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    Rockshox Reverb Issues

    Edit - sag returns often but works for awhile on mine anyway
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    Rockshox Reverb Issues

    Cheers for this this , did it today and it worked well on mine - no more sag . thanks
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    Bargain buys thread

    Not sure if posted prior but just pulled the trigger on the nuke proof horizon wheelset from Wiggle for $365 posted with the $20 off , pretty stoked with that price . Had the page saved to my phone for awhile and it pocket opened it today and saw the sale price sweeeet...
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    The youtube and google video thread (MTB and non-MTB vids)

    Whoa , that tree run is cray cray
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Yeh I’m pretty good to my gear - don’t do massive drops or weigh that much but landed bad and put a nice inward dent and popped my tyre last outing so something that can handle a bit of punishment from my slack riding style would be better in the long run ... I was looking at a few of Stan’s...
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    Sold Michelin Wild AM Tyre Brand New

    Cool , toasted my force last ride - pm sent
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Damn I have been eyeing these of for awhile , most reviews I've read have been good - I just put a big ding in my stocko giant rim and was getting closer to pulling the trigger , I'm only a lightweight but still not so sure now , maybe I should uppercut and keep saving - cheers for the heads up
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    tires what a good combination

    Im mc lovin the Michelin wild am front and force am rear combo in 2.35 , great on my local trails - usually dry , rocky , loose over hard ...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Had a good ride ... even after a shite day , soon as I start rollin down from the car park to the trail head everything’s just better ....
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    Get a Grip

    Ah ok , I’ve checked em out on eBay , I’ll give em a go next .... the ones you mentioned look pretty good , a couple of the other models are so ugly I’d rather get pins and needles
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    Get a Grip

    Yeh I like the esi chunkys to , there’s also extra chunky which might be more comfy ... not tried the ergons though to compare against
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Sorted rear mech cage , new pads in and hit the trails with the new Michelin force (r) and wild am (f) both 2.35 , bloody impressive cornering grip , for me they out perform the minion and ardent combo they replaced - can't say a bad thing about em really , ill be interested to see how they wear...
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    VIC sold

    PMD re the rear mech
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Got the twinty guide on , haven’t trail rode it yet but seems quiet , should get the chain noise down abit , I like the added bash plate , that’ll come in handy . Hopefully the box of Michelins and brake pads wil be here soon
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    Little Things You Hate

    Leave him a ' Do not use ' note on each side urinal... In red pen and CAPITALS Go next level on that chunt