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    What does your day look like?

    hands up who has a CFMEU sticker on their car?
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    Which alum+coil bike?

    The reign sx is a good bit of bike for the price. The DVO suspension is killer and with the 2020's not far away youll get a good deal. Big giant dealers are always more negotiable than the little ones, but dont be scared to ask around for a better price.
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    VIC SRAM Guide R Front + Rear Brakes

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    VIC SRAM Guide R Front + Rear Brakes

    Price Drop! get these 2 brakes for the cost of 1 at sale price on MTBdirect.
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    VIC SRAM Guide R Front + Rear Brakes

    Item: Sram Guide R Front and Rear Lever/Callipers Location: Derrimut, Vic Item Condition: Basically new, couple of little superficial marks, came off a 2 week old bike about a year ago and kept as spares. Front Hose - 850mm Rear Hose -1580, pads in excellent condition only did 2 short rides...
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    Shimano XT / SLX 12-Speed

    dont waste your pennies...the XO still has issues.
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    What have I done? Advice needed for fork decision

    you may as well just have a couple more bongs and order some Zipp 3Zero Moto wheels, I hear they are supposed to be ok.
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    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Its a bit like people who ride "all the black runs" at the youies God forbid they go to NZ and point down a single black run for a warm up.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Trying to beat the winter blues by building up a frankenbike from parts in the shed. Something to mess around on the soon to be opened DirtArt pump / skills tracks at Footscray. So far it has cost me zero, but alas no cranks/bb in the shed.
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    NSW Hayes 9 brake levers

    I almost threw out a pair today when in the parts shed.... picked them up, and thought "as if im ever going to use these again....should just chuck them out... but they're Hayes 9's" so put them back to collect more dust.
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    Tubeless Rim Tape Advice

    +1 for E-13 rim tape
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    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    voting green, not necessarily because I agree with everything they stand for, but because I hate that there are only 2 potential winners and that's all there has been forever, if the greens can win more votes and put them in a position of a bit more power it will keep the bastards honest. Give...
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    Why do some duelies cost more than motorbikes?

    therer are 2 questions here, will your $13k boutique bike make you any faster than on a comparable $5k Giant? is being a fancy pants on a fancy bike important to you?
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    Protective gear for DH?

    im yet to see a manufacturer release something and have them say "this is sooooo shit, don't buy it", Except for maybe Ohlins.
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    Protective gear for DH?

    Percentages of chance of injury are all bullshit anyway. Every crash is different, I have been riding mountain bikes and motorbikes for many years, and have only had 1 crash where I have hit my head whilst cartwheeling down a motocross track. Maybe 1 or 2 where I have lightly grazed an mtb...