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    VIC Road bike frame, fork, seat post, cranks

    Cranks are 170mm. I've got a box so can ship but would prefer you organise it.
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    VIC Road bike frame, fork, seat post, cranks

    here are some measurements. I'm 175cm but slightly longer in the torso and shorter in the leg than 'average', so I like my frame a touch bigger so I can stretch out a bit. I put this up against my medium and medium-large frames and it's a bit smaller, so looks like a size small at a guess.. It...
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    VIC Road bike frame, fork, seat post, cranks

    I'm 175cm but I didn't really ride it, I bought it just to strip the components off. If I put it up against my medium and medium/large frames it's a bit smaller. I can measure it tomorrow.
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    VIC Road bike frame, fork, seat post, cranks

    Item: Generic Chinese carbon fibre road bike frame, probably a size small Location: Pascoe Vale, Melbourne Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer needed Price and price conditions: $150 or best offer Extra Info: Complete with seat post, fork, Shimano Ultegra crank (170mm, 50/34) and...
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    Warburton trail updates

    gonna be a tricky one... I can well understand the fears the NIMBY groups would have over this... if a trail network similar to Derby were to open up a 3/4 hour drive from Melbourne it would get smashed with visitors.
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    Chain reaction cycles

    Non CRC talk but as a point of comparison... I ordered some electronic parts from DigiKey on Thursday last week, they arrived Monday this week from the USA to Aus via UPS. Ordered some parts from Merlin in early March, they took a month and sat in holding at both ends for quite some time...
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    Little Things You Love

    Bought a 5 bike rack from Currie Engineering but opted for no postage 'cos they're only 45 minutes up the road so figured I'd go for a drive and pick it up.... phone rang on Saturday arvo which is odd, I answered it and it was Mitch saying he was just down the road and wondered if I was home so...
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    VIC Torpedo 7 4 bike rack

    Item: Torpedo 7 brand 4 bike rack Location: Pascoe Vale Item Condition: Pretty good, comes with all bits and pieces Reason for selling: Bought a 5 bike rack Price and price conditions: $200 Extra Info: 7 pin rectangular trailer plug, all lights working when I used it last. Comes with 2 keys...
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    WTB axle setup including cones for a Shimano M525 rear hub

    yeah cheers, a Google search yesterday suggested a local-ish bike shop might be able to get the assembly so I sent them an email... thought I'd pop an add up here too just in case it doesn't work out.
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    WTB axle setup including cones for a Shimano M525 rear hub

    Item: I'm after a full axle setup or just the non drive side cone for a Shimano M525 rear hub (not an M525-A, apparently the dust seals are different?) Location: Don't care, I'll pay post Item Condition: As new preferred Price and price conditions: ? Extra Info: Pictures:
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    Travelling on Spirit of Tas with Roof Racks

    Lol I saw old mate in his Ranger coming back on the ferry last night.
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    Derby in Tassi

    I know this is the Derby thread but as a followup to my previous post we did indeed make to to Maydena via Maria Island (well worth a day trip or stay). First shuttle up we were a bit nervous and thinking we were out of our depth... got off at the half way point and rode the cross link track to...
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    Derby in Tassi

    Here in Derby, got here on Wednesday morning and will probably leave on Monday. Did the new (to me) Blue Tier trail and Atlas today with my boys... loved the new Blue Tier... some might call it boring but the combination of scenery and good time trail kept me very happy. Big Chook again a...
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    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    yep, very handy. even slightly betterer, . press and hold Windows key . press and hold SHIFT . press S and let go of the other 2 I believe the Snipping Tool is being deprecated soon.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    The Nicolai owner is my 15yo and I think he'll be OK (I'm conveniently ignoring how he broke his elbow at Yack a few months back on an XC trail), I'm more worried about my cautious 12yo.. he just got a Norco FS24 for Festivus though so we'll see how it goes. I'll get them some reasonable knee...