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    Wanted: Klein Frame & Forks

    Yeah they go nuts over there.. The one you mention finished up near the $2500 mark eh.. :eek: It was a NOS Adroit.. You got a Fat Yo! then?
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    Wanted: Klein Frame & Forks

    What: Klein Fuselage - Attitude or Adroit with forks Price: :confused: Location: Sydney would be great but will to pay for shipping within Aus. Extra Info: Size 18" or thereabouts with 22.5-23" top tube.. Ideally an older early 90s model..
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    WA - Uzzi SL

    They're "investigating".... :confused: WTF?!?! Cannot believe they would leave a bike box outside, unattended without obtaining persmission to do so.. Last time I use them, period.
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    WA - Uzzi SL

    Bike: Intense Uzzi SL Colour: White with Yellow decals, yellow Rebas Date it was stolen: 5/3/2007 Where it was stolen: Success, WA Specs: XTR, Hayes, Rebas, Race Face cranks, Crossmax SLs, Thomson post & stem Other Descriptions: Totally custom build, would stand out for sure.. Finally...
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    XTR 950-952 68/73mm 112.5mm BB

    What: XTR 950/1/2 68/73mm 112.5mm BB Price range/Willing to Pay: $10 - $60 Location: Sydney Extra Info: Good to Very Good condition would be grand.. Cheers..
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    Magura HS33 Raceline [Tomac]

    What: Magura HS33 Raceline [Tomac] Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 > $150 dependent on condition Location: Aussie Wide Extra Info: Preferably the red Raceline models but would consider other models [yellow ones etc.]..
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    WTB: 36H Non Disc 8sp Rear Hub

    FFS.. What: 36H Non Disc 8sp Rear Hub.. Any old XTR [M900] or perhaps something a touch more exotic..? Price range/Willing to Pay: $1 > $100.. Whattchaggot? Location: Extra Info: Must be 36H..
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    WTB: 36H Non Disc 8sp Rear Hub

    Whattchaggot? Any old XTR [M900] or perhaps something a touch more exotic..? Must be 36H.. ;)
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    dh bike

    Hey mate, my Uzzi's up for sale.. Check out the For Sale > Complete Bikes > XC post..
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    I'll take it.. $100.. Where do I pick and do you want cash up front or when I turn up?:)
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    Ye Olde XT Thumbies..

    Will do mate thanks! I can see some NOS thumbies sitting on a shelf collecting dust, just waiting to be plucked.. :D
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    SOLD! Please delete

    Hi mate, I'm interested.. What price we talking here.. $30?
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    Ye Olde XT Thumbies..

    ..yes please.. Anyone got any old XTII 7 speeders out there? Building up an old Bontrager Race..
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    MTB magazines!

    I'm with you on that one mate, used to be a cracker Back In The Day, but turned into mindless drivvle and endless advertiements.. [R]evolution rocks.. Great content, great presentation.. Dirt is awesome, but boy does it take a while to hit Humphries shelves.. BIKE will always be the...
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    07 Intense

    Wow, thanks Cúl-Báire, that is one awesome frame.. When the ding makes it's way to the otherside of my Uzzi SLs downtube, this is where I'll be looking for my next XC frame I reckon..