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Product Review Joystick 8 Bit LT handlebars and Joystick Binary stem

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Touch wood, I’ve never broken a handlebar just riding along. I’ve discovered cracks in my bars before a ride but thankfully not during. I’ve not really seen many failures so it’s reassuring to know the mainstream brands we have available are pretty reliable. If Loic Bruni can downhill the world and not have a busted handlebar by the end of the day then it’s good enough for us right? May I introduce the saucy Joystick 8 Bit LT alloy bars and Joystick Binary stem available from our pals at Mountain Bikes Direct.

Item: Joystick 8 Bit LT alloy handlebars and Joystick Binary stem
Purchased From: Mountain Bikes Direct (bars here and stem here)
Purchase Price: $97.95 for the handlebars, $149.95 for the stem

I’m fussy with handlebars and stem height. I typically go for black bars...
Product Review Pedaling Innovations Catalyst flat pedal
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One of the big talking points when you pull your bike off the car is what pedals you’re running. You either ride clips or flats and heckle your mates that use whatever you don’t but it gets complicated in the shuttle when you start talking about different sorts of clips or different sorts of flat pedals. While clips offer a few variations, you’d think flat pedals don’t vary too much do they? Well, this cool creation from Pedaling Innovations gives you a very distinct way to change what you know about flat pedals and can be sourced directly from Mountain Bikes Direct.

Product Review Shingleback Off Road five bike rack

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Welcome to the next review! Travelling around the world riding bikes has allowed me to gauge some fairly extensive intel on how people transport bikes. We’re very lucky in Australia to have locally engineered and manufactured bike racks that suit the places we take our bikes and I can safely say that we’ve got some of the best racks in the world. I’ve recently purchased the five bike rack from Shingleback Off Road, read on for the in depth review.

Item: Shingleback Off Road five bike rack
Purchased From: Shingleback Off Road ( )
Purchase Price (approx): Five bike rack is $1,100 including GST. 3,4,5 and 6 bike rack is available starting at $990.
Usage: Transporting any kind of mountain bike

Product outline: The Shingleback Off Road five bike rack is a towbar mounted rack that holds your bikes upright behind your vehicle. It removes the need for a...

Product Review Trek Slash 9.9 RSL Review

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Member Zaf has posted his review of the Slash.

So I received delivery of a Trek Slash in July last year in anticipation for my journey to New Zealand in November, and been putting it through its paces for a little while now. It's currently out of action because of snapped main pivot bolt awaiting spare parts before it's back up and running. A few of the parts have yet to be ridden, awaiting that final change, mainly the new suspension package and the dropper.