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    NSW For sale:2017 Fuel ex 9.9 )-sold

    Hi birddog I am 172 cm-I have a 40 mm bontrager stem(will come with 40 mm and 60 mm original when sold) Fits me nicely If you check trek sizing they suggest fit for 170-179 cm . Also I was asked about the red stickers on the rims missing Rims were replaced under warranty(manufacturing fault)...
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    NSW For sale:2017 Fuel ex 9.9 )-sold

    Item :2017 Trek fuel ex 9.9. 18.5 (m) Location: Ballina NSW Item condition: Excellent-essentially unmarked Reason for selling: Health reasons Price: $ 4000 ono Was 10 K new and still current model/frame Spec as per TREK archive Carbon full frame DT Swiss carbon wheelset XX1 kit
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    Water packs out of vogue, bottles back in? Seat bags - return to the 90's?

    Agree with this-I think tubeless tyres and virtually no flats means less need for a pack
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    opening of track at tabbimobile, any info ?

    Sounds like you are referring to the New Italy mountain bike park Official opening is on Saturday Information can be found in the facebook page Northern rivers mountain bike club Trails are XC -nice loops
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    Camper Trailers - Who's got one.

    They are some lucky kids in the back of that 4WD....
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    Camper Trailers - Who's got one.

    Awesome rig Dales....any inside pics?
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    Friendly riders

    Bikers are generally friendly as no one is competing for the trail Don't get me started on surfing.....
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    Self Filmed on the new Reign

    Very well done there fella....
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    Places to rude Latrobe Valley

    Places to rude.... Just find any quiet spot mate...behind a tree,under a blanket..:thumb:
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    Bike selection: Scott Genius LT vs Giant Trance

    Agree after having experience with this shock .....
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    Post your 29er!

    Looks like a 26 er in that that's a big bike I have aTBc - you will love it
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    Arvo ride at Old Mans Valley - Hornsby

    Awesome the dogs!
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    FLOW magazine

    Just had a look at issue 2 over the weekend Enjoyed it a lot-even better than the first issue I thought.The perfect antidote to a wet morning. The layout and photo quality is fantastic-it kind of has a similar feel to BIKE mag,but obviously with and Aussie slant. I haven't read all of it yet...
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    Our MTB holiday to Forrest and Buller plan - your input appreciated :)

    Hi Rat I spent about 5 days riding Buller a couple of years ago,before copperhead,and had a ball. Stonefly and Corn Hill/Misty twist were fantastic ,and certainly can be ridden more than once. 3 days would be easily filled !
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    Not so typical Aussie edit

    Pop it up on the pink bike/vital MTB sites It's as good as anything I've seen out of the Aussie bush.