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    Thredbo Interschools 2014

    Hi all, my name is Damon. I have photos of just about everyone from Thredbo interschools 2014. If you email me your race plate number and a quick description of your kit, I can send a watermarked copy of the photos that i have of you, to you. For an original digital copy of the photo I will...
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    NSW 2011 Trek Fuel Ex 8 15.5" (Small) [SOLD]

    hey mate, im interested in your bike. can you contact me on 0401236340. thanks
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    Sold sold sold sold
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    SA SOLD please delete

    swap hey im really interested in your bike. what do you think about a swap? my number is 0401236340 if you can please get back to me on that or email me at thanks
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    2013 - National DH - Round 2 - Thredbo MTBA

    here is a link to my photos. link me to any other photos if anyone has some. thanks
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    New? Feel free to say g'day here.

    hey my name is damon. i love to dh whenever possible. i have a norco team dh 2011. i love dirt jumping and street riding on my bmx