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    Tyres and Kneepads

    Took wheel outside and lent it against the car. The brand new cassette slid off and hit the ground. I picked it up to have a look at the teeth and the bearing fell off and 8 individual bearing balls went everywhere. Wife helped look for about 20 mins and we found them. Took the tyre off then...
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    Tyres and Kneepads

    Yeh normal stans. Time to upgrade to race.
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    Tyres and Kneepads

    I have thin black strips and some thicker red ones which I used. Both are bike ones.
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    Tyres and Kneepads

    Just put in a thick bacon strip, rotated the tyre around, left it for an hour, pumped over 15psi and it leaks again. I remember seeing those stans videos where they run over a plank of 20 nails and it blocks all the holes but I can't see it blocking anything bigger than a needle hole. I dont...
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    Tyres and Kneepads

    Thanks everyone. I’ll test a bacon strip before a patch to see how it goes. They were soooo hard to get on with the cushcore.
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    Tyres and Kneepads

    2 questions I had a small crash. Front tyre washed out and wasn't too bad as I landed on my left knee and hands but the knee pad just pulled straight down and I cut my knee up anyway. I suppose it could have been worse but is it normal for pads to do this? Any recommendations of better ones...
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    All the colours of the rainbow *ebike warning*

    It’s been just over 1 year and 2000km so I gave it a wash. Bike has been pretty faultless, getting a lot better and confident with small jumps/doubles. Had one issue where I thought it was the motor but turned out to be a loose crank. Since getting it I think my mtb riding km's has at least...
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    Got any stock ? Looking for a component ? Its in stock !

    New chain and it keeps skipping on the 8th/9th cog so looking at a new cassette. Looking for a Shimano 12 speed - Anyone know anywhere with stock?
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Is that so your eggs don't get incubated?
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    Fox 34 foam washers

    I bought some off Ali and paid the extra $4 for express shipping. Here in 2 weeks.
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    Funny stuff my kid says

    Conversation with my 6 year old. Him: "You know those, like, shoes on the bike?" Me: "You mean tyres?" Him: "Yeh those"
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    Crypto predictions, dead or not.

    People laughed but that bitcoin would be worth about $40k now.
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    The cooking thread

    I once made apricot sausages for me and a mate. Let me know if you need the recipe.
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    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    Bought some foam fork seal rings from these guys. $11 for 3 pairs express shipped and here in 2 weeks. They look good, will see how they go.