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    QLD Brand X Dropper Post - 27.2mm

    Is this dropper still for sale?
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    NSW WTB: 24" wheels / rims

    Hey mate, just saw this post. I have a pair of 24” Spank Subrosa rims (Gold) I was planning to build for my son’s bike. He’s growing too fast so is on 26” now. They’re brand new, one of them has been laced though never put on a bike. They’ve still got tags on them... $40 (is what I paid for...
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    WTB - unloved/busted Charger damper

    Thanks for the encouragement mate. Once I get my workshop sorted I’ll give it a try.
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    WTB - unloved/busted Charger damper

    Item: - RS Charger damper Location: - Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: - Let’s chat Extra Info: - I’m keen to learn how to service my Charger damper and figure if anyone has an unused/busted one laying around, it’ll be better than potentially screwing up mine...
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    wheel builder recommendations

    Yeah I’m excited to get it tested on my son’s bike. It feels really good to look at a wheel and know (at this very point in time) it is well trued and tensioned.
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    wheel builder recommendations

    Yeah it makes sense to me (now) to be methodical with every step. I originally laced it wrong and couldn’t get it true laterally so kinda snapped, relaced it and voile. I’m keen to build up more now.
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    wheel builder recommendations

    I finished building my first wheel up yesterday. I finally managed some free time and spent a few hours plodding along with Musson’s book. The wheel turned out great; it’s true and wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined. It’s a great feeling to get it up to tension and have a wheel look like it...
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    VIC GoPro Hero 3 Black & accessories

    PM'd you
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    VIC Hope direct mount chainring 32t

    I'll take it mate. Where are you located? PM incoming
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    They used to be my (then) 3 year olds favorite lolly.
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    Derby in Tassi

    Thanks for the write up mate, very helpful as I’m looking to head to Tas for a few days riding and need to decide if Derby or Maydena will float my boat. How were the trails at Maydena compared to Derby? Better? Worse? Crazier? I’ll likely get 3 days riding and figure I’ll hit one spot. That...
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    Is there anyway to fix this? or am I up for whole new brakeset?

    That looks dodgy as! Black tape would have been much better:)
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    Bright shuttles this weekend

    Haha, yeah I figured that'd be the case though I'll take what I can get when it comes to riding at Bright... Luckily for me the entire family have now decided they're coming. So a boys trips is now a family trip. Yay:( Congrats mate, Felix did well.
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    Bright shuttles this weekend

    Anyone else doing some Bright shuttles this Saturday? I'm planning to head up there and have some fun and it might be fun to put some names to bikes i see on here... I'll be on a Black hardtail with a girls (blue/orange) Bell super2R:) maybe see you there:)
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    What trail features do you want/need to get better at

    You’ll get there. Maybe you should try to assassinate the prime rib of Micronesia. Worked for Zoolander;)