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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    So I just bought this... 2006 SV650S. Since this is the project thread, i'm intending on - fender eliminator to clean up the tail - new exhaust can (or just drilling the exhaust... its free) for a throatier sound - learning how to ride it. First bike, should be interesting.
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    Australia day!

    Im in Houston, texas, USA and I just got home from an australia day party at an irish pub. Met a couple fellow expats and chilled out with co-workers and friends. Many beers were drunk (no australian beers... not even cat-pis- err i mean fosters.. Though shiner a local texas beer is pretty darn...
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    Thoughts on Australia holding the soccer World Cup

    We'd be inundated with british football hooligans. In the interests of public safety we should ban any brits from stepping onto our fair shores. On second thought we should do this anyway.
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    The Laptop Thread.

    I have a 15" MBP its pretty darn good. I use it for regular internettin', downloading and watching stuff, recording using garageband and some basic video editing. Oh and I play the occasional game on it (when if ever is modern warfare 2 coming out for mac??). Its pretty much overkill for what...
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    The Laptop Thread.

    is it covered by warranty? a couple of months sounds way too early for that issue to be coming up..
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    Eating in Melbourne's Chinatown

    y'all dont know dodgy dumplings? Camy shanghai dumpling (or whatever its called.. everyone i know calls it dodgy dumplings) is on tattersalls lane which is the first lane on your left if you walk east down little bourke from swanston. its the same lane as gaylords actually. Good points: -...
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    Digital vs Physical Storage.

    The masses have spoken.... and they dont care..
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    One for the Graf/Stencil/street artists.... Apparently we're up to post #623 now

    Self incrimination? Also he pleaded guilty..
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    Offroad tyres So this is a car thread and I need some car advice! I need to buy some new tyres for my car. Its an 03 jeep grand cherokee with 4wd. Current tyres are low on tread and have some nasty cuts in the sidewalls from some easy 4WDing. Theyre also street tyres (wrangler hp) and by...
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    Mac Questions Thread. I killed my Mac today....

    Hey thanks for the advice on setting file association As for space bar - nope.. its on the side of the room playing movies or songs when it happens.. noone touches it. Actually it has been playing itunes all afternoon now and it hasnt skipped yet... I restarted it yesterday. So whats the...
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    Mac Questions Thread. I killed my Mac today....

    My mac (mbp 2.66ghz ) seems to randomly pause when playing back videos sometimes... using quicktime. Doesnt happen when i use VLC. How do i make it always open videos with VLC and how do I stop it from pausing with quicktime? edit - this seems to happen with itunes too.
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    6 Week Weightloss/Fitness Challenge

    Yeah I think I need to do this. About 10 months ago I was in the best shape of my life. Some situational changes and I slacked off hardcore. Now Im literally the fattest I've ever been, and I can do about half the weight I was doing before. Plan on going Gym 3 times a week - doing a program...
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    Lets talk about... Private Health Insurance.

    When I lived in Aus I had ambulance cover only. Figured being young and indestructible I'd be fine, plus I'd taken a few ambulance rides under my parents cover previously and when I wasnt covered by that any longer got my own. In the US now I have health insurance through work. Costs me about...
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    Electric Guitar

    This may be way out but have you checked the buffer settings in logic express? I know garageband has a couple settings, smaller buffer to remove latency and larger buffer to allow more tracks or something like that.
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    Electric Guitar

    I run my electric guitar straight into my mac using an adapter. Garageband has a bunch of different amps and pedals to model with which is heaps of fun. Recording quality is also pretty decent (on a brand new macbook pro.. dont know what soundcard that has), def good enough for my messing around...