Forks are ordinary, heavy and poor performing. I get about 50% of the advertised travel even when properly set up.

Suspension design N/A

Braking Avid V's, good enough for a pub bike

Weight Quite light really, not much to it and a light CroMo frame. About 10kgs ish?

Looks Not the prettiest bike in Battleship grey but it's not awful looking.

Durability issues Steel frame and singlespeed, not much to go wrong there.

Driveline Truvative Firex cranks, no idea of the ratios.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
The frame is actually a bit small for me and is made up of all sorts of spares.
I don't really want to improve it much so I can use it for a pub bike. It cost me bugger all second hand, about the same as a Kmart bike but is heaps better quality.

Final comments.
I love steel mountain frames, it does handle quite well off road but I really haven't done it justice with the odds and ends I put on it. The way they come out of the factory is quite a good setup, rigid forks and all.

11-01-2006, 06:15 AM
Frame Make Trek
Frame Model and year 6500 Large, 06
Intended use XC / General purpose hardtail
Actual use Commuter, Pub Bike
Front fork &amp; Travel Manitou Axel Elite 80mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A
Comment on the following...
Geometry Reasonable figures, handles well but hasn't had much of a workout on real trails. 71 degree head angle.

Suspension Travel. 80mm, Entry level fork with preload, TPC and lockout. Actually feels quite decent for a cheap fork. Lockout is very useful given the amount of road use it gets.

Suspension design. N/A

Braking. Shimano M431 V's on Bontrager machined rims.

Weight. No idea, around the 12kg mark? Lots of heavy Bontrager components.

Looks. Orange and Yellow metallic fade, quite bright.

Durability issues. None so far, it hasn't been very long in service and has had a very easy life. Still looks brand new.:o

Driveline. 9spdXT rear mech, Shimano M440 cranks, Deore shifters

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
It'sbog standard at the moment. Maybe I'll put some spare disc brakes on it when I get it back to Australia, it's disc ready. A better fork like a Recon 327 U-turn would suit it nicely. I should put some Semi-slicks on it rather than wear out the Bontrager Jones ACX's.

Final comments
Not a bad general purpose hardtail, I really didn't want a Trek but I had limited choice of bike shops and this was the best brand available.:(
So far I'm quite happy with it purely because it does what I need it to do.
A few tweaks would make it better but it's quite alright as it is.

16-01-2008, 05:06 PM
Okay kids, allow me a little lattitude here, I know this is an old thread that I have dug up once before but I still think there's life left in the old girl yet. Beside's that I'm supposed to be at the RSL for $2 schooners and I'm stuck at home in a thunder storm. Mind you I do have a case of Moosehead keeping me company, well most of a case.:p

Frame Make: GT

Frame Model and year: '08 Peace 9'r

Intended use: General purpose singlespeed

Actual use Commuter, Pub bike, trailbike, loaner, very slow roadie.

Front fork & Travel: How ever much the rigid steel flexes, it's actually not that bad with 29" wheels, they roll very well and if you get tyre pressures right it's quite comfortable.

Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A

Comment on the following...
Geometry: Classic GT hardtail with a 29" twist. The handling is a little ponderous at times, I'm not sure too many have got the 29'r thing just right yet, but this being my first venture into 29'r ownership I must say I am very comfortable on this thing. Its steering is a little slow.

Suspension Travel. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

Suspension design. I'm sure specialized have come up with a wanky name and tried to whack a patent on it. Direct Drive or some BS, it's a hardtail.

Braking. Tektro Aquila cable discs, 6" with Tektro Eclipse levers. These were going to be the first area of upgrade but these stoppers were a real suprise package. There is plenty of power and modulation to be had, the only real short coming is their weight and the fact you must manually adjust them for pad wear although this hasn't been an issue at all.

Weight. H'mmm, bear with me a sec while I get the scales.
About 13kg's but doesn't feel heavy. (Although that's about the same weight as my Ellsworth with 6" travel either end)

Looks. Metallic plum paint, looks great under light, simple and clean lines, the rear dropout is quite nice with some elegant curves in the chainstays. It's quite understated really and I guess that's the point.
A few sortcomings are the 4 spacers under the stem and some don't like the medium sized frame with such large wheels.

Durability issues. I haven't had her for long but it has been ridden almost every day. I would expect excellent service life with a rigid steel singlespeed. I keep an eye on the chain tension but the BB hasn't moved. Some of the components may have a shortish life but there are so few bits to go wrong that I can't see this being a pressing issue.

Driveline. TruVativ Blaze cranks with a 32 tooth front ring, no name 16 tooth on the rear attached to GT hubs. It pedals out pretty easily on the road but it can still be a real handfull when climbing, if I was doing more off road stuff I would consider an 18 tooth rear cog.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
None as yet, she is as original as the day I bought her besides a front and rear light for commuting. Everything seems to be well specced for a bike of this kind and pricepoint. Obviously there is room for upgrades, a set of forks would be great but they would defeat the purpose of buying this bike and also cost more than I paid for the bike itself.

Final comments:
This is my first 29'r and only my third singlespeed. I love this thing dearly as it constantly suprises me with what it is capable of. I am acutely aware of its shortcomings too and because I'm so soft I find myself reaching for an absent shift lever on the steep uphills.
I wanted to buy one of these a few years back but I missed the boat, I wanted a large frame but luckily the Medium is a perfect fit, luckily because it was the last one available.(so I was told) A large would have put me in an uncomfortable position. I would recommend this to someone wanting a bike that is simple and a little unusual as well as being quite cheap, it's definately not for everyone or your only bike. This is my ideal 10th bike but is a favourite already.



Just got some second hand Reba Race 29'r forks for this thing and it has really changed the way this rig rides. Just a few mm of travel at the front has made it so much more comfortable and it seems to roll over things like a bulldozer. The weight has increased slightly but the performance makes up for that. Upgrading was definately worth the money.

16-01-2008, 07:30 PM
Frame Make Norco Atomic
Frame Model and year Atomic 2008
Intended use DH
Actual use Freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel 203mm boxxer races
Rear shock &amp; Travel 9 inch fox DHX 3.0
rear lots of travel but if bottomed eats seat
Geometry DHish

Suspension Travel long very long does its job just!

Suspension design rear tyre eated back seat

Braking juciy threes do there job

Weight 20.0kg

Looks looks like a bike

Durability issues fork seal blown, buckald back rim, front brake didn't work, derailer wierd all gears except 7th dont know why, chain guide eatting itself, shifter broke 3 times, chain got flat spot from chain guide

Driveline does alright

Modifications done, or would like done to improve none, fix: forks, brakes, derailier, chain guide, chain, wheel

Final comments does job but would like to upgrade

16-01-2008, 08:33 PM
Frame Make: Intense
Frame Model and year: M1 2003
Intended use: DH racing
Actual use: General DH duties and little bit light freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel: 2002 Rock Shox Boxxer WC's 170mm (Custom internals)
Rear shock &amp; Travel: Fox Vanilla RC (2003) unsure of the stroke?

Geometry: As the frame has adjsutable geometry i feel that it may be a bit complicated to explain:
The shock has three different mounting positions therefore increasing & decresing the headtube angle (im not entirly sure on the adjustable range). At the same time the three mounting positions change the hight of the bottombracket. My personal setting of the shock is on the lowest position so i have a nice slack feeling head angle, and my bottom bracket is nice and low (not too low though) so i have a nice low center or gravity

As with the adjustable wheelbase settings i run it at the shortest out of the two settings (the adjustment range is 1.5cm). the short wheelbase setting suits me as i am a not the largest rider and its easier to manuver on the trail and easier to manual etc.

Suspension Travel: 8" (203mm)

Suspension design: Specialized FRS design.

Braking: In the image it has Hayes Mag's but i have purchased a set of 8" Code 5's. these are the most powerful brakes i have ever used and owned.

Weight: Unsure or the weight, but a wild guess might say around 20kgs (the mag30's wouldnt help).

Looks: The frame at this point in time is down to its bare matal as im in the process of getting it powdercoated.

Durability issues: The only let down with the frame is that it does not have a replacable derailleur hanger.

Driveline: Sram x.9 shifter, derailleur, cassette and 991 chain. RaceFace cranks, blackspire chainring and an E13 lg1 chainguide.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve: as i said earlier my boxxers are custom: on the compression side all the internals and spiring have been removed and i have added a car valve instead. Reduces weight and makes them incredebly smooth.

Final comments: hope that helps

17-01-2008, 08:29 AM
Frame Make: Specialized
Frame Model and year: Demo 8 (2007) - Medium
Intended use: Downhill race
Actual use: Everything. Sees downhill, freeride, dirt jumping and even a few XC type rides
Front fork &amp; Travel: Fox 40 RC2 - 8 inch
Rear shock &amp; Travel: Fox DHX 5.0 - 2.8 stroke giving 8 inch travel

Comment on the following...
Geo just works for me. Stable at speed and over rough but still agile enough in every situation I've been in. Short wheelbase - especially the chainstays - suits me as I'm not a very big rider and the cockpit feels comfortable.

Suspension Travel:
8' front and rear

Suspension design:

It came with Juicy Carbons but I took them off immediately and swapped them for my Avid Codes from my last bike

18 and a tiny little bit

Ok...so the stickers...you either love them or hate them. I must say I thought they looked out of place on that bike but I kept them on as scratch protection and I've stopped paying attention to them. But even if you have the stickers on/off, the frame looks great. Not quite as aggressive looking as the older Demos (like my old Demo 9 Pro) but its nice.

Durability issues:
None so far. Only problems have been caused by idiots and not anything to do with the manufacturer.
I asked a bike shop that won't be named to replace a tube (just punctured, I had a patch kit but the bike shop was very close and I needed to buy stuff anyway). I was told it would be ready in 5 minutes...half an hour later they gave my bike back. Front tire was on backwards, they rounded the axle (hex bit) trying to get the wheel off to put the tire on properly, tried to hammer in a 5.5mm allen key but gave up. Shop manager said they couldn't help me with it, that they were sorry and gave me $200 for the price of the axle, trouble they caused and to cover getting the thing out.:mad:

Sram XO shifter and derailleur
MRP System 3 chainguide
Connex Wipperman chain (I think)
Sram PC980 cassette (I think)

Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
Modifications: MRP Chainguide, Avid Code, MRP V8 Pedals
Would like to improve: Want a wider range cassette, may put on a front derailleur occasionally depending on use (I only own 1 bike), Funn soljam vipers wanted as V8s feel quite narrow.

Final comments:
Awesome bike - thanks Chain Reaction Cronulla

17-01-2008, 08:48 AM
Frame Make: Norco
Frame Model and year: Torrent, 2005
Intended use: dh, freeride
Actual use: dh, freeride, xc, dj's and hucking!
Front fork & and Travel, 2006 marzocchi drop off triples 170mm

Comment on the following...

its great with the triples on the lowest they can go(170)

its ok, i got mechaincal calipers on 8in disks

just under 18kgs its a bit fat :p

it look absolutely beefy

Durability issues
none, it can take everything i fly it off. its as tough as nails

single ring at the front and 8 on the back that never skips ever

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
i built it up from scratch so everything is custom, but cranks, seat, gears, brakes

Final comments
wouldnt trade it for anything its absolutely brilliant for what it is

17-01-2008, 11:19 AM
Bah I'll get my shovel and start digging too.

Frame Make: Rocky Mountain
Frame Model and year: 2004 Switch Large (19.5")
Intended use: Freeride
Actual use: All Mountain/Trail
Front fork &amp; Travel: 2007 Marzocchi AM1 SL, 120-160mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel: Manitou Swinger 3-way, 152mm

Comment on the following...
OK, it was originally intended as a freeride bike so the angles are quite slack, but it's got quite a high BB. Holds its line through corners quite well but its pretty ponderous so mid corner line switching is not a great idea.

Suspension Travel:
The front fork is fantastic. I had the remote lockout fitted and that helps with climbing. Otherwise its a very plush and responsive fork, the bottom out resistance feature is good and allows you to run less compression than you would otherwise need. I wish they had used the RC2x dampener rather than the TST5, as this would have given me more scope to tune the pedalling response.

The rear is really active and has great traction under power and under brakes. This also means it tends to bob more than my single pivot Morewood. Tends to wallow in its travel noticeably more than my Morewood as well, which tends to slow it down over high speed repetitive hits. Currently still trying to find a SPV pressure that gives good balance between bump absorption and efficiency.

Suspension design:
Faux Bar

Currently fited with Navigator 6pots running Clarks VRX pads, Goodridge lines and Hope 8 inch floating rotors. These are undoubtedly the strongest brakes I have ever run, and are probably too much for this bike, so will be swapped onto the DH bike.

Braking performance of the bike itself is excellent, the rear suspension remains active under braking and maintains good traction.

18 or so. Not exactly sure will need to weigh it next time I'm in my LBS.

Ok. Even though the bike is meant to be a boutique frame the use of paint rather than powder coat is a bit of a let down. Other than that the blue of the frame nicely offsets the white forks.

The frame design is a bit unusual in having machined plates supporting the top and down tube as well as the shock, this gives quite a tough but intricate look. I don't mind it but I prefer the cleaner lines of my Morewood Shova ST (http://forums.farkin.net/showthread.php?t=60592&highlight=morewood+shova).

Durability issues:
The bottom out chamber in the Marzocchis failed but got fixed under warranty. The Navigator 6 pot levers (old school non-adjustable ones) are pretty ordinary and leak, luckily Navigator 6 pots are compatible with Shimano hardware, so I'm using some old XT levers instead. The rear caliper also leaks through the bleed nipple but this was fixed with teflon tape.

Shimano XT everything except a Wipperman 908 chain.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
The bike was built up from a frame that I was sent as a warranty replacement for a cracked ETSX50. So everything is essentially a modification.

forks: 2007 Marzocchi AM 1 SL
rear shock: Manitou Swinger 3 way Air
Brakes: Navigator 6 Pots
Front rim: mavic 721
Rear rim: Mavic 721
Hubs: Hope Pro 2
Cranks: Xt
Bars: Titec Ringleader
Stem: Easton Ea50
Pedals: Time ATAC Control Z
Grips: ODI Rogue

Final comments:
Quite a good bike all round. Good for the odd huck, but its neither as fast as my Morewood up or downhill. Pretty much confirms my preference for single pivots over faux/four bar bikes. Nonetheless I'll ride it for a while before selling it.

17-01-2008, 12:52 PM
Frame Make: Kona
Frame Model and year: Stab Deluxe 2007
Intended use: DH, Freeride
Actual use: DH, Freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel: 2008 Marzocchi 888RCV
Rear shock &amp; Travel: 2008 Fox Van R

Geometry: Head angle is a tad too high. But after changing the stem and putting the spacers above the bars its good.

Suspension Travel: 2008 888RCV are a great fork. 200mm of plush travel and rebound + compression adjustments. Little bit wieghty for my liking. Fox Van R is an okay shock but a DHX 5.0 would be much plusher and smooth down the hills. Ti spring would help.

Suspension design: 4 Bar linkage swingarm.

Braking: Hayes HFX 9. Pretty crap brakes. They do the job but aren't very responsive.

Weight: Heavy at 21kg. Once I put my boxxers and new stem + bars that will be way down.

Looks: Stock paint is sweet.

Durability issues: None. Built to last.

Driveline: Shimano Deore XT.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve: Boxxer Teams, Funn bars + stem. Straitline pedals.

Final comments: Great bike for the money. Rear shock needs to be changed to a DHX 5.0.

le chat
17-01-2008, 01:00 PM
Frame Make: Knolly
Frame Model and year: 2006 V-Tach Small
Intended use: Pretty much anything but aimed at FR and DH
Actual use: Trail riding, FR, DH
Front fork &amp; Travel: Marzocchi 66RC set at 150mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel: Fox DHX 5.0 7.7 inches of travel
Comment on the following...

Slack, even set at 150mm front as A/C length is long. Adjustable goemetry via rocker, set at lower BB setting and adjustable chainstays at short setting

Suspension Travel
Excellent, plush, slient, active all the way even under breaking riding down steeps, stutter bumps etc. Front end is also very plush although the old 66rc are due an upgrade to some RC3 in the near future with 180mm of travel.

Suspension design
Knolly patent 4x4 linkage - provides active 4 bar suspension with the ability for a full length seat tube. Very stiff, no lateral movement in the frame and low leverage ratio shock. 4x4 link minimises side loading on rear shock also, all in all very well thought out as you would expect from Noel.

Avid Juicy 5 with 8" front and back, stops on a sixpence as the brakes are well bedded in now.

On the heftier side, probably looking at the 20kg mark or there abouts but rides very well

Sweet - all hand machined in Canada and the USA - super BC green colourway with black graphics

Durability issues
None - everything is very well engineered using the highest quality materials and bearings.

SRAM X9 mech and shifters, Saint cranks, 34 chainring with 11-34 cassette, e13 sts chainguide

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Swap out Cane Creek headset for a zero stack, upgrade forks from 66rc to 66RC3, pretty much about all I need to do

Final comments
check out further reviews on MTBR.com or see www.knollybikes.com
This is one awesome machine.

You can do anything on it, FR, XC, DH, trail riding. It is silient off drops, stable in the air and stomps the landings.

17-01-2008, 01:27 PM
Frame Make Specialized
Frame Model and year SX (4X frame) 2006
Intended use 4X
Actual use 4X, DH, DJ, XC, Trails and some commuting
Front fork & Travel Fox Talas RL '06. Travel: 90 - 130
Rear shock & Travel Fox Float RP3. Travel: 4.2"
Comment on the following...
It is a pretty slack geometry with a long wheel base and low BB - so super stable at high speed and in the air.

Suspension Travel
Enough for what i use it for - sometimes i want more for some DH but i get by

Suspension design
FSR Suspention system - works great, active on small bumps and soaks up bigger hits with no worries.

Avid Juicy 7's with 6" rotors do the stopping fine - apart from having to re build the front caliper a couple of times i haven't had any issues yet

Sitting at just above 14kg at the moment

Just lovely! I love the look of Specialized bikes

Durability issues
None... yet

Sram X0 rear derailuer and single chainring up front - shifts smoothly whenever you want it to

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Hope rear hub, Shimano DX pedals, red Odi Ruffians. would like Tomson post and stem, Sunline bars and saddle and Shimano brakes. I have WTB Timberwolf tyres for DH

Final comments
Dream bike!

17-01-2008, 04:53 PM
Frame Make
Santa Cruz
Frame Model and year
2006 v-10
Intended use
Actual use
Front fork and travel
Fox 40rc2 8 inchs
Rear shock and travel
Fox DHX5.0
Comment on the following...

Has a sweet geo for Dh
Suspension Travel
10 inches of pure travel
Suspension design
Vpp (Virtual Piviot Point)
A tad on the heavy side
Durability issues
Full x.9 with dura-ace chain and cassete
Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Nothing realy.
Final comments
Love it

17-01-2008, 05:11 PM
Frame Make Ironhorse
Frame Model and year Yakuza Kumicho 2006
Intended use getting to the shops
Actual use DH
Front fork &amp; Travel 183mm (7.20 inches)
Rear shock &amp; Travel 183mm
Comment on the following...

Suspension Travel 183mm

Suspension design Full suspension

Braking Hayes HFX 9 with 8" rotors

Weight not too heavy and not too light

Looks very nice

Durability issues nothing really

Driveline good

Modifications done, or would like done to improve NONE

Final comments Nice ride

17-01-2008, 05:21 PM
Maybe I'm just being a little anal here but I'm genuinely interested in what people think of their rigs and how they perform. A one word answer to a question of geometry or any of the other headings is hardly telling.

The responses will be subjective of course but if you can hardly muster a decent response then you can't have a very high opinion of your rig. Slap me down if you will for being a little precious but people who may want to buy a rig like yours will take a look, make it worth their while.
End little rant. Replacing thumb in mouth.;)

17-01-2008, 05:29 PM
Frame Make
gary fisher
Frame Model and year
2006 bitter
Intended use
Actual use
Front fork &amp; Travel
manitou splice 100-130
Rear shock &amp; Travel
Comment on the following...
This is my first bike so im only comparing it to stuff that ive ridden for a couple of minutes..... But the frames a tank, and its easy to bunny hop and manual.

Suspension Travel
the travel adjustment is pretty useless it brakes almost straight away, and the the bike store took it for 6 weeks fixed it so that it worked for 2 hours then broke. It is now stuck on 100

Suspension design
Rebound adjust, compresion, and lockout. Although the compression and lockout are on the same knob. The compression adjust also isnt that good, it doesnt do that much, the forks come pretty soft stock.

Hayes sole................... single piston (WTF) brakes, they work alright if adjusted right, but they stay adjusted for only 1 or 2 rides. It does come with an 8'' front

14kg, which is pretty good considering some of the specs.

The frame looks sick, and it looks good if its not single speed.

Durability issues
As said aabove the forks are a piece of shit, and the brakes are extremly tepremental

Shimano Deore, which despite being base shimano works very well. It comes stock with 2 rings. The bontrager cranks and incredebly strong, and i would put them on all of my future bikes

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Bought a chainguide, more street tyres (maxxis hollyrollers), new brakes are due when the pads wear out, Ive recently had to replace the driveline, im puting on a higher gear chainring and closer cassette. When i get the money for some pikes ill replace the forks.

Final comments
Honestly the bike is worth $1700, but i got it with $700 off, and its a lot better than other bikes worth $1000

Angry Atheist
17-01-2008, 05:44 PM

My serious review after having to fix one (AL welding).

Frame Make: Dyno Dual Suspension
Frame Model and year: DSX-60, 2006 model
Intended use: Doorstop (or fire-road only bike)
Actual use: hopefully a boat anchor!
Front fork and travel: single crwon, No-Name full steel + steelspring (both legs) with 65mm
Rear shock and travel: No-Name AL body + steelspring (non-air and non-hydraulic)
Comment on the following:
Geometry: typical road geo, extra bonus for pogo-rear.
Suspension Travel: having to hide my face with a paper bag whilst testing it out in Glenrock, the front is bottoming out cause of soft springs, the rear is like a sex-tool - the seat slams into my ass when i compress the 4.5 inches of travel when landing after hopping a log.
Suspension design single pivot (with bushings) in front and above top chainline (pivot is on downtube)
Braking: Pro-max cable disc caliper front (160mm) and v-brake rear (steel within plastic outer)
Weight: 44lbs (~20kgs)
Aluminium: frame F & R, rims, cranks, f-hub.
Steel: stem, riser handlebar, r-hub, chainrings.
Looks: Blue & Silver paintjob, hydro-formed front frame, chucky rear swingarm with lots of welds (which one developed a crack, which i fixed), stickers are under the clear top-coat (nice touch, I thought).
Durability issues: possible heat treatment of rear not good enuf, forks will explode if used for XC, bushings in rear will develop slap very soon.
Driveline: shimano non-series stuff (tourney rear mech with 14-30 7-speed screw-on, ?? front mech with 48-38-28 on sqaure taper unsealed BB, also has rapidfire-type shifters with brake levels.
Final comments: typical K-mart rubbish. Yes, its a bike that works, but as soon as you try to do things that it wasn't made for (which is kids on the street), then it falls flat on its face in spectacular fashion. This is the type of bike people buy, realise that its shit and then go off a drive their cars.

17-01-2008, 07:36 PM
Frame Make: Santa Cruz
Frame Model and year: Nomad 2006
Intended use: Bit of everything
Actual use: Bit of everything, but nothing extreme
Front fork and travel: 2006 Marzocchi 66RC2X 150mm
Rear shock and travel: 2007 Cane Creek Double Barrel ti spring 2.5" stroke, 165mm travel

Comment on the following:
Geometry: Steering is very neutral with a 67 degree HA, 70mm 12 degree rise stem, 10mm spacer under stem, 2" rise, 27" wide bars. At times the steering can be a little slow but that usually means i should be riding faster! The ST angle is very slack and i had to swap out the 25mm set back post i originally had for a straight post, although i did lengthen the stem by 10mm at the same time for better climbing. The bottom bracket is very low so i swapped the 170mm 22-32-44 XTR cranks on there originally for some 170mm RF Atlas 24-36-BR cranks.
Suspension Travel: 165mm. Feels bottomless. Originally i had a Fox DHX-C 5.0 rear shock but it was pretty rough on the small stuff. The CCDB fixed that and also made a big difference to the chani pull i was feeling in the granny ring/4th. That was the only gear i felt it happening. I've used full travel before but never felt the rear bottom out. I can only think of once that i've felt the forks bottom out and that's pretty good given my less than smooth, plow into stuff style.
Suspension design VPP. Works great. Climbs really well. The forks bob a bit when standing but the rear seems to just go along as normal. No maintenance issues so far but i do try to clean gunk out of the pivot areas after every ride. No noticeable stiffening under braking and now that i have a decent rear shock the chain pull issue is pretty much non-existent.
Braking: Avid Juicy 5s, 8" front and rear.
Weight: about 15kg, maybe a bit more.
Looks: Red front triangle and swingarm. White forks and stem. Gray Crossmax SX wheels. Black everything else. I like it. Thinking about putting a white seat on it. I like the shape of the frame with the swooping top tube. The welding isn't what i'd call beautiful to look at because the beads aren't as straight as i'd like from a "boutique" builder but hey've done the job so far.
Durability issues: Supposedly the pivots wear quickly but i haven't had any problems with them yet. The Crossmax SX rear hub bearings wear reasonably fast.
Driveline: SRAM X-9 shifters and rear derailleur, XTR front derailleur, RF Atlas 24-36-BR cranks, SRAM chain and cassette. I originally had a Deore front derailleur and the difference is chalk and cheese. I've never thought i needed a 22-32-44 chainring set up after going to the FR cranks either.
Final comments: The bike is fun. If i could get some lightweight 2.5" tubeless tyres on it i'd say it is almost perfect. The 2.5" Minions are a bit heavy on some tracks but i'm going to give some 2.35 Ignitors a go soon.

17-01-2008, 08:04 PM
Frame Make: Sanderson
Frame Model and year: Life 2007
Intended use: XC
Actual use: XC
Front fork and travel: RS Reba Team 100mm

Comment on the following:
Geometry: 16" frame. Geometry feels spot on. Steering components i bought to match the Nomad so although it steers significantly quicker it still feels comfortable.
Suspension Travel: 0mm
Suspension design 850 steel hardtail. I really wanted a Moots YBB but $$$.
Braking: 2008 Shimano XT 6" front and rear. They feel great. Very different to Juicys. These feel just as strong as the 8" Juicys on the Nomad but the modulation is much better.
Weight: I really don't know but it's much lighter than the Nomad. Maybe 12kg?
Looks: It looks like a skinny steel frame, which i like. The weld beads are nice and small compared to aluminium frames. The stays look almost delicate and the Ritchey dropouts are very nice. The grey colour looks good. I did try to build this bike up so it wouldn't draw attention or at least not look too appealing when i ride it around the streets so i've chucked a pink headset and bottom bracket on it. Just waiting for the pink cranks! the titaniu seatpost matches the frame. I would have preferred white forks but the black Rebas go with the understated look.
Durability issues: None so far. It's a steel frame so it should go for a while. Components have been good. A small problem with the cranks but nothing some loctite didn't fix.
Driveline: SRAM X-9 shifters and rear derailleur, XTR front derailleur, Aerozine 175mm 22-32-44 cranks, SRAM chain and cassette. Going to swap the black 175mm cranks for some 170mm pink ones eventually.
Final comments: This is a great bike. My first mtb was a custom Columbus Thron hardtail that i made myself and then when i broke that i bought a double butted 4130 chromoly hardtail. This is the best of the 3. I would have really liked the Moots YBB but the price was too much for me to justify spending when i'm not racing it or benig too serious on it. Looking back i probably would have been better off with a Trance. It's more versatile and i could always have locked the rear shock out if i wanted a hardtail type of ride. But when i get on the Sanderson i forget all about that and just enjoy the ride. Steel is real! And tubeless helps too.

18-01-2008, 09:31 AM
Frame Make: Scott
Frame Model and year: Scott High Octane - 06
Intended use: DH / FR
Actual use: DH / FR
Front fork &amp; Travel: 8 inches
Rear shock &amp; Travel: 9.5 inches

Geometry: Dunno, but it has lots of adjustments so it can be settup for a more freeride geometry or a more downhill geo.

Suspension Travel: Fox 40's give me 8 inches travel and the DHX 4.0 is giving me 9.5 inches

Suspension design: Single Pivot

Braking: Its got avid codes on it which i got off torpedo7.com.au for $240 for both brakes because they made a mistake but I had ordered them before they fixed it so thats all good =)

Weight: Hmm, 19.5 kilo's? haha, its on the heavy side but once the new forks are on and the new tyres it should be under 18 kilo's. The tyres on it weigh around 1.5kg's each and im planning on turning the 40's into air forks like Floats just to see if its possible. The forks i will be running will be Boxxer WC's converted from Teams.

Looks: Umm at the moment its kind of like Camo-ish. The frame is black and a Grey/green colour. I'm running the 06 729's so they are that camo grey colour and the 40's have the grey lowers so its pretty cool =)

Durability issues: None so far.

Driveline: Umm im running a SRAM cassette of some sort, x9 rear mech, XTR chain and a home made chain guide which is pretty sexy because no other chainguide would fit because of the design of the frame so we had to make a very thin guide =) I'm running x7 shifter too. And Hollzfella DH cranks

Modifications done, or would like done to improve: Ummm well I dont even know how the bike comes stock but I just bought the frame, wheels and forks at the same time and put it all together =) so basically the hole bike is upgraded from the original I think and the only improvements would be maybe. Saint cranks, DHX 5.0 and X.0 shifter and rear mech =) and maybe some new bars =)

Final comments:
I like it lots...


18-01-2008, 04:38 PM
Frame Make Norco
Frame Model and year Shore 3, 2007
Intended use Freeride
Actual use Freeride, light dh, riding down the street, jumps at bmx track
Front fork &amp; Travel Marz 66's 170mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox van r 188mm
Comment on the following...
Its a small frame size, i feel very comfortable on it while standing, feels very 'roomy'.

Suspension Travel
The marzocchis feel very plush and are easily adjusted depending on the riding im doing. Set the sag right in the back and it works great.

Suspension design
VPS design

Are Hayes nines. They do the job nicely pulling me up well. This is also because of the tyres (kendas) which still have a heap of tread and really bite in while braking instead of sliding.

Heavy! Only because where i ride involves alot of walking/pushing the bike uphills. But i find it good to accelerate on.

Its a deepish red and imo has a wicked looking frame

Durability issues
None so far

Shimano alivio shifter and rear derailleur. Had no problems shifts very smoothly

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Funn solejam pedals, Deity bars (with a higher rise) MRP chain guide and replaced the 2 front sprockets with a 36 tooth E-13 sprocket

Final comments
This is the kind of bike ive always wanted. It does everything i want to do, has loads more to give when i improve and i cant wait to go to a dh club day!

18-01-2008, 05:08 PM
Frame Make: Norco
Frame Model and year: A-Line 2006
Intended use: Downhill
Actual use: Downhill
Front fork Travel: 200mm
Rear shock Travel: 8.1" - 9.0"

Suprisnly not too bad. I have replaced the stock forks with a pair of 2005 888RC's, which feel great and sit a tad higher which allows the headangle to be slacker. For best geo (for dh) set the shock to the upper position and run the travel on 8.1" which will slacken the head angle as well as drop the bottom bracket height!

Suspension Travel
Rear end feels reasonably bottomless. The stock spring is quiet stiff (500lbs) for a DH bike. Replace that and it should be a new bike!

Suspension design
Its alright. More than likely have to cut down your seat tube to avoid destroying your shock. Not very effective during braking.

As mentioned before, rear end isnt very active while braking, although its bearable.

A little on the heavy side. Mine is near 20 kg. These things are not built for Cross Country!

Meh. Its a norco.

Durability issues
No problems thus far

Everything seems to be good. Wouldn't hurt to upgrade the drivetrain

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
888's. I higher end drivetrain would be nice.

Final comments
Good bike. A tad heavy, but its great for downhill. Plently of travel, not too bad geo. Great upgrade from the previous year. Suitable for anyone who has a limited budget that still wants a reliable bike

19-01-2008, 01:54 AM
Frame Make Maverick
Frame Model and year ML7 2005
Intended use XC / All Mountain
Actual use XC / All Mountain
Front fork Travel 4.75"
Rear shock Travel 4"

Brilliant for it's intended purpose, feels very relaxed but nimble when it matters.

Suspension Travel
This bike rides like a 6" trail bike, the design makes great use of the limited travel it has.

Suspension design
Maverick patented "Monolink" and "Parallel Path" suspension. Meaning the BB floats on it's own giving no pedal feedback through bumps etc, and the suspension path is the same at both ends, so the back wheel moves in the same direction as the front (up and back).

I run a set of Juicy 5's on this bike, very capable brakes, although they are typically noisy avid brakes. Under braking the fork does dive a little, but that could just be my set up (haven't really played with the settings much), the rear suspension does not change under any braking conditions, no brake jack at all.

Complete weight of mine is just over the 11 kg mark.

See for yourself:

Durability issues
None thus far, although I am expecting that the fork will need more regular maintenance than most because of the whole upside down factor.

Bit low end for my taste, but that should start changing soon.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
None as yet, looking at upgrading to XO shifters, along with some nicer brakes and cranks at some stage. Will most likely get it a new set of tyres this weekend, the Pythons that came with it have got to go.

Final comments
Love it, best enduro style bike I've ever ridden. Light, extremely comfortable and it just works. Haven't found anything to complain about yet and usually I find a lot.

18-03-2008, 02:17 PM
Frame Make: Giant
Frame Model and year: Anthem 2, 2008
Intended use : XC
Actual use: XC
Front fork and travel: RockShox Recon Race Solo Air w/poplock 100mm
Rear shock and travel. Fox Float R w/ ProPedal

Geometry: 72degree head angle, Feels very responsive and carves up singletrack.

Suspension Travel: 3.5 inches

Suspension design: Maestro, floating pivot

Braking: Shimano XT levers with deore M485 twin piston calipers.

Weight: Approx 13.5kgs

Looks: Black and brushed aluminium clearcoated. Looks a little cheap.

Durability issues: None yet.

Driveline: Deore cranks, shifters and front derailleur. Shadow XT rear mech.
Specs here: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-AU/bikes/mountain/1336/29479/

Edit: Now running Sram. After a trial period I'm not convinced Shimano has gotten any better so it's gone.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve: I bought this because it was such a bargain and had no intention of doing any modifications whatsoever. I've already upgraded the brake levers and rear mech.:o
You could spend a fortune upgrading most of the components on this thing but for less than that you could have the Anthem Advanced. This is XC on a budget.

Final comments:

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this little beast. Giant's while being very well made, outstanding value and great performers they have the character of my washing machine which has all those three qualities but is a little hard to love. It looks a little cheap but having a bike like this at this price point is just ridiculous.

I initially wanted the Anthem 1 with all new XT fruit on it and a slightly better looking thing too. I was offered the Anthem 2 at a price which didn't make sense to say no to. If I'll be honest with myself for a moment I'm not going to go out and win any XC races or compete on any level so a great value component spec on the same frame made sense. Although when I heaved the weight of this thing onto my roof racks I was starting to wonder whether I had just made a mistake.

From the first pedal stroke I could notice the difference between this and my 5.5 inch travel trail bike. The geometry is certainly more focussed toward racing and the bike felt more like a hardtail than a dually. I had my body weight in psi dialled into the shock and about two thirds of that in the fork. I was peasantly surprised by how the bike accelerated but also noticed every bit of trail noise and despite having lined shorts and a pair of knicks on the stock Giant carbon saddle was pretty harsh.

The first large descent saw the suspension come into its own, while not feeling overly plush it absorbed hits well and didn't blow through its minimal travel. The Recon fork struggled a little more than the rear suspension but this could be purely because of setup. The brakes felt strong and modulation was excellent but trying to pull my bulk up with 6" rotors is a tough ask at any time. The suspension also felt active when on the anchors too.

On the following large climb I thought I would feel the extra weight of this thing but was pleasantly surprised, this rig like to climb in the middle ring. The rear kept tracking well and didn't search for traction. The front end got a little light and the fork wanted to leave the ground on a few occasions but a lower rise stem would probably fix that.

Any gripes? Well the XT shadow mech is an improvement over the regular stuff but I will be going to SRAM as soon as something breaks and the resin pads in the brakes are not as good as the sintered kind. Besides that I am quite chuffed with this rig, it isn't very pretty but it works well enough at this pricepoint. I'm sure many will but this to race on successfully and love it. Do I love it? That may take some time but I can see me and the Anthem being good friends.

EDIT: Second ride out and the unloved Giant Saddle tried to disembowel me. In a technical downhill section of Manly Dam the saddle decided to part company with the rails and left me rather sore in the backside area. This is definately one for the bin. Other than that the bike is continually surprising me at how well it can handle the rough stuff and hammer on the singletrack, but the tyres aren't kidding when they say 'Dry' on the side, they struggle a fair bit and clog up in damp conditions. But yet again this thing does perform brilliantly for the price.

EDIT 2: The Shimano had to go, I've gone to X-9 shifters and rear mech, 9.0 cassette and Race Face Evolve XC cranks. I've also put sintered pads in, I know the rotors will wear faster but they need replacing with better ones anyway. I'm enjoying the bike so much more now, I might even find a set of light wheels for it and I'll be happy. I'll use all the removed parts for a hardtail project.


18-03-2008, 04:50 PM
Frame Make- giant
Frame Model and year- ac2 06
Intended use-downhill, round town
Actual use-^^^^^^^^^
Front fork &amp; Travel- Mazochie drop offs 200mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel- mozochie 6.3inch travel
Comment on the following...

Suspension Travel
soft. rarely go past the 170mm mark but is still soft. rear is nice and firm. hasnt botomed out yet.

Suspension design
good enough for my liking

the hayes 9 with 9 inch disc pull it up with no effort


paris hilton

Durability issues
havent had no dramas yet!!

race face

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
tighten the triples to the frame to stop movement. new phat tyres

Final comments
its a phat bike for a beginer downhiller or just ridin round the street jumpin roundabouts n wot not. bit heavy goin up hill but then again its a bike lol.

28-03-2008, 05:08 PM
Frame Make Giant
Frame Model and year Yukon 07
Intended use xc, little bit dh
Actual use xc
Front fork &amp; Travel 110mm dart 2
Rear shock &amp; Travel n/a (hardtail)
Comment on the following...
pretty good, not very good for anything other than xc, because you sit very far forward on the bike.

Suspension Travel
very hard suspension, i reccomend a change of spring

Suspension design

shimano cable, requires lots of adjusting

fairly light, mayde 14kg

good when new, scratchers and wears paint very easily

Durability issues
brakes and gears need lots of adjusting, and pedals are weak

ok, see above

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
new pedals, need to change springs or shox.

Final comments
good fun, but needs to be maintained

28-03-2008, 05:32 PM
Frame Make norco
Frame Model and year manik 07
Intended use downhill and it of freeride
Actual use downhill/freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel 140 or 160 cant remeber
Rear shock &amp; Travel n/a (hardtail)
Comment on the following...
Geometry- I like it ables me sit back no the bike because i hate the feeling of going over the bars.

Suspension Travel
Good but for serious freeride you will need better forks

Suspension design
bomber rcv

juicy 5

about 16

brown frame looks a bit werid but the chrome rims look nice

Durability issues
nothing bomb proof

ok, see above

Modifications done, or would like done to improve

Final comments
Its a great bigginning bike. It is solid and i havent had to many problems

Daniel J
29-03-2008, 12:24 AM
Frame Make 06/07 DBR BSX Comp
Intended use To be honest, I couldn’t actually tell you
Actual use All mountain and light DH
Front fork &amp; Travel Marzocchi drop off 4. 150mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel Solid metal, to be honest.

To be honest I quite like it. To be honest, maybe the tiniest bit short for me in the top tube, but nothing that worries me.

Suspension Travel
As I said above, it's running 150mm drop off 4s. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind moving up to the 55’s, mostly for the fact that I kind of worry about a QR but that will all come with time, and money.

Suspension design
Come on it's a hard tail, they aren’t that complicated. Only a little pedal bob from the front which is nice.

8in juicy fives front and rear. Have been very good to me and have seemed to be very low maintenance (touch wood)

Was a little disappointed, but hey you cant have everything.

Love the paint job and everything is pretty neat

Durability issues
So far, haven’t had any real problems.

Well my boss was good enough to swap it strait over to custom from off the floor, so I guess it's all custom, but it feels nice.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Full XT driveline (Shadow rear). Actually just pulled it apart today and put it on a 06 Norco Torrent frame, so we’ll see how that goes. Oh an new grips, stupid little thing, but damn the stock ones are bad.

Final comments
Well at the price of $950 brand new (staff price) I'm not really complaining. The wheels are very much on the heavy side, and I will be investing in some new rims soon as the single tracks keep getting dings in them, but nothing that I can really shoot down for what you pay.

n2o spark
01-04-2008, 08:50 PM
Frame Make Specialized
Frame Model and year Safire 2008 Expert
Intended use General all trail, XC, light all mountain
Actual use Xc race, All mountain, light jumping (4x), light DH
Front fork &amp; Travel Rock Shox Revelation 426 130mm ( soon modding to 140mm ^_^ )
Rear shock &amp; Travel Specialized AFR Shock w/ remote Trail Tune inertia valve, adj rebound and Brain Fade 120mm

Comment on the following...
Geometry Frame geo is good, i used to ride an 05 stumpy small, now riding the womens safire in the medium, and feels a lot better, lower center or gravity, the whole bike is very chuckable now

Suspension Travel feels a lot more than 120mm in the rear really, i was previously using a fox RP23 in my old stumpjumper, and the pro pedal was really good, the bike was great, and i never took it off propedal unless i knew the DH ahead was going to be quite rough.
The brain shock has been brilliant, it's a lot better than i expected, like propedal, it still doesn't react much from the small stuff, but over bigger stuff, it really opens up more.

Suspension design FSR, the only good suspension design :P

Braking avid juicy ultimate 7's, 6" front 5" rear, brakes a good, i do like all my brakes to be as powerful as my codes though, so it really feel the front one is lacking, however it is my XC bike and i'm not allowed to put the 8" on the front :(

Weight My bike is not standard, i'm not sure what the standard weight is, anyhow, it's 12.1 KG

Looks being bianchi green, it's quite the stand out really, it is a girls bike, but i don't mind really.

Durability issues Apparently the brain shox die pretty quickly, the brain stop's working or they just shit themselves in general, i've only had my for 2 weeks now, done a 24hr race on it and ridden its for well about 20 hours now in total, brain ( on bike ) is still working fine. for now.....

Driveline x-0 on the bars, and rear, XT in the middle, no issues

Modifications done, or would like done to improve going to see if i can mod the front forks to 140mm, just cause i'm quite sure the the pike lower air assy will fit into the revelation upper assy, and be all fine ( fit an old damaged pike lower assy into it today and there were no issues ) i might like to see another 10mm in the rear, but then i've never felt it bottom out really, even though the little 'o' ring would beg to differ

Final comments Give the brain shox a go, i'm sure there isn't really that much of an issue with them, i'll soon find out anyhow, take one for a test ride, you'll be surprised at how awesome they really are. They are quite expensive, but your paying for a better design and R&D than any other brand.

01-04-2008, 09:19 PM
[QUOTE=n2o spark;1331696]Frame Make Norco
Frame Model and year 04 Torrent
Intended use Freeride hardtail
Actual use Hucking :o
Front fork &amp; Travel 04 Marzocchi 888RC - 200mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel Aluminium... 0mm

Comment on the following...
Geometry Awesome. Just awesome. Like a DH race bike, just without the rear shock! Wish I had the larger frame though, my knees hit the fork crowns on uphills... but its not like I ever ride up hills on this beast!

Suspension Travel I'm either using none of the travel, or all of it. So bump sensitivity isn't really an issue!

Suspension design Very simple indeed...

Braking Avid Juicy 5's with 8" rotors. Average modulation, with plenty of bite! Great brake set up.

Weight Do I really have to? :rolleyes: It's about 20KG... Mag 30's with downhill tubes and 2 ply tires probably have something to do with that...

Looks Matt black, with touches of gold. (bar ends, fork dials etc.)

Durability issues Nope. Utterly bomproof.

Driveline X7 shifter and X9 mech. No problems here!

Modifications done, or would like done to improve Went from 170mm to 200mm forks, not sure if that was smart move... From Shimano Saint to SRAM, Hayes 9's to Juicy 5's... And got a beefier wheelset! Next up is some new pedals. And that's about it!

Final comments It's a hucker hardtail, what else can I say! :D

16-10-2008, 04:23 PM
Frame Make: KONA
Frame Model and year: STINKY 06
Intended use: FREERIDE/DH
Actual use: DH
Front fork &amp; 04 ROCKSHOX BOXXER WC 170MM
Rear shock &amp; 7" FOX DHX 3


Suspension Travel

Suspension design




Durability issues


Modifications done, or would like done to improve

Final comments

16-10-2008, 04:34 PM
Frame Make: Norco
Frame Model and year: 08 Wolverine
Intended use: Trail
Actual use: Every thing
Front fork &amp; Travel: Marzocchi Mz 120 comps
Rear shock &amp; Travel: pure metal

Geometry: Don't know

Suspension Travel: Well it's only 120 but i would love to Get some 55's or Lyrics on there when i get my new bike.

Suspension design: Only a little bit of Bob

Braking: Hayes MX-4 which work fairly good

Weight: don't know but it's not light

Looks: yeah the silver paint is allright

Durability issues: Fine, had it for a year and done 2 state tracks on it fine.

Driveline: shimano Alivio works fine but skips sometimes

Modifications done, or would like done to improve: New grips and pedals which are awesome and i want some new forks.

Final comments: good for newbies but thats about all.

16-10-2008, 07:46 PM
Frame Make Specialized
Frame Model and year XC "Pro" 2005
Intended use General XC Use
Actual use All sorts of XC, some mild jumping (occasional BMX track riding), lots of exploring walking trails and riding to the shops to pick up the bread and milk... :)
Front fork; Travel Manitou Splice 100mm
Rear shock; Travel Fox Float Triad 100mm
Comment on the following...

GeometryMy first dually, so no experience in comparing this to others... But, a fairly "safe" feeling. Very stable with slightly slow steering.

Suspension Travel I came off a 100mm Hardtail, so a 100mm Dually feels "normal". The fork and shock keep working well throughout the whole stroke. Deals quite comfortably me coming up short on a few table tops...

Suspension design Easy to do a few K's on the tar or flat fire trail without feeling knackered. Pedal "bob" is minimal (as the brochure says it should be) even with the shock in the open position. Haven't had to replace any bearings in the linkage yet (3.5 years old).

BrakingJust Shimano master/caliper combo and 6 inch rotors, nothing flash, but work well. Standard pad lasts years, but struggles abit with extended use (tech long steep down hill causes hot shrieking)

WeightAbit heavy, feels it in the air... But, I bought a XC not a Stumpy or something more expensive... I got what I paid for.

LooksI reckon it is horn, flat black paint job has lasted very well. Only scratches are ones I know I caused by crashing or racking... Although 09 Stumpy's look better

Durability issuesNone! In 3.5 years I have replaced the chain and cluster once. I have had the rear wheel re spoked once. I have had the forks rebuilt once. (due for suspension rebuild now.... I'm slack). One new set of shifter cables.
The thing is built brilliantly (the trade off for some of the excess weight), I can't break it! Not even the standard grips have worn through or anything. Rims are still dent free.

DrivelineJust regular Shimano Deore/Deore XT stuff with rapid fire shifters. Runs like regular Shimano stuff should.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve None. Wouldn't bother upgrading this bike - when I get the money I'll buy a new 5 inch XC or Stumpy :)

Final commentsThe best bike I have ever owned. I'm not into serious downhill type riding, so this is a great bike. I think the fat, unfit rider with the tech skills of a novice is the slow part on the trails - not the bike.
It rides to the shops like a hardtail (well, like a 14kg hardtail...) laps Manly Dam in 45 mins with an unfit Russ on board, and handles laps of Terrey Hills BMX track fine - even when I come up short... :o When I have the money I will upgrade to a newer 5 inch trail bike, but I love this thing.

16-10-2008, 08:24 PM
Frame Make - Iron Horse
Frame Model and year - Sunday Team 2008
Intended use - DH race
Actual use - DH race and freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel - Boxxer Race 203mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel - Fox DHX 3.0 Coil 8"
Comment on the following...
This bike is a great racey bike that seems to corner well and is perfect for the DH scene. Not so good for DJ... :p

Suspension Travel
Great, nice plush 8" of travels seems to soak up everything.

Suspension design
Amazing. Uses the DW link and has incredbile pedal effeciency that turns off the moment you hit those rocks. Feels great over continous bumps and is a great setup.

Fine, haven't noticed anything bad at all. When braking no travel is used at all.


Average IH Sunday Team setup - 19kg to 20kg


Durability issues

Awesome. I run an X-7 to x-9 and it runs fine, shifting nice and quick.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
None - best bike ever!

Final comments
Honestly one of the best feeling bikes I've ridden, second to a giant glory. It's pedal effecient, brake effecient and soaks up the many mistakes I make.

16-10-2008, 09:42 PM
Frame Make Giant
Frame Model and year 2003 XtC NRS-2
Intended use XC Race
Actual use XC/Trail/Shopping
Front fork; Travel Manitou Black 80-100mm FFD
Rear shock; Travel NRS-tuned Rock Shox SID XC Dual Air

GeometryEssentially, its the same as the XtC geometry. My old bike was a Yukon which was essentially the same geo so this was a natural progression.

Suspension Travel 3.75" NRS system runs no sag.

Suspension design 4 bar. For a 5 year old frame, it still kicks a little ass but it is noticeably outclassed against more active designs. Climbs awesome.

Braking Via Avid Juicy 5s. Stock, they rock Hayes HFX-9 XC. Noticable brake jack but nothing to extreme.

Weight Stock, I would have no idea as I purchased this as a frame second hand. Id say I have it to around 12kg.

Looks Red. Nuff said!

Durability issues None for me.
Id done a bit of reading into this and the main issue was ghost shifting under the suspentions compression. Initially, I ran 8 speed so the minute changes in cable tension were not a hassle, but running a full length outer, or by-passing the chain stay routes solves the issue when running 9 speed.
Known problem areas are the chain stays (rectified after 2004) and the seat tube sheering at the shock mount (extreme cases) because the lower mount is on the seat tube, rather then the down tube or BB area.

Driveline I rock full XT bar cranks which are Hollowtech LX.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve My forks and rear shock are showing their age...but ideally, Id just upgrade the whole bike. My frame has a dual air shock on it but ideally, a platform shock (ProPedal, SPV etc) would be a great benafit to an already efficient design for you can run lower air pressures and get more activity out of the rear end, whilst maintaining efficiency.

Final comments Im just a regular punter so this thing serves me just fine. Like I said, its an older design but that doesnt inhibit it from kicking butt. You climb as good as any of your buddies on hardtails with this bike for the system essentially 'locks out' under hard acceleration/climbing) whilst still maintaining an element of squish for decending comfort/traction.

17-10-2008, 12:11 AM
Frame Make: Transition.
Frame Model and Year: Blindside. Current (Transition have no model years, instead as soon as they find a way to improve their bikes they impliment it on the next run; what a company!)
Intended use: DH.
Actual use: DH.
Front fork: Rockshox Boxxer Race.
Rear Shock and Travel: Fox DHX5.0 8.1"

Comment on the following...

Spot on!
It sure loves corners.
Check the geometry on the Transition website.

Suspension Travel:
8.1" is clearly all the travel you need.

Suspension Design:
Single pivot love.
I was initially sceptical as to having the shock mounted so high, but any doubts were soon removed when I rode the bike.
The suspension ramps up well and takes the big hits with ease.
The bike pedals amazingly, I have even ridden XC on it!
The only issue is small bump sensitivity. Basically if you plow with no style, dont buy one. However if you are a relatively smooth rider, buy one. I'm 70kg and find it to be reasonable, but not up there with the likes of say, a Santa Cruz.

Brake jack is not even noticeable unless you ride like a complete kook, I would not even consider putting a floating brake on it.

I put a Dura Ace cassette on my stock bike, covered it in mud and it was in the 18's.
Definately reasonable weight wise, and it can easily be made lighter.

Hotter than Niki Gudex.

Durability issues:
If you do manage to break one, Transition will sort you out anyway.
The only issue I have had with this bike is the cable routing, make sure you spend the time to get it sorted. Other than that it is dialled out of the box!

SRAM, enough said.
The bike comes stock with a number of Transition parts that are all top quality.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
- Dura Ace cassette.
- Deity Dirty 30's.
I put on a Dura Ace cassette as I like to run road cassettes, and Dirty 30's as I like wide bars. Nothing else really needs doing, it comes so well sorted out of the box.

Final comments:
I cannot reccomend this bike highly enough, it is honestly the fastest DH bike I have ridden.
Transition are a rider run company with a great philosophy.
Revolution Products are a great bunch of guys to deal with and are very helpful.
Enough talking, www.revolutionproducts.com.au; Go buy one!

Frame Make: Ironhorse.
Frame Model and Year: Mk3 Custom Hill 4X.
Intended use: 4X and DS.
Actual use: 4X, BMX race, DJ.
Front fork: Rockshox Reba Race.
Rear Shock and Travel: 5th Element Air 100mm.

Comment on the following...


Suspension Travel:
Too much for many courses, but great for when it gets rough.
I generally run the suspension locked out.

Suspension design:
Seems to work...

Who brakes on a 4X track?
Hence Hayes 9's.

13.1kg with weight to lose.


Durability issues:
Top shock mount bolt.
Mavic hubs require mainternance every run.
Bottom bracket shell mysteriously fills with dirt...

Carbon E13 backplate with LG1 guides.
E13 Guidering 36t.
Wipperman chain.
Custom 7 speed cassette.
X9 shifter.
X0 derauiler.
E13 and SRAM = love.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve:
Weight loss!

Final comments:
Great bike, ride's exceptionally well.
The geo is ridiculously close to that of a Specialized Myka in small...

17-10-2008, 12:40 PM
First Heckler in this thread. :cool:

Frame Make Santa Cruz
Frame Model and year ’04 Heckler
Intended use All Mountain/All rounder
Actual use As above
Front fork; Travel Rock Shox Revelation 426 Dual Air; 130mm
Rear shock; Travel DT Swiss SSD 210; 5-6”

Geometry Perfect geometry for all-round use. Is slack enough for light DH/FR but can also handle all day rides on the trails

Suspension Travel 5.5” of rear travel

Suspension design Single pivot goodness – nice and simple...just like me.

Braking Avid Juicy 5s...serving well so far. Could probably go some bigger rotors (up from 6”) as the brakes tend to fade a bit after a few DH type runs.

Weight 13KG – 14KG

Looks Always bet on black

Durability issues None at all. The frame has been rebuilt with new bearings, sleeves, pivot & shock bolts and associated hardware from a Santa Cruz Heckler Pro-Pack. At this stage the frame will outlast me.

Driveline All Shimano - Front Deraillier: LX, Rear Deraillier: XT, Cranks/BB/Rings: XT, Shifters: Deore. Also have an e.13 DRS ready to go on as I don’t use the big ring and often drop the chain.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve I want to upgrade the read shock to a DHX5 Coil for better rebound, durability and extra beef, the shifters to XT, stem for a better fit for me (current one raises to high), seat post because the one I have is silver and I want a black one, and possibly the wheelset at some stage to replace the WTB Speed discs. Might upgrade the forks to Lyrics in the future too.

Final comments Perfect for my needs at this stage. After a long absence from the scene, it’s a great do it all bike to have fun with. It’s chuckable, comfortable, climbs well and always leaves me with a grin on my face. Allthough current spec is mostly OK for me, I can see myself upgrading parts, as per the above, in the future as my skills improve.

17-10-2008, 11:43 PM
Frame Model and year ENDURO 2008
Intended use ALL MOUNTAIN
Front fork &amp; Travel 150MM
Rear shock &amp; Travel 150MM
Comment on the following... SWEET

Suspension Travel - 150MM

Braking - JUICY 5 , NOW ELIXIR

Weight - 14.6KG WITH EXTRAS


Durability issues - NONE

Modifications done, or would like done to improve



18-10-2008, 08:30 AM
Frame Make - Rocky mountain
Frame Model and year - Flow
Intended use - freeride
Actual use - 4X, trails and DJ's.
Front fork &amp; Travel - Reba dual air, 80mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel - nil
Comment on the following...
Sweet, stays are fairly shortish and the head angle is pretty steep (because it's designed for more than 80mm) which gives it really responsive and quick steering. BB sits really low which helps it rail. Only thing is it being a freeride hardtail the frame is pretty burly, so maybe not the best 4X hardtial... Even still 11kg isn't bad.

2008 Shimano XT's servo wave, best brakes I've ever used, amazing power when you need it but still have great modulation and feel.


Looking at the changes I've recently done I'd say almost 11kg flat (It was about 11.5kg w/ Deore brakes and F100's). Frame is an average weight for a hardtail, nothing weight weenie.


Durability issues
They cracked under the headtubes :eek: but mine is running a massive Gusset so I won't be worrying about that.

XTR shifter to Ultegra on roadie (Dura ace?) cassette w/ Dura ace chain, E13 LG1 and aerozine cranks.

Modifications done, or would like done to improve
Different cranks, the current Aerozines are a little flexy, but light.
Bike was built entirely from scratch, so the only one with its spec.

Final comments
Best fun bike I've had on a bike, my first real hardtail and it pins. Probably won't touch my DH bike ever again... This can do DH too!

18-10-2008, 08:54 AM
Frame Make Giant
Frame Model and year 2006 Faith 2
Intended use Freeride
Actual use Dh and some freeride
Front fork &amp; Travel 2008 BoXXer Race 203mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel Fox Dhx 3 203mm
Once you flip the linkage the bike geo slackens and it handle like a dream.
Suspension Travel
It feels good to me plenty of travle and very plush.
Suspension design
Feels perfect to me, and it looks the go.
2007 Juicy 5s
Fark its heavy
The frame is so sexy i just love the chuncky look, the bike looks strong.
Durability issues
Tough as nail.
Seems aok.:)
Modifications done, or would like done to improve
New: bars, brakes, forks, tyres, tubes, grips, boxguide
Improve: DM stem and get the bike lighter
Final comments
Value for money, but there no longer for sale but i would reacomend buying a second hand one cheap.:)

18-10-2008, 10:47 AM
Frame Make GT
Frame Model and year Avalanche 3.0 (disc) 2007
Intended use XC/Trail
Actual use Trail/street/DJ
Front fork &amp; Travel Suntour XCR (no lockout)- 100mm
Rear shock &amp; Travel N/A
Comment on the following...
Geometry Good for trail but not too aggresive it can't be hopped. It can be hopped well, short overall length (smalll frame) makes it quiet vesatile.
Suspension Travel 100mm, feels closer to 90-95mm, if your heavy its shit, to much flex, springs are to soft.
Suspension design N/A
Braking Tektro IO, better that a good v brake, doesn't howl, disc (stock) are like butter and easy to bend, new ones fix this problem.
Weight ~13.5kg
Looks Great for a cheap trail bike.
Durability issues Wheels are shit for street/hucking, trail use they are fine. Crank arm bend easy (could be because I'm a hack?)
Driveline Low end Shimano, but does the job intented quite well.
Modifications done, or would like done to improve New wheelset, better drive train, better forks. (whellset has already been done.)
Final comments Great look bike for the price, good geo, proven frame design, great starters bike, suprisingly tough.

18-10-2008, 05:07 PM
2005 Avanti Aggressor
Frame Make - Avanti.
Frame Model and year - 2005 Aggressor.
Intended use - XC Race/Trail.
Actual use - XC/Trail.
Front fork; Travel - 2005 Fox Racing Shox Vanilla RL.
Suspension Travel - 100mm, Nice & Plush.
Geometry - Perfect for what it's designed for, XC/Trail use.
Braking - Dual Control Deore LX Hydros, nice modulation & quiet too.
Weight - 12.5kg.
Looks - Oh so sexy...
Durability issues - None so far, I picked it up second hand & everything still runs flawlessly. Probably due for a routine service at the end of the year.
Drivetrain - Complete LX, with the exception of an XT Rear derailleur. LX Hollowtech II cranks. LX Dual Control shifters - smooth shifting, and I quite like the dual control system.
Modifications done, or would like done to improve - None so far, really struggling to find something that I need to upgrade.....maybe a fresh coat of paint in the near future.
Final comments - The perfect hardtail for my use. Light enough to ride for hours on end & nail those hill climbs, but solid enough to be able to bomb down the other side. Very nimble & easily controlled through the technical stuff too. One very happy Avanti owner.