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    Looking at a new Road bike

    Carbon clinchers are a fucked idea!...:doh::doh::doh: Carbon Tubs on the other hand :amen:
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    NSW Bago Bluff MTB Marathon - 6th Nov 2016

    The Bago Bluff MTB Marathon is on November 6th, it seems to be one of the less publicized events getting around! Is anyone from the board going or has anyone done it in the past? :noidea: Details: I am considering making the trip down for the...
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    New Yeti ASR Carbon Dream Bike! *Derby video post 53*

    Schweeet! :dance::dance::dance: How do you find the new Crests?
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    New Yeti ASR Carbon Dream Bike! *Derby video post 53*

    +1!... hurry up with the pics ya chunt!:heh:
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    XC Cul's Carbon Rocky with Power!!!...

    I saw those, ideally I would run a 34t or 34t oval ring - but the 36t with 11-40 on the back is a good compromise IMO. Worst case I have a Sunrace 11-42 sitting in a box should I be keen on some serious climbing. :noidea::noidea::noidea: For those interested the SRM issue ended up being a...
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    XC Cul's Carbon Rocky with Power!!!...

    I don’t mind them, they could be better though – I have had trouble with spokes loosening on the Rear NDS, but otherwise they have been fairly solid. I probably liken them to an old Olympic / DT Swiss wheelset I had custom built back in the day… In an ideal world I get a custom build with carbon...
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    Rainy day boys bonza build.

    Sweet ride Moorey! I can't wait to be building bikes with my little one :dance:
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    Post your 29er!

    Taken at "the Hill" MTB Park Poita?..
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    Post your 29er!

    Taken at "the Hill" MTB Park?..
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    Post your 29er!

    My Rocky Mountain Vertex!.. :dance:
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    XC Cul's Carbon Rocky with Power!!!...

    As some will know I have long been a fan of light(er) bikes, also long been addicted to bike porn having had some fairly impressive steeds in the past!... This one is no different; after finding two cracks in my old Ti Frame (head tube, and BB), I opted to grab a complete bike I found online...
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    1 x 10 question

    I’ve been running 1x10 for a few months now, with a Garbaruk N/W ring but without a clutched rear derailleur (M981) or chain guide and have never dropped a chain. Riding style is generally fast XC / trail, I tend to bomb down rock gardens, drops etc…
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    Post your 29er!

    I has a fork for you!!! SID XX - no remote lockout though but if I am to be honest I found remote lockout vs crown mount neither here nor there! :noidea: Going to have to post a pick of my RM Vertex sometime soon! :dance:
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    [SOLD] Formula RX Brakeset (F&R)