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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Went for a ride in Mario land, met some locals. Nice to have hero dirt back at the local.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Got out to Harcourt expecting hero dirt. It was for the most part. Crazy how much water is around at the moment! Springs coming out across the trails everywhere. #makeshiftbikestand times two @beeb haha
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    Canyon Spectral - creaking headset

    Looks great. On another note. Black framed mullet?
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    Are you in your retirement Job?

    You started riding mountain bikes?
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    Red Bull Hardline

    Looks like that wheel imploded before even reaching full travel.
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    Red Bull Hardline

    Don't worry, Goldstone will just gap the whole thing next year!⁷
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    How to How to GoPro.... Bible

    Interested to see the new competition popping up. After a little off, looks like I'll be in the market again soon lol. Have been pretty happy with the 8 though.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Think we crossed paths again @The Reverend Was up at the trailhead about to head further up to rock salt and a nice Fuel shot past and up the hill. Mate who rides a Slash spotted it and pointed it out. Anyway, also had a fun ride out at Redhill, but did myself some mischief on the damp sniper...
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    First bike in 12 years

    Welcome back to good health and bikes! Great decision on the bike, should be a very capable machine with its choice upgrades.
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    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    Yep I did it last year for my trail riding. Still using clips for xc, and rail trail rides. Did take a little while to get used to. Particularly keeping the foot in a comfortable position without constantly adjusting and didn't feel as secure in crazy chunk at mach chicken. And just need to be...
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    returning after 12 years.. not sure what to get.

    You hambo'd and found a Hambo :D
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    The pet thread, post em up!

    We did ours through Orivet, which have a base out of Melbourne. Took about 6 weeks turnaround.
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    Melbourne - Day Trip Rides

    Yeah, can reach bright in 3.5, Buller in 2.5. Lucky I'm close to Melba hway so pretty straight forward out that way.
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    Melbourne - Day Trip Rides

    Sometimes I wish I was a little closer to spots like the youies or Harcourt. But being where I am in the outer east does give a good variety of options. 15min to Silvan 20min to Hans loop / Yarra trails 25min to either Lysterfield or Smith's Gully 30min to Warburton / Hey Hey My My 45min to...
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    Forgive me, I have sinned...

    I must admit I can see why these are so popular at places like Red Hill and Silvan. Enjoy it mate.