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    Pwn the picture above you game

    sif asif it pwns a he-bitch-man-girl with a mustache.. get real dude
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    Help needed!

    that sucks :S geez dude, thats pretty bad ay. i hate having an uncomfortable seat or if i jump on a different or new bike how the seats aren't set the same. i haven't adjusted my seat in ages :) well ill look around for ya and try find something
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    Black And White Candid...

    awesome that bearded dragon looks bloody awesome ey, i've always had some fascination towards them :D:D
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    NSW Increased visitation to National parks: Have your say

    yay lol, I'd farkin love if the national parks in NSW actually do open up public trails and whatnot for us riders. It'd be awesome for me cause I've got about 2 national parks under 5 Mins from my house :D
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    STOLEN Alchemy mtn bike orange grey and black

    Wow. Damn, that would really suck dude :( i would get real mad if my bike got stolen. So much money poured into them and if they are just stolen it would really suck. Well, I know a few people around Melbourne that can keep an eye out for ya.
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    Pwn the picture above you game

    No chance LOL sorry, this ones just too hardcore:)
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    probably not Yeah I've seen the Ruckus DJ at my local bike shop, and to be honest i didn't really like it :S. Maybe it just wasn't my type of bike, but if i were you there would be no chance of me trading in a STP for a Ruckus, plainly because the parts GT makes aren't the top of the line...