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    VIC 2018 Dartmoor Hornet 27.5 (Medium)

    Item: 2018 Dartmoor Hornet 27.5 Boost Medium Location: Geelong, Victoria Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moving overseas so I don't exactly have use for it sitting around! Price and price conditions: $2250 Pickup only Extra Info: DVO Diamond Boost Forks 160mm Shimano SLX Drivetrain...
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    Item: 2011 Marin DH Bike (Small) Location: Geelong, Victoria Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Sat unused for 2 years Price and price conditions: $500 pick up, depending on location I may be able to drop it off. Extra Info: Marin Team Frame Small SRAM XO Shifters Blackspire Chainring SRAM...
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    Updated original. Thanks!
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    Haven't been in the saddle for nearly 2.5 years so I thought I'd go back to square one while at the same time join the the 21st century! Edit * I'll just add it here instead of a PYR. Frame: Dartmoor Hornet 27.5 Forks: DVO Diamond Boost 110 Running Gear: Shimano SLX all round Handles...
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    Do I need a DH rig in VIC?

    Nah I reckon if you want to go faster and chase the boys on DH bikes. Just hang on harder haha. To be honest some sections are faster on a shorter travel bike as you can launch it easier over obstacles. My2c
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    Do I need a DH rig in VIC?

    I just moved away from Geelong aha. To be honest anything with 160-180 front and 4-6" rear is enough for everything unless you plan to race. I don't know every set of tracks but from Geelong you have easy access to You Yangs (some shuttles), Apollo Bay (only shuttles), Forrest (no shuttles XC...
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    VIC SOLD: 2009 Marin Rocky Ridge

    Pending sale at the moment.
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    VIC SOLD: 2009 Marin Rocky Ridge

    For sale is my 2009 Marin Rocky Ridge. I'm selling because I broke the chain and now just ride my (now also broken) AM bike so yeah. Need some cash to fix the other up. The bike has the following: Small frame (im 165cm) Sram x9 medium cage rear derailuer Hussefelt DH crankset some skate...
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    AM/DH Rear Shock

    Hey all, I have a 2010 Marin Attack Trail 6.7 with a rear shock Monarch 3.3 that is 152x31mm. I recently destroyed this shock (it's been on it's way out for a long time) and am looking for something new. I actually enjoy riding mostly DH tracks so am trying to find a rear shock in that...
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    Post Your DH Bike

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO I love my seat. It was either lime red or white pink but yeah, most people hate the seat hahaha. Gotta be a lil outlandish y'know :loco: !!!
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    Post Your DH Bike

    Nah I havent, most people think they would weigh a ton because of the swing arm when in reality, the arm that would run from crankset to rear axle has just been moved up to the shock. I doubt it would weigh anymore or less than your average alu DH bike. Also for the people that think they are...
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    Post Your DH Bike

    Sweet rigs, I especially like the Aurums (my friend has an orange one) Custom Marin Team DH. 10" of bliss haha. Not the best of pics as only have a phone camera
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    You Yangs

    Or just ask someone for some water..... Especially if you go up to the cars and ask people just hanging around. Most people should be carrying spare water even if they never use it (I know I do, I rode for 7 hours on sunday and drank probably half a litre of water out of my camelpack, had 2...
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    Item: 2011 Marin Quake 7.8 White small (I am 175cm [or so] tall for reference) Location: Geelong. I am happy to drive it to anywhere within 2 hours of Geelong, no postage sorry. Item Condition: The bike has a...
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    Upper headset assembly reducer

    It would seem so however that is for the 2010 frame which had a different headset again. I think that guys problem was he wanted a 56mm headset but his bike was 55mm and he was asking if he shaved it out how bad would it be.