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    The youtube and google video thread (MTB and non-MTB vids)

    Good riding and great drone flying. The drone pov does away with the Go Pro effect.
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I think I will just leave this here.
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    NSW Luftkappe for A1 Pike FOUND

    Perfect. I will pm you.
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    NSW Luftkappe for A1 Pike FOUND

    Thanks, unfortunatley no 27.5/160mm. I have tried them before on a Lyrik and it was good but I have heard the Luftkappe are even better so I would like to try it out.
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    NSW Luftkappe for A1 Pike FOUND

    Item: Luftkappe for 2016 A1 Pike Location: NSW South Coast Price range/Willing to Pay: <$90 Extra Info: MTB Direct don't have any at the moment. I am looking to upgrade my fork but don't want to spend lots because it's an old Pike.
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    What's everyone doing with their wallet, phone and keys on a ride?

    Digital drivers licence is handy too. One less thing to bring. I usually ride from home so back door unlocked, phone in the pocket or on one of those armband straps on the top tube, One up tool in the steerer tube and a bottle in the triangle. How long are you all riding if you need extra...
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    Cabin Fever Boredom Beaters

    Finally finished off a long running project. Recycled blackbutt body with a blackbutt top. Maple neck. Not too happy about the finish but stoked with how it plays and sounds.
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I moved 10 hours out of Sydney in my early twenties. It was a great decision for me and the missus. We did find a bit of local resentment though as the true locals felt invaded by us city types who were pushing up house prices and driving their kids to move even further away. In some places...
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I hope so because many companies will be looking to automate more jobs.
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    MTB on Sth Coast NSW (Ulladulla region)

    I am in Jervis Bay and there is not much except for fire trails here. Some of them are badly maintained enough to be interesting. I ride the SCUM trails near Nowra sometimes but they are not very challenging if that's what you are after. There is also the funnel Web out the back of Wandandian. I...
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    Fire Warnings

    Leaving could be a good idea. Last week I thought I was prepared but when the southerly arrived it was of little comfort. Days of prep and a garden hose wouldn't have done much if here were embers coming at me at 70kph. I sent the kids away and had an escape plan but still pretty scary.
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    Fire Warnings

    I don't know if it has been mentioned here but the scanner radio app is very helpful when the fires are near. Being able to hear the firies in real time lets you know exactly what is going on. Local Facebook page was good but a lot of misinformation and political arguments to wade through.
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    NSW FOUND WTB XT M8000 rear mech sgs (long cage)

    Problem solved. I took the wolf cage off and put the shimano plate one back on. Now even if I try to derail the chain it just skips back onto the wheel. Goatlink next time.
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    Fire Warnings

    We had that sooty rain near Jervis Bay yesterday, smelt awful, had too get the kids in out of it. It was dark as night night at 4pm.