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    WS 4hr Alternative road ride. Blue Mountains NSW On Sunday, assuming weather is semi respectable, plan on doing the ride in the link above. Any more info you can contact me on 0406084530 Thanks Jeff.
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    Silly long rides...

    So you doing that one again this year?? MMM excuse to go to NZ again...
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    Terra Australis 2011 Results

    To think we could have stayed and then we would know the results.....:p
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    Wsmtb 4hr stans notubes summer series 2010-11

    And a shame there wasn't any Stan's prizes given out considering they were the headline sponsor. Not to mention no representative from Jetblack at presentations. :(
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    Wsmtb 4hr stans notubes summer series 2010-11

    Dismall SS field. So where were all the SS riders?? You are all soft!! :p The hot weather is perfect for needing to drink beers afterwards.
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    Jet Black 24 Hours 2011

    Just remember to cope with the heat well yourself, drink plenty of water, hide in shade if possible etc. Quite often the people not riding forget they need to drink loads as well. :o:o Maybe you can have the job of spraying us with water. I will be sure to slow down for that one. ;) But...
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    Wsmtb 4hr stans notubes summer series 2010-11

    Well done on the different track Jase. Wasn't sure if I was liking it or hating you at points during the race!! Made it a true MTB race though. Perhaps taking Max's bridge out on hot days would be an option. ;)
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    Wsmtb 4hr stans notubes summer series 2010-11

    Looking like another hot one !! Lots of water shall be consumed. :)
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    Summer Track Racing. Sydney

    Can anyone tell me who has a summer track programme? All the club websites seem to be way out of date at the moment. Cheers.
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    They simply double the Lumen output. 2x300L = 1x600L (close to at least). So less load on the bulbs, and I suppose if for some reason one light went, you still have one. And, also as you suggest, you have options of how you focus the beam. Hope this offers some help.
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    Two Way Traffic Is anybody else concerned about the ramifications of having "two way traffic" in a couple of points of the track?? For example, the crit track, the teams going the other direction. All great for seeing other riders etc, till night time comes and everybody looks at you with...
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    In the last 2 days?? wow does catch on quick. I had 2 use 2 tubes on Sat. Had to stop and think how they worked. :p Though the fact I had 2 use a second tube, they didn't work so well. :rolleyes:
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    NSW Enduro Series - Singletrack Mind

    Another cracking day for the Chocolate Foot crew. Weather has been perfect for every round of the series, and Appin turned on a perfect spring day. A bit of carnage on the course (bikes and bodies) as tired bodies struggled with some of the tough technical sections. A big congratulations...
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    Quarq MTB PM

    Yes, it is ideal for pacing. If you don't blow yourself up in the first half, you will find that your power will remain relatively similar (discounting the first lap) throughout, but HR will be waaaaay down.