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    Would you be willing to post this, im very intrested let me know.
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    illinbah downhill track!!(after marks)

    haha i rember that stack i had something similiar on my last run not nearly as bad but! anyway ya i was the dude holding up the good hustle sign which i thought was apprioate for the moment :)
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    Tamborine riders!

    Well this just sucks, i reckon (hope) it will not be shut down. What really gets on my goat is that the goverment love to have a big cry about half the nation being fat and lazy, then they go shut down all the mountain bike tracks. This all makes no sense what so ever, its almost as bad as...
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    Steve Peat is God!

    im so stoked for peaty, im actually english (live in aus now) and im super stoked for peaty to be honest if it wasent for him winning it i really wanted rennie to win it, the crowd would have had a mass orgasm if he did i think ;)
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    Duck Creek DH race 26/7/09

    Hey mate if you got one of 185 that would be great... thanks jamie
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    Duck Creek Race/pratice photos (LINK ADDED)

    Hey mate, If you have any of number 185, Black santa cruz v10, Black and yellow TLD day in the dirt jersey that would be great thanks jamie
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    Duck Ck Open Day, Sunday 19th July, Sunshine Series DH #5 track at Beaudesert UPDATED

    You boys make racing what it should be, a bunch of idiots having a good time. Looking forward to seeing you there :p
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    umm little grasies from claer mountain

    I was there with him and quite honestly it was the best stack ive seen in a while... it was erm like jamo... very unique. He came round the corner and was pinning it hard into the jump which is a fair size but not huge and he hit it sideways and he was i kid you not, sideways at about 45...
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    888>boxxer team/wc

    Yay Welshy, the forum police strike again <3
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    Downhill Jumps.

    LOL i dont think you realise how close you came to biining it hard on the 2nd jump, i was scared for you!
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    Mapleton dh track location?

    I would ask in jez's shop really posting up tracks is a good way to get them torn down.... they know where it is anyway :)
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    dh tracks open to the public

    Ill be up in a few weeks same and well have a epic sesh, see if we can get jez and the boys out ;)
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    Illinbah Pictures - June

    Hey mate if you have any of 191 yellow abd black tld top i would appreciate it thanks very much. :)
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    so how was illinbah?

    I take it you forgot to mention you we doing a bar hump while the photo was being taken :p....ill shush up now hey.
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    Illinbah 13-14th

    WELSHY! i lub you, would you have a pick of me mate 191 hugs jamie <3