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    Protective gear for DH?

    im yet to see a manufacturer release something and have them say "this is sooooo shit, don't buy it", Except for maybe Ohlins.
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    Protective gear for DH?

    Percentages of chance of injury are all bullshit anyway. Every crash is different, I have been riding mountain bikes and motorbikes for many years, and have only had 1 crash where I have hit my head whilst cartwheeling down a motocross track. Maybe 1 or 2 where I have lightly grazed an mtb...
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    Prescription goggle/sungalsses

    Having ridden MTB and Motocross for the last 15+ years, I have tried all sorts of goggle/glasses combinations, I now just have a pair of prescription sunnies that I wear for mtb, and for moto use my everyday glasses and bought the most basic Oakley O-frame goggles (the have the best breathing...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    I see Aaron Gwin has been reading my,2610? Yeah he's...
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    Giant Anthem or trance?

    +1 for the trance 27.5, i ride mine everywhere, Falls, Bright, Buller, Macedon etc... sure you can't bomb through a rock garden like on a DH bike, but with a decent 2.3 tyre they handle good, turn quick and roll fast, I've always preferred a fast light AM/Trail bike than a big burly 2.6 cush...
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    Mt Buller - All you need to know

    I shuttled with ATC at buller yesterday. Tracks were good a bit loose, but that's expected, could have used some rain the day before, we got a bit of drizzle through the day but don't know how much it helped the tracks. All said, the tracks are in good nick with a fair bit of work done to them...
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    Mt Beauty or Falls Creek

    second that... I did shuttles at falls this sunday just gone (23rd) its always good at the start of the season before all the dirt gets eroded/washed away, and it ends up a teeth chattering rock fest. It was good fun, even though the shuttle turn around was a bit average... Big Fella is good...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    Kenda Nevegal 2 Pro, get onboard.
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    Denting rims

    I don't think you can even begin to compare riding at Rotorua to anything at the You Yangs.... World Class MTB vs A small ant hill with groomed single track.
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    Mont Buller EPIC trail help on planning a trip in 2 weeks

    57.5km and 2776m climbing for me.... near enough
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    Sold New Reverb Dropper

    all good don't need it anymore, got a new one today.
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    Sold New Reverb Dropper

    Hey mate, is this still available?
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    Sram Chain Compatability

    So my bike came with a PC XX1 sram chain, after having this break recently on a ride I did a quick trailside fix to finish my ride and get back to the car which meant the chain was now too short. Anyway, I went to my local bikeshop to get a new chain and they only had PC1170 chains in stock...