Product Review 2018 Marin B 17 3 27.5+ dual suspension

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Have you seen Bicycles Online’s newest addition to their online store? We’re very excited to bring you a review the Marin B 17 3 27.5+ dual suspension!

Item: 2018 Marin B 17 3 27.5+ dual suspension (see it here)
From: Bicycles Online
Purchase Price (approx):
$3,499 (was$4,799) with free freight included in the Australian metro areas

Product outline: The first thing I love about this bike is the finish. Everyone has wanted a raw alloy frame with minimal decals and branding and this thing kicks that goal, it looks fantastic with a gloss clear coat over the brushed alloy. Its intension is to satisfy you as a trail rider that can tackle basically any ride where you’ll where you’ll comfortably enjoy the up’s and holler on the downs...

Product Review SR Suntour Durolux R2C2

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Product Review Afton Keegan flat pedal shoes & Joystick Emulator flat pedals

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Welcome to the next exciting review on products provided to us by our friends at Mountain Bikes Direct. We've teamed up with one of Australia's best online mountain bike stores to bring you in depth reviews on the latest and most intriguing parts and accessories you can purchase for your bike.

The values shared by the staff at Rotorburn and Mountain Bikes Direct are the same; we have a huge passion for mountain biking! It's our pleasure to be in a great position to test, review and share our in depth details on some great products available from Mountain Bikes Direct.

In this review, we thought it was worthwhile to test some sweet new shoes and pair it with some rad flat pedals. I've also chucked a video review in after some great feedback from the Rotorburn members.

Item: Afton Keegan flat pedal shoe
Purchased From: Mountain Bikes Direct (Click...
Catch up with Jack Moir days before he defends his Australian National Championship
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Garth Dozer Roberts from Coffs Downhill had a chat with Jack Moir a few days before he defends his Australian National Championship at Bright in Victoria.

G’day Jack, 2018 is looking like a pretty sweet year for you in the racing world, what events have you got planned?
Hey mate, at the moment I have a pretty packed schedule: Full world cup series, Full Crankworx series, a few Aussie nationals and a few EWS events if they are conveniently placed in with the DH schedule.

You’ve spent some time racing a couple of the Australian Downhill National series rounds in the Australian summer and won the first two events, that’s gotta be a great credit to your hard work in the off season?
Yeah the first 2 rounds were some of my favourite tracks in Australia (Coffs Harbour and Awaba), so it...

WA Welcome to 2018 WA Gravity Enduro

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A short breakdown on the upcoming Enduro locations in 2018 for the Chain Reaction Cycles WA Gravity Enduro Series!

Product Review Polygon Siskiu T8

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Well isn’t this exciting! Rotorburn is very proud to offer a top notch review platform and can now add the first full bike review to the list. A long time sponsor and friends of the site; Bicycles Online have gotten in touch and offered us a chance to test and review some of their range. The first in this series of reviews is the Polygon SisKiu T8 dual suspension 29er.

Bicycles Online is an Australian owned online store that offers mountain bikes, roadies, parts, bike accessories and gear you can wear. Being an online store, they offer an experience that is specially designed to ensure you get the best knowledge on the products you’re sourcing. The fun part of this review is I get to partake and demonstrate to you what the experience involves by sourcing a bike online, having it show up in a box, assembling it and hitting the trails!
Did I pay for the bike you ask? No, I didn’t. This is a review to give you a gauge on how the process...