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    TAS Old DH parts

    I'm all good, just whenever :)
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    It's called fashion Karen, look it up

    I asked my 7yo daughter. She said you should have a contrasting colour, black it is;)
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    AM Norco Torrent 7.1 <$1k Build Challenge

    You'll have a heap of fun with that!
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    Deore 12 speed

    I have 11 speed SLX with an 11-50 Sunrace cassette. It works, but isn't ideal. It really needs a Goat Link or similar.
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    VIC Pay what you like sale

    $10 for the seat. Carbon fibre will make .001785478% faster on my daily commute!
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    26" Tyres

    As an owner of two NS 26" hardtails, this news is fantastic!
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    TAS Found

    Sorry, no spare rear shifters :(
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    TAS Found

    I'll look tonight for a shifter. I should have a spare. It's a normal bar clamp as well.
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    TAS Old DH parts

    I'll grab the stem and pedals if you still have them?
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    Old school vs new school geometry / riding

    After I installed the 2 degree Angleset on my 2014 Tallboy LT, I noticed I started putting more weight on my front wheel and it REALLY helped with cornering. I'm still a bit "ass over the set", but I live in Tassie and everything is bloody steep and I'm a hack :p
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    Reverb dropper servicing - Anyone in Melbourne available?

    Let all of the air out, then pump it back up and bleed it. Ask me how I figured this out....
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    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    I've had/got Raceface and $20 Ebay jobbies. No real difference and have never dropped a chain with either.
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    Why are roadies mechanically inept?

    The dickhead thread is strong here (I've almost put myself in it), so.....
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    Have you actually ridden it? I had issues getting the 11-50 11 speed cassette working on my bike. I got it close, rode it and it was fine, put it back on the stand and it was a bit cranky...
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    How many extra links to start with for the chain (11 speed)

    They still make an 11 speed specific Goat Link, but that is $45 plus shipping.