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    NSW WTB - 26'er Single Crown Forks 100 - 120 mm straight steerer - 9mm axle/qr

    Item - wtb - 26'er single crown forks. Travel up to 120mm. Steerer length - long!! - 210mm. 9mm axle/qr Location - I in central coast nsw. Price range - $250 max Extra info - will be using on my kona stuff to turn it into a all purpose machine (currently has dirt jumpers on which work...
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    NSW Sold

    thanks replying...good luck sale
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    NSW Sold

    do you still have these. I extremely keen , had break from riding but need similar fork for my bike to get back into it.
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    anyone know a equivalent web sight for surfing

    are you for real you even surf. How about reading forums on here and see how people get abused when they say something different something different to the "norm mtb'ers" . What about the amount shit riders put on others cause wear lycra, ride 29'ers, dh v xc, etc Maybe it aint the...
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    Indian Mynas - Be Gone!

    Had same issue. I Bought heap toy plastic snakes and put them around my verandah railing. Also hung up some cds....little pricks don't like the reflecting light. I also couldn't kill jack Russell pup got and killed one other day:thumb:......old guy up road said if I keep dead one...
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    L'officiel Le Tour 2013 Thread!

    I wonder whether there trouble with tj and cadel. Heard cadel thanking team mates but never mentions tj - I also thought would've gone way better with Marcus,cadel and tj at helm. Poor cadel, on back foot already - I think he will try attack gain time back before last week.
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    L'officiel Le Tour 2013 Thread!

    Yellow - contador Green - sagan Polkadot - andy schlock Team - saxo Drugs - eurocar to be turfed out Last to finish - Darrel impey White - TJ
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    go pro view
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    The official "You're a fricken loonatic" thread.

    Done this twice, bloody lot harder than it seems, especially with wind and rain. Done it twice, never again.
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    New bike - on the budget end

    Sorry pirate forgot mention -mine came with elixirs, never could get them to work consistently. Swapped shimano and all good
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    New bike - on the budget end

    Mine is the reign 1 - only thing i dont like is red colour. I find the forks to be quite good, i only used rockshox so cant compare with fox. 32 mm stanchions, i aint no pro so couldnt tell difference between 32 and 34 (rode 32's on dh bike years no pobs). Like the dropper seat. I use flat...
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    New bike - on the budget end

    Got a reign 2012. Gave up dh , sold glory and got the reign. It handles all my local dh stuff, not as fast etc and dont hit all the same lines but fun never the less. I set mine up with heaps sag etc pedals ok but i dont care how long it takes me to get to top but is fun going down. Mine has 3...
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    What kind of postage speed do you expect from an Australian online retailer?

    Love TBSM - ordered brake pads 7pm monday night, they arrived 10am thursday. Thanks TBSM
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    How many pushy's ya got?

    kona stuff - xc giant reign shimano rigid (commute and wind trainer)
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    Reign or Genius

    I have 2012 reign - i come from dh background. I set up mine with max sag - it handles dh fairly well, find it pedals xc pretty slowly (which due my dislike xc and fact i set it up with heaps sag). I wouldnt get a reign if it was mostly xc ( trance or anthem), if all mtn or dh i get reign...