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    Smashpot or Marzocchi coil conversion

    Yeah dunno? The weight weenie in me was reluctant to add another 1/2 a kilo, but maybe I’m missing out?
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    Smashpot or Marzocchi coil conversion

    Just went through the same with the Marz air - I ended up swapping it out for a Lyrik Ultimte, when combined with the sale of the Marz, left me out of pocket about the same as the Smashpot would have cost....
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    Sold Marzocchi Bomber Z1. 160mm

    ITEM: Marzocchi Bomber Z1 (2021) 160mm travel 29er/27.5+ Boost, 51mm offset 190mm steerer length LOCATION: Canberra. Postage included in price if you are interstate. OTHER: As new. Is off a new bike, has done around 40km whilst I waited for new fork to arrive. PRICE: SOLD Sent from my...
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    ACT DT Swiss HG freehub body

    As a matter of fact….. PM sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ACT DT Swiss HG freehub body

    Item: DT Swiss HG driver wanted (ratchet style) Location: Canberra. Happy to pay post Item Condition: ok Price and price conditions: You tell me
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    ACT SOLD SRAM Guide RSC brakes

    Item: SRAM Guide RSC brakes. Front and back. Location: Canberra. Item Condition: Good, working perfectly. Levers Upgraded to alloy pistons, so no issues when they get hot. A few scratches here and there, some anodizing wear one one lever. Pads about 50%. Reason for selling: Upgraded to Codes...
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    ACT SOLD - 2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC. Large.

    Item 2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT. CC carbon frame. Size Large. Location: Canberra. Happy to box & arrange courier if interstate. Item condition: Overall very good. Frame has a few normal scratches & rubs from use - no cracks or big dings!. Reason for sale: Spare frame built up for my wife...
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    Ripmo AF

    Great build, if I can suggest 2 things: the cables rattle like a mofo in these, chuck some cable ties/foam on now whilst you can; add a rock guard over the rear linkage, they love to eat rocks,
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    Ripmo AF

    My youngest is growing like a weed, and his bike was looking comically small for him. So of course the only logical option was that I get to do an N+1 upgrade...hence enter a 2020 Ibis Rimpo AF frame for Dad!! (don't feel too sorry for him, the little bugger still did very well out of this...
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    Petro - well worth fashioning a guard for the upper linkage at the rear. They like to chew rocks! (mine's a simple piece of tube & a couple of cable ties)
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    SRAM Guide rebuild

    2 x sets of RSC's here have been running the $12 alloy pistons without an issue since (over a few years) - def worth the time to replace the shitty plastic ones.
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    ACT Shimano freehub body - Hope Pro 4

    Item: Looking for a Shimano freehub for a Hope Pro 4 hub (11sp Shimano, not microspline). Price: You tell me. Location: Canberra, happy to pay for post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Arrghhh, the Stromlo massive are ganging up on me! ( [emoji12] ). I’m not saying the price is reasonable, but I thought general forum etiquette was not to rag on For Sale posts, regardless of how optimistic they are. Clearly I’m wrong. I’ll crawl back into my hole now. Sent from my iPhone...
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    NSW [SOLD] Santa Cruz Bronson C - Large

    and? Let the bloke sell his bike FFS!