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    Avid Brake Hose Angle Adaptor

    Interested in this. I'm in process of designing/3-D printing a 'hood' to convert MTB discs to road /CX/ style levers for hydraulic S/S rig. Saw something similar in a video a while back (from 2.20). Martyn Ashton C59 set up
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    MotoGP 2019

    I have that very image of Eddie as a screen saver at work. Who's going to PI ?
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    Creaking seatpost advice - options

    Grab some brass shimming sheet. Would be better than cokecan.
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    MotoGP 2019

    Base 10 birthday coming up for me. Missus asked what i was thinking i would like to do. I said i would like to go to IOM and a continental GP. She replied "that's good but what is there for me to do?" I replied "oh, you want to come too?"
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    Tubeless Rim Tape Advice

    Did a set last night after i pulled about 20 big thorns out of a set of panarancer tyres on the commuter. Been putting Stans inside tubes for a while as LBS wanted 50 bucks for long Tubeless valves ...11 dollars online. Bear brand blue tape cut to right width. Quick wipe with meths. I use an...
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    Private school v public schools, where’d you go, where you send your youngsters?

    I'm a teacher. I returned to uni' after 30 years on the tools and in self employment. Just started my first permanent position out of Uni at a Catholic owned school that specialises in tech studies and does not push religion or ideologies on the kids, just manners and community spirit. I've...
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    ACT Dt 470 rims

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    Shimano BB bearings

    Where are you? I bought a box of bearings from CBC ( cheaper than individually if > 2 are needed). I made a drift from alloy stock and used a large socket to press out old ones. Then reverse process to refit. If you don't have (access to) workshop facilities with a press you would be better...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Broke a carbon crank on CX commuter and didn't rag. extra ration of beer tonight! GT
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    The Tool Thread

    ^^ laser cutter FTW Know any high school teachers? ( still loads of work to draw/scan the tools in CAD though). I did one in a violin case a few yonks ago for chef's knives. Also one in a commmodore 64 case I turned into a hinged knifecase...
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    Gravey more than just tomato sauce as special ingredient, Rude a bit rich with his explanation.

    I took some a few years back - genuine TDF grade pharma. 6 weeks of intramuscular thigh injections every few days for myself and a mate. We killed it on the bike for ages ( like a year or so) but as 'training' faltered for a bit (a flu or some shit /extra hours at work meant a few weeks off)...
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    The Fixie Thread

    You running the standard brazed flat crown fork? Brakeless? Says on website 38's (as above) maximum with caliper brake.
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    I'm in Unley about 3 km from CBD and 5 -6 km from Hindmarsh. Unley or Goodwood would be my pick. Not 'close' to beach though @ 9 kms... I used to fast fixie commute to beachside Glenelg in < 20 minutes...flat as fuck. I ride up Cross road or Greenhill to access the hills, the start of...
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    Little Things You Love

    Found my mower on a hard rubbish pile and towed it home about 2 km with my spare tube whilst commuting. An old 1960's mulching Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke. Starts first time, oil changed occasionally, been mowing my 1/4 acre for 8 years now. Then there's this...
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    What are you listening to NOW?

    Writing job applications sux.