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    Yakima HighRoller

    Item: Yakima HighRoller Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Talk paper if one pops up Extra Info: No homo As per the deleted thread, got a HighRoller already but looking for another to go matchy-matchy. Fingers crossed one of you has one gathering dust.
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    Warburton trail updates For the Google-impaired!
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    Melbourne Burners post Covid meetup - Silvan - Sat 13th June

    Have become immensely weak and unfit - but interested... 12:30 is way later than I usually like to start though.
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    Where to buy Isopropyl Alcohol?

    A Bunnings staff member directed me to that Permastik stuff when they had no Diggers on the shelf. May as well just use water...
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    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    Had my stainless Hope BB since 2015, never done any maintenance on it after riding on everything from tarmac to snow and the bearings are still smooth as they were on day 1.
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    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    Good bottom brackets too. ;)
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    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    Nope! Bought it years before my existing situation. ;)
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    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    I've been on a Hope 34t for 4 years and it's still essentially perfect. Had RaceFace drop chains after a year. Tried BlackSpire and had no issues but wanted to move from 32 to 34 so also moved to Hope. No RAGRETS.
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    Pink and purple look sick together though!
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    Bar length - how is too wide?

    6'3 with an armspan a bit more than my height and I'm rolling on 760mm bars. I had 800 on the DH bike when I had it built, and while it offered great stability, turning was certainly compromised. 20mm doesn't seem like much but I reckon I'd top out at 780mm if I went wider again.
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    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    They probably won't tick any weight boxes, but I love my Hope F20 pedals and can't recommend them enough.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    I was actually stuck on what music to use, but had a rough idea of what I wanted to do... My gf suggested Bodies and provided the example of '1, nothing wrong, 2 etc'... So I rolled with it. I reckon it came up alright. Nice fun vibe. Could have done a bit more fine tuning with the cuts, but...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Had a pretty sick day doing Blue Dirt shuttles at Mount Buller yesterday with the crew... kinda feels like @Scotty T post above... hah. Great day full of laughs, crashes, and all-round fun times on the bike! I even made an edit that YouTube butchered! :D
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    As per my PM, Summit should have your order on Thursday. ;)
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    Christ. Poor guys... Must suck having to replace wheelsets after every run.