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    VIC riding groups

    legend! cheers for that mete
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    2016 Nomad - the beginning of a new era...

    drooling.....!!! congratulations mate she's bloody pretty
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    VIC riding groups

    hey guys I'm new to the roady scene and want to get involved with a club or group to do some group riding and being kinda new to vic would be an awesome way to meet some like minded bike riders! I'm aware theres heaps of morning riders but being a tradie i start work the same time most groups...
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    Chain reaction cycles

    for anyone who's looked at this thread and jumped straight to the last page and wanting an option of chain reaction, i recently brought pedals shoes and gloves and got express shipping from chain retain and the gear was at my door step within 5 days!!! i was stoked, but in saying that i did pay...
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    How to build DJ's

    ideas man drainage is an excelent idea. i can think if a few spots in the local DH track that could benefit from this, might be time to have a discussion with the fellas and go visit the wholesalers. thanks mate