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    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    Clinch/clench it all you want, it's gonna get violated one way or the other :)
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    Bargain buys thread

    Frugal Rouleur used to work, it's not responding at the moment though
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    Is it worth swapping the pistons and seals out, or why don't Shimano sell f#cking parts

    hey all, I've got an older XTR set of brakes, 985 series, that I like but the rear has always leaked a little. I think it's from a seal or piston. I need to get this set of brakes up and running again so I bought a new caliper that I thought I'd just bolt up and live with it but now I'm...
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    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    I can go for a nice walk in the forest near home thankyou, I don't need to go all the way to Tassie to do it.
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    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    I watched the pro EWS riders blaze through those tracks, they looked easy! You'll be fine!
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    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    There's still a veritable horde in the US firmly in the 'we love Trump' camp... so there's no shortage of money to be made off this mob. If Mercer is willing to fund Brietbart why isn't she willing to forge ahead with her baby Parler?
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    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    I wonder what's going on here... it's not hard to run a series of servers independent of the 'big left leaning' (LOL) tech companies... so why aren't they? I get the feeling that no-one wants to be left holding a smoking gun if things go real south on inauguration day...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Rode the top bit of Lake Mountain's Cascades track again yesterday with my boys. Was hoping to make it all the way down but it was a touch hotter than expected and had to call it at the ticket booth. Still a great day out, good trail that one, though the abundance of March flies wasn't awesome.
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    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    Anglesea has some pretty good tracks, both in the bush behind the BMX track and the official MTB park up the hill. Apparently the falls loop at Aireys Inlet is good but I've never done it.
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    Is it f#cked?

    hey all, what do you think. Time for the bin? I've even had a look under a magnifying glass... it looks like a crack along the outside, but the threaded area looks sound. Yep, it leaks, but I think that is the crush washers being a bit old, and a bit crushed. Wondering if it's worth...
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    Rotorburn brotherhood courier service?

    I've got a bike bag too Moorey you're welcome to... it's a boring non EVOC and has no wheels but it's an option.
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    A dude sent a frame to me (Melbourne) from Adelaide on Monday last week using Pack and Send, it arrived on the next day (the Tuesday)! Cost $120 insured.
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    Buxton and Lake Mountain Thread

    ah sorry, Keppel Creek camping area. It's not awesome, it's beside a dirt road so there's a bit of dust and it's not super private, but I enjoyed it.