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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Forgot to say the 5 bike single trail rack turned up the other day after a bit of a wait. Great bit of kit but yeah pretty hefty. I can solo it with much huffing but no way the missus is going to be able to. A heap easier than putting 5 bikes on the roof of a 4x4 tho I can tell you.
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    What do your kids ride?

    Eldest rode past me doing a wheelie with one foot off the pedal giving me lip on our night ride last night......
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    You laugh you lose

    Not really MTB - but Ibis'
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    What do your kids ride?

    Thinking of putting mine back on beater bikes. Little shits :D
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    Is there an alternative to FiveTen Freerider Pro?

    Got the young fella the Marana Crank MTB shoes - $60 from Pushies - they look like a solid shoe. They are not THAT narrow as he has a pretty wide foot. Maybe the Cranks are slightly different from the Skate in sizing? The soles are pretty still, not as stiff as my 5:10 impacts - but they are...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Finally got out for a night ride. Tad cold and the young bloke still spends most of the time spotlighting possums in the tree tops. Good to get out tho. Why is it that he always manages to have a loose cassette? Riding along and heard the thunk thunk sound. Get it home (after after sitting...
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    Normal Jagwire inner gear cables - OK or not? Going to just buy a box of 100 but thought I'd check first
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    No drive, cassette just spins / is the LBS at fault?

    Yep - I've done one before - new hub. Stripped out the thread where the toothed ring screws in. Just chucked a 350 in there.
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    Little Things You Hate

    It's a surprisingly small part of their curriculum and they do actually go into a fair bit of the historical and cultural aspects - of course they are still pushing their flavour, it's a catholic school. But for less than an hour a week in primary and elective only studies in high school I'm...
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    Little Things You Hate

    I discuss both - my point is backed with the scientific evidence that I know of and then I try to also explain, where possible, why other people have differing opinions. I see similarities in the above examples where both might be explained by a lack of knowledge, or a misinterpretation...
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    Little Things You Hate

    My kids go to Catholic school - good luck getting them to believe in a higher power in any way shape or form, but that's my kids. Wife is Catholic and I'm franklins no name branded. We decided on the Catholic school because it was a better school and that's it. I encourage all discussions on...
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    I need to talk to the lad about the physics of min insertion length.....(And cleaning the mud)
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Gotta be better than my Duct tape and cardboard 'tailgate' protector. Works a treat. (until it rains I guess).
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    Bargain buys thread

    Too tricky for me - then again so are some lids on jars