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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    There's a big fine in NSW if your plate or lights are obscured. You need to buy the RMS replacement plate and can't make your own. Replacement plate must be lit at night...trailer board is the easiest way to go, I just ocky strap it on.
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    Bargain buys thread

    I always thought my soft case was fine, till virgin bent my crank spider through it...
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    Product Review Nukeproof All Weather apparel

    New kit may help you get 'where' you're riding, but on the way you 'wear' it.
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    Long live nine speed

    And with new stuff coming out...
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    Tyre size differences front vs rear

    huh - my road bike runs 25 on the front and 23 on the rear
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    FOUND Hollowtech II Crank 175mm

    Thanks all @nzhumpy came through and I'm sorted. Just need to fit 'em now.
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    VIC WTB: 32 hole 20mm front hub or wheel

    Pardon my ignorance (and to help me check the parts box) - is 20mm the flange depth??
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    FOUND Hollowtech II Crank 175mm

    This one has some pretty dodgy match ups - see brakes...but my bent spider is on chrome cranks, and I think the black crank would look pretty whack on the Titus El really keen on nzhumpy's...
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    FOUND Hollowtech II Crank 175mm

    Sorry cank bros, out riding my bike
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    FOUND Hollowtech II Crank 175mm

    Wanted - any hollowtech II crankset or just drive side crank arm and spider - 104 and 64 bcd Jetstar bent my spider :( sydney Under $100 Come on - gotta be somthing in that parts box!
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    All Mountain Tyres

    I'm liking the maxxis ignitor 2.35 on the back of my el guapo
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    All mountain - Enduro frame

    older tracer I have an old tracer - they were cross country - 4 inches either end. i still ride it
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    Brake delemma.

    Naaa, they were probably bled properly. that model is known for a manufacturing fault - holes in the bladder need to get the full service kit, or swap them for xt's like I did...
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    NSW WTB Avid Elixir CR Mag lever or similar lever body

    Hi, I've got a Avid Elixir R Disc Brake - X7 Storm Grey 2011 - I'll sell ya....despite a few bleeds, back to CRC, I could never get it working. apparently that model has a problem with a hole in the bladder or somthing...needs a kit through it...any good to you?
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    Flying with bike to france

    Went with Emirates, they were fine, no extra change either way. Took a big foot soft bag - I heard soft bags get treated a little better than hard cases. Don't lock it, they just cut my zips to inspect....