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    All Mountain Tyres

    Kept the HD on the front and for the rear went with a tyre I probably wouldn't have considered.....Bonty SE3...out at Majura last Saturday and Sunday - mostly damp - and super impressed - you could feel it biting in on the berms...nice!
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    All Mountain Tyres

    hans dampf / racing ralph Been using a HD front and Racing Ralph rear for almost 3 months at Stromlo/Majura/Kowen - HD is great and grip level on the RR was suprisingly good...ignored the warning signs on the RR with little sealant leaks and finally put too big a hole in it last Sunday at...
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    Ankle support. Does anybody use it and what?

    After physio gave the ok to get back on the bike after broken ankle I used the 661 brace - no dramas with pedalling and seemed to work, certainly gave me a bit of confidence back...if u want I'll have a look for it and see what size it is......
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    AM Helmet

    Had a Flux for around 3+ years (replaced the pad kit twice) and great helmet. Just bought an A1 and don't know if it's me being unfit (best part of 4 months off with knee problems) but darn it feels hot wearing it. Will definetely be checking this factor out over winter and if it's still hot...
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    elbow/knee protection

    Just to throw in some more brands.....used Kali elbow protectors for ages (am not wearing them now as injuries are healed and I've gone back to my complacent self) presently wearing Fox Launch knee pads - these are great - forget they're on, but you'll need to try before you buy as are a bit...
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    which bike to take to rotarua?

    bwediful! warm enough for T-shirts during the day but cool at night (hoody) take a rainjacket for stuffing into the camelbak just in case. The only wet waether we had was in Queenstown (was sleeting at top of Coronet Peak) but Rotorua weather was perfect (we were there late November)
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    which bike to take to rotarua?

    Was there November last year with my son (instead of schoolies!) I had my SC Superlight and he had his ASR5...just magic. Both bikes went well and did everything. Then spent a couple of days in Queenstown - different but just as good (Coronet Peak!) As previous post said NZ is just fantastic and...
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    Rear tyre recommendation

    Has Dampf on the front - had a crossmark UST on the back for quite a while - needed a quick replacement and had a (tubeless) rocket ron spare - works great!
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    Stromlo conditions

    mate - very cool - just watched that 3 times - I can only roll over pork barrel! love the music and going to itunes now to get some more glitch mob, thanks!
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    You know you're getting old when ...

    Trivia night last night at my younger son's high school....I was the only one on our table that knew the answer to....Peter Brock's racing number was?
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    Best T.V show ever!!!

    seems like anything thats on HBO and the like are always pretty good...have watched all seasons of THE WIRE - great (although had to put the subtitles on for some of the dialogue!) - the U.S version of The Killing was also amazing TV, Breaking Bad is one intense ride, if you think Game of...
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    Found this on MTBR

    sure is! checkout the fabien barel / cedric garcia clip
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    Is DH only for the younguns?

    56 this year(kak!) and my new years resolution was to do ONE DH eldest son has been into dh for a couple of years, so borrowed his younger brothers mini dh and gave it a bash at a CORC round - must have been 70+ riders and I had the slowest time of the day (memo - get son out of bed...
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Second this - if not issued by RTA in your state/territory (i.e. you didn't pay the government for it) then it's NOT legal...I know of a father taking his young son and bike to Thredbo and paying a massive (several hundred dollars) fine when stopped by NSW police. I guess the idea of a parent...
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    2012 CORC DH Round One - Majura

    Ditto - thanks for the time and effort you put into these photos - much appreciated