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    Prototype Yeti DH bike

    Jared Graves just posted photos of this looks pretty awesome to me
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    VIC Sold

    Sent you a pm!
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    Anyone going to the Melbourne Nitro Circus ?

    if anyone wants 2 tickets to the melbourne show for 10 bucks under the retail price pm me.
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    Nwd 10

    IT IS EPIC. darren berrecloth's segment takes the cake for me. was hoping for it to be just a little longer. excellent way to round off the series
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    VIC sold

    brakes now sold
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    Year 12 2010!

    Vic. doing:math methods physics revolutions english visual comunications and design cant wait for school to end! about time
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    661 Filter SPD Shoes or the 5/10

    ive had my 5 10 s for about 2 years now, only the colour has faded a little and i had to get new laces, which is expected for any shoe. great riding shoes. highly recomended
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    VIC sold

    bump up. more offer pls
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    VIC sold

    price drop: now $325 including postage
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    VIC sold

    bump up.....
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    VIC sold

    bump to top
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    Sold sold sold sold

    picks for me too thanks
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    VIC sold

    come on send me some offers. im open to other trades and offers. send some my way!
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    VIC sold

    going for 350 now, last price drop!