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    Creaking seatpost advice - options

    Yep I get the same too, often its the rails. Also, I had one I thought was bottom bracket but found it was derailleur hanger that creaked because it was slightly loose and would pivot a little.
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    STOLEN Giant Anthem X SL1 2010 Sutherland Shire area

    so what happened?
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I find if I dont use powerade I get leg cramps often and will try the rinse out and chuck in the freezer trick next time. Will probably test one of the ebay bladders out.
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    And do you rate it? I use Powerade and seem to get mould in my CamelBak pretty easily
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    I want a replacement bladder for an old 1.5l that split. I cant find a replacement except for a crux which I dont think will fit and costs just as much as a whole new one. Are Camelbaks still the way to go or are they all pretty much the same now?
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    Long term bang for buck

    Bumping this back up. I'm taking aldi shorts off my list. The velcro on both of mine has gone and I reckon they are cut a bit odd and undersized. And I will add the following: fox ranger shorts. They are so durable and comfy to wear and the liners are awesome. Got mine for $60 - just need to...
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    New bike, frame protection?

    I used these guys. Expensive but good.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    No one wear gloves these days?
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    The future of bikes and prices

    I think you are right about the weight aspect changing. Ebike forks are already getting heavier. I reckon in inverted and linkage forks there are only marginal gains to be made and so the mass market wont even bother.
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    The future of bikes and prices

    That's not the future. It's just a lot of wasted development money that a whole bunch of family members wont get back.
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    Suspension issues

    Take it back, doesnt hurt to try, I reckon they will sort it out.
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    The future of bikes and prices

    The new thing is 27.5 rear and 29er front. Existing wheels and frames wont work because the forces on them are completely different resulting in explosions and death.
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    Is it a cheater switch and do you use it?

    I use it. Dont find it hard to access and it does make it easier on my legs than leaving it full open.
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    The future of bikes and prices

    I am not sure how far e-bike development can push the next tech in normal mtbs as I don't see that much opportunity. Cheaper 4 piston calipers - done. Maybe gearboxes? I highly doubt e-bikes will become more affordable than normal bikes. I do think they will become on par with price and...
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    The future of bikes and prices

    Thanks everyone for the comments, it's helping me get my thoughts sorted. What I feel is that the main technological advancements for bikes in the last 10 years have mainly been in the components and that those high level features have now filtered into the lower range e.g. Deore brakes are...