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    Dear Rocky Trail Entertainment...

    Wouldn't it be better to contact them direct?
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    Should a beginner purchase a dual suspension bike to start?

    I think your signature answers his question :)
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    2016 Kowalski Classic 18th Sept

    Had an absolute blast Something came up which meant I couldn't attend the earlier date so I gave my entry away to a mate but then he couldn't make the new date and I was able to so the weather gods shone on me. This was my first Kowalski event and these guys do a great job, the track was...
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    Kowalski Classic 25KM Plus accomodation - 18th September 2016

    That's what I thought but apparently when I booked it was on sale, apparently there's no refund if its book when on sale.
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    Kowalski Classic 25KM Plus accomodation - 18th September 2016

    Hi All, I cant make it now to this event on the 18/9/16, Entry can be transferred to another rider, if done before this Monday 5th September the race plate will have your name on it. I spoke to the organizers and if its transferred after Monday it will have my name on it as the plates go off...
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    Why I love my Weber BBQ

    No a weber is reliable
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    Trails in or around the Blue Mountains

    Hi All, I'm new to the area and have previously ridden tracks around Royal National Part, Mt Annan, Wylde etc. I ride XC. Surely around here there has to be some good riding to be had, I regularly ride Yellomundee as part of the WSMTB club races and have ridden the Oaks and Andersons trail...
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    western sydney regional park.

    I heard there's an official opening race to be held there in July
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    Shimano MTB GP Series 2013 - Fast 4h and Furious 7h racing that rocks!

    I rode the track today. Martin and Juliane have picked an awesome trail. You're missing out if you're not here
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    People's advice on a hardtail bike please?

    Have you looked at a Merida big nine?
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    Shimano MTB GP Series 2013 - Fast 4h and Furious 7h racing that rocks!

    I selfishly hope it pours down cause I can't make it on the 13th :)
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    pain in wrists??

    I was once told having your seat pointed towards the ground forces more weight onto the handlebars. Maybe try repositioning your seat a little and see if that helps along with the advice from others.
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    Advice on an xc/enduro bike!

    That's what I reckon too. My first bike had 160mm of travel, I hated it not long after getting it.
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    single track around helensburg

    Have you tried If nothing there appeals you may have to head up to the national park.
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    Advice on an xc/enduro bike!

    If you are happy to buy online had Merida 99's on sale for around $1500 For that price you get a fox fork, XT running gear etc. Great bike for that price. The link above is the bike, it...