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    Body weight exercises to improve climbing and endurance?

    I've walked the Overland 4 times, once in 5 days, once in 6, once in 7 and once over 10 days (with a lot of photography). The 5 day walk was the only one done in summer (all others in the middle of winter), and it snowed and rained 4 of the 5 days. The other day was well over 30...
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    Is there an alternative to FiveTen Freerider Pro?

    Holy hell, I have my old 510s sitting next to me and just did the walk around of show repairers and didn't get far.
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    New 'trail' HT frame for ~1k AUD

    I have ridden a 100mm XC bike, 100mm DJ bike (with gears) and an NS Clash (130mm forks, 26') and I could hit everything around Kalamunda on the Clash. I'd honestly look at the Honzo if I was living back in Perth. It would be a heap of fun around there and I wouldn't hesitate taking it to the...
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    Sold Free moto/DH pants

    Shakes fist!
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    STOLEN Polygon Trid zz Newcastle

    Damn, this sucks Poodle! Unfortunately I don't like your chances of ever getting it back. Like a good Burner, what bike are you eyeing off now?
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    Can I repair Level T Brakes cut at the caliper cheaply? They answer the phone and I spoke to a guy that gave me the magic words to get my Reverb working after a lengthy period of storage. I'd just call some LBS' first, they may have the bits you need.
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    does anyone actually on a bike store here?

    My LBS is the Derwent Park store. I grab quite a few bits and pieces of him because he will cut lengths of hoses I need and the like. He also mentioned he can't get bikes in stock, and therefore has a very sparse floor. He mentioned he makes his money from servicing bikes. Being just off the...
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    The last movie you've last watched last

    Watched WW84 with my wife last night. A hot mess is being polite...
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    2018 Trek X-Caliber 8

    I rode my Tallboy LT with an 11-42 cassette and almost never used the 42 around Kalamunda. I actually think while I was fit I didn't use the 42 at all... You are on a hardtail with a rear tyre that isn't too draggy, you'll be right for the time being.
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    A Long Pole

    That is terrible news. I could never trust that frame again. I'd be on the Privateer for sure and push the FCA.
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    Trailforks - Now behind a paywall

    I paid for it and use it every second ride or so. I have also used it to recon race routes and used it for some day walks. I don't normally pay for things like this, but it has proven to be useful on multiple occasions, so am happy to pay for it. I see it being used a lot again when I do my...
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    Bargain buys thread

    I mostly rode around the Camel Farm and ran a DHF/Ardent on my Tallboy LT and a Hans Dampf front and Rock Razor/HR2 on the rear of my NS Clash hardtail. I'm back in Tassie and ran a HD/NN combo on my hardtail for a while, and I think a NN would work well in Perth for summer and winter.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today! I have Bolle Safety Glasses which Bunnings no longer seem to sell. They cost all of $10 if memory...
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    Unparallel Rubber

    So it looks like I own Spitfire's :p. They are still in great shape, but I literally have worn through the sole in both shoes. I'd love to be find something roughly equivalent that could work as "work casual" shoe when needed.
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    Unparallel Rubber

    @Nerf Herder would you consider the Roost to be a Five Ten Dirtbag equivalent?