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    Please Delete

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    Please Delete

    a little of topic but were abouts around the "gong" was that shot taken? i do spearfishing...:cool: nvm i believe its bulli
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    DH Glory. New Pics

    i feel like some fries you don't need a new shock, just put one of these in there LUL WUT?
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    DH Glory. New Pics

    Nice ride burger ring How does it go? lolzord??? :eek:
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    Fox Shock Leaking Air

    Hey Mate What shock pump are you running I have had an issue like this, however it usally is just the shock pump fitting. Due to pumping at 150 psi of force unless the fitting is a perfect seal then it will leak. If this isnt the issue then i would say a "o" ring near the valve of your dhx...
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    Crash Pics Thread

    Quote from Air born dude "Wow Today sucks..."
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    Fox DHX 4 shock psi level

    It depends on the model of the the DHX, they vary in pressure minimum The latest dhx require a lower minimum pressure as for the earlier DHX they require higher. They still have the same feel Cheers Matt HA.. you beat me to it nskz
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    Spear Fishing.

    Hey Fellas I've recently started spearfishing and loving it. Managed to gather all the gear, cost a bit.. but I'm set. I live in Wollongong (Illawarra) and was wondering if anyone, from this thread spears down that way? i keep an eye out on this thread for reply's, for i wouldn't mind...
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    Illawarra Ride Organisation Thread!

    whats the damage on the track at bally? are the dirt berms destroyed? or just the wooden structures? .......................... fuk
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    Illawarra Ride Organisation Thread!

    were having a brokers to bally run tomorrow at tarrawanna, really early if anyone would like to come? please get back to me on this thread asap cheers Matt
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    Illawarra Ride Organisation Thread!

    were going up to tarra/bally tomorrow with chainsaw to clear everything and get this track underway. it should be sweet. feel free to come along. cheers Matt:cool:
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    Looking for: weekday downhillers in Wollongong

    were are you fellas planning on riding tomorrow and monday? Cheers Matt
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    This is how a real man stacks....

    aw blake, that crash is pure sex, well done, it looks fare nukka wukkaz, how are you feeling atm? bomdigity P.s im not on drugs
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    Wollongong DH thread

    Hey flicker, sorry but there is already a thread in relation to riding in wollongong/illawarra. Sorry if my mates gave you a bad first impression despite this you are more than welcome to jump in on the "goss" in the " illawarra ride thread, so you can get hooked up with every thing riding in...
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    Brooklyn Racelink in Orgasmic Orange! NEW PICS

    Hey Benno, loving the racelink, bring it down to tarrawanna this weekend if your not doing anything, we can catch up and you can test that baby out. Kudos on the build you have done extremely well. Cheers Mate