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    The election thread - Two middle-late aged white men trying to be blokey and convincing..., same old shit, FFS.

    Here's some more context just to make you angrier: On Wednesday Brown told the inquiry that another candidate – businesswoman and former public servant Jenny West – was offered the role in August, but that the offer was rescinded after she received instructions to make the trade commissioner...
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    Little Things You Love

    Speaking of, got tickets to the Bledisloe in Melbourne in September. I'm sure it'll be really close and Straya will hold the All Blacks to account nervous twitch
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    Little Things You Love

    Nah he got disowned after he threw a phone at someone. Kiwi status reinstated.
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    Little Things You Hate

    I ran into him a couple of times on PWT when he was riding his Kalimoxto Bronson. Really nice bloke. Would've bought a set of his BC Tamar wheels on the spot at the time if I had the coin. A Synthesis wheelset seemed the next best thing - I run them without inserts through some pretty angry...
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    Little Things You Hate

    In my experience Synthesis rims have been sensational. Would recommend.
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    VIC 2021 transition sentinel carbon gx

    Seriously that is one of the best looking bikes I've ever seen. Love it.
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    Sold Galfer 203mm 6 bolt 2mm thick rotors x 2

    Bugger. Definitely sold?
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    The Stanton slow build

    Can confirm silver Burgtec stuff (stem, pedals) look epic.
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    What are you listening to NOW?

    Noice, Reign of Suffering was a good time.
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    Theoretical pipedream stuffabout hoon bike

    Get a Paradox? What's your budget?
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    Warburton trail updates

    Again, that's just appropriate brand synergy for MTB though.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    So keen to go out for a ride yesterday I decided weather forecasts only apply to other people. Started raining 15 minutes into ride "naaah it'll be fine....." Ended up having to find some shelter to escape a monsoon, got soaked, hands and feet got frozen and ultimately took the hint it was...
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    Warburton trail updates

    Yeah the publican is onside. That's the kind of brand synergy MTB can be proud of. What's with old mate dreds whining about how it's going to kill them all in a bushfire? Aren't Parks all closed in days of extreme fire conditions?
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    This is cool, feels like a "we built this cus we wanted to" rather than a new model designed to fulfill any perceived gaps in their range. Pity they don't do longer sizes for it though.
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    Can America be fixed?

    Amy Coney Barrett is an appallingly underqualified hack who was given the role because she'd do whatever the f*** she was told. Hence the jubilation from conservatives when she got the gig. Absolute pos Clarence Thomas (the same bloke who not only failed to recuse himself from the January 6...