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    Sick Bicycle Co. Deathwish

    Possible, but from what I have read about them I doubt it.
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    Another 'which new bike' thread... Norco, YT, other?

    Norco and RM are boring. YT looks the goods and you can resell it because people will still want to buy it.
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    The new orange surge looks pretty interesting. Apparently they went for a louder motor so that you cant hear the creaking. Starting from a measly AUD $12,849.
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    Cannondale Jekyll vs Trek Remedy

    I love the look of the Remedy but for riding, gap, bunya, and hiddenvale have you thought about the Fuel? The Remedy has become a lot more downhill focus the last couple of years and I just think the Fuel would be more suited to riding those places.
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    Didnt they just save all that without the Athertons?
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    Lets see if we can get there at a historic rate. On a similar note though, with the dollar and geo-blocking I reckon the price of second hand parts has gone up.
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    Isn't this the base model?
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    Shimano XT / SLX 12-Speed

    I reckon in the long game Shimano plans to bring the consumer sales back. They have lost too much OEM goodness that no one needs their consumables so they need to focus there for now before it's too late. If only they bought a fork manufacturer to be able to compete with SRAM for oem.
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    My previous reply was just sarcasm but the math still doesn't add up based just on inflation with the numbers OP quoted. The RRP quoted at the start was $3500 AUD in 2018 vs $4500 AUD now. $3500 in 2018 USD at 0.8 rate is $2800 $4500 in 2019 USD at 0.7 rate is $3150 Even taking into account...
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    I blame Moorey

    Change the brakes too then. I expect better from you.
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    I blame Moorey

    Looks almost awesome. Bars dont match.
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    I will have you know that I have won as many tour de france's as Lance.
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    Just about ready to give up on cane creek. Dbair stuck down

    Film it. Make sure the camera is on a tripod that way it isnt all shaky footage while you pull out shrapnel.
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    No they just went up less. Here's how it works. When the dollers good, we have heaps more to spend so they only put it up a little to cover double inflation. When the dollers bad, they put it up a lot to offset the less number of people buying. It's not that hard people. Basic Mafs.
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    I was just about to say the price increase is from too many people using the Bupa discount.