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    Buxton and Lake Mountain Thread

    Anyone one entering the events coming up on November 30/December 1st weekend. I'll be doing the Flowduro one. I want my first race to be fairly chill so I figured buxton would be perfect.
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    help me buy forks TODAY!

    Bet shimano is loving it though.
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    Brake fluid life span

    So the other day at harcourt my Guide RE's were acting a bit strange. Everything fine on the first two runs, but on my third run I had this strange thing were the break would come on too suddenly from a gentle pull (front only), but then was fine. Is the wandering bite point thing common on SRAM...
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    Box 9 E-mtb groupset

    That 650gram cassette tho... As the previous owner of a NX Eagle cassette that was like.. 620 grams. It makes a surprising difference to the quality of your ride to have a cassette that weighs something more normal in the sub 400g range.
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    Electric Vehicles etc

    I think there's still a case for it, Australia has a quite a unique car market. The highest selling cars in Australia are not reflected in other markets. House hold incomes are higher on average and access to finance is pretty easy, designing the cheapest car possible only gets you so far. Look...
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    Little Things You Hate

    but we were the same age haha. These cunts were not young, that shity techno music was Scooter. Ah fuck maybe am I old.
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    Little Things You Hate

    Other mountain bikers. I remember staying at Buller 1 weekend a while ago. Everything was peace n quite until DH bros make their presence know in one of the other apartments, blaring their shitty techno music, fine what ever its just noise. In the morning see that they've chucked a chair into...
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    Lake Mountain... ?

    this is the response i got from their fb group when i messaged them about the cascades trail being open. "The winter season closes this Sunday and storm damage of the MTB trails has begun. It will take a little time but we will open as soon as we can manage. The Cascade Trail to Marysville...
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    Product Review Hunt Trail Wide 29” boost wheelset

    The hub engagement sounds a bit scary to me, surely that would be increased wear on the pawls.
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    Derby in Tassi

    Which tracks at You Yangs did you find difficult? Just the Double Diamonds?
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    Derby in Tassi

    I'm looking at heading up in February with a few mates. I've been there once before about 2 years ago pretty much when I was just getting into mountain biking and had more money than skill. We just did Atlas and Blue Tier, we tried to do Trouty but were too shit for it. Since then we've...
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Its a bit ridiculous. If they want to install educational pieces, build them next to some green/blue trails in a way people can pull off to the side and view them and/or place them at the trail heads. Mountain biking, cultural heritage recognition, environmental preservation and appreciation do...
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Banshee was never really a budget brand however you can get a whole bike from Commecal for around $4000. If for what ever reason my frame broke but enough of the big components survived... mmmaayyybeee I'd get this if I had run out of crash replacement. Direct sales bikes are getting so good...
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    Measuring handlebar rise

    I can't imagine any other way to do it.
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    Angle headset, slacker lower longer

    It said it would steep my STA, but everything i read says that slackening the HTA will also slacken the STA. I'm so confused.