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    NS Majesty Build. Help needed!

    Im running this exact setup and can vouch that it has not failed once, oh and btw im running the exact frame as well but in matte white. Awsome frame highly recommend!!
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    My Intense M9

    i actually bought it off a guy in canada, so i dont even know if aus have M9's in yet (correct if im wrong).
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    Your Majesty!!

    Hey mate, I am running this exact frame and the tyres im using are the Intense Micro nobby's. Roll fast and they can ride dirt rather well. I would recommened that you lower the fork travel to 100m (maybe they are and im just blind). But apart from that this will be an amazing build.
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    My Intense M9

    Spec List: Rock Shox R2C2 Cane Creek DB E-Thirteen Cranks Straightline Slilent guide Stem Pedals Kore Bars Hadely Habs laced to Spank Spike rims Formula The One brakes SRAM X9
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    Post Your Hardtail:) Cheers

    My 2010 NS Majesty
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    2011 QLD DH State Champs - Mt Joyce

    Cheers bro, pics look amazing!! thanks for taking the time to take the pics!!
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    Planned build NS Surge

    Definately check out the new Rock Shox Argyl RCT, 140mm travel and is solo air for an afforable price. Im running them myself with reduced travel to 100mm on my NS Majesty
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    Kona Magic Link Explained - Video

    will this system find its way onto other models such as the stinky and stab perhaps, reason for this question is that most tracks in australia are more flat than most overseas and require considerable amount more pedaling than what you might do over in new zealand or canada. big props to kona...
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    You know you're a cyclist when...

    You know your a cyclist when you can imagine every single corner on gap creek and possibly every other corner in Mt Cootha and your friends telling you not to talk about bike related or even remotely related stuff to hot girls that your trying to pick up while out clubbing
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    2011 Morewood Makulu with Anniversary BOS Rares

    looks like an awsome bike but would have thought they would have used the better raceface diablous cranks as apposed to the atlas dh cranks. I have a set and there great but this bike looks like a "money is no issue" sort of build.
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    Last Purchases.

    oh come on im an apprentice chef and those knives suck balls and no offence i hate globals........ have have a set of shun and they are awsome, bit pricy (3 knives set me back 800 but thats not the point) but worth it in the long run
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    another noob shock question

    what bike do you ride cause that size is the size the older style glory frames use not sure on the new one though, check the original size eye to eye (where the top bolt goes to where the bottom bolt goes), but in saying that some shocks dont quite fit into some frames cause the new RC4 from fox...
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    Specialized Enduro Expert 2010 Customized

    wish i had a sagotron on my dh bike.....would make life so much easier
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    where in adelaide is this?

    i just found this on youtube and was wondering where abouts this is in adelaide this is cause this jump look like a really fun one to do if i ever do down there to see relatives
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    beautiful bass

    i must say that i really like this kona apart from the other bikes they have made. Looks like a really good build and can do a little bit of everything if you ever needed it to