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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    When you say slipping, do you mean it's jumping in and out of gear? Or slipping as in a clutch problem? Motorbike box's and car box's are completely different box's. If it turns out it is gearbox drama's, you'll need to split the crank cases which involves pretty much tearing the majority of...
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    post up your bmx (s)

    anyone wanna trade stems with me? mines a superstar elect in polished alloy, bottom load stem.
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    post up your bmx (s)

    Hi, I'm currently upgrading from my Specialised Fuse 3 frame (the colourful one!) to a lighter frame. My budget is around $150. I already have the mid bottom bracket and integrated headset, so that isn't a problem. Anyone have anything to sell me in Melbourne before this Friday as I'm keen...