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    12sp XT or XTR hubs

    did you go for XT or XTR? Im keen on building a new rear wheel and the price on the XT seems hard to pass up
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    Warburton trail updates It feels like the Warburton MTB destination project is dead in the water? I was really looking forward to this as I never...
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    Have Mountain Bikers become the new Motards?

    I genuinely wonder if theres a bunch of Ned Flanders types out there removing challenging features because they are far too hard for them or is it kids getting hurt and parents demanding they be removed. I think b-lines might be a necessary evil. I mean if I cant ride something I walk it but I...
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    Have Mountain Bikers become the new Motards?

    And have you ever considered what those features might do to someones strava times?
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    Have Mountain Bikers become the new Motards?

    What do people mean by removing features? i've only ever seen people add features to trails.
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    Nukeproof ARD buy from CRC

    just know that with the nukeproof ones you WILL have to cut them down eventually.
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    Single chainset obsession?

    i meant the chainring being 46t and interfering with ground clearance. FS bikes are quite low to the ground when bottomed out, i imagine one with a 46t front chainring would be like 2mm off the ground.
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    Single chainset obsession?

    Not to mention lower BB heights. imagine a modern enduro bike with a 46t granny going through a rock garden
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Whered you get the shaft from?
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    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    You can run the DMR vaults with runners. I've had vaults on a loaner bike and my mates just used runners with them. I would always gets comments like, those pedals are so grippy how is that even possible etc. Then they notice the tred on their runners is missing some bits.
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    Would you consider direct sales brands like Commencal and Canyon? You can get a lot of bike for your $.
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    Newly Released Suspension Components General

    whats this thing on Sam's bike?
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    Bike computer suggestions

    i didnt expect this to actually exist. i just wanted a way to measure progress
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    Bike computer suggestions

    Is there not some kind of AR Sunglasses set or contact lens? we riding in the dark ages here.
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    Bike computer suggestions

    what if i wanted something to use as a speedometer to see how fast i'm entering/exiting a corner?