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    So, who can fill me in on the past 10 years?

    DJs are back ... or never left depending on who you hang out with. 27.5+ was really awesome ... then it wasn’t kinda PLOW is skinny as fuck ... how is your side hassle? Are you still in Melbs?
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    Fox Fork oil - Should I just buy Silkolene RSF 10 Fork Oil

    always relatively serious, mostly. Recent poll and via experience ... people care but won’t stump up ... specifically for suspension oil, chain lube, bike wash. If it doesn’t hit a price point just shut up already. re performance. It’s outside of my experience ... but in speaking with Simon ...
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    You know you're getting old when ...

    5 or 6 hours sleep ... max looking forward to afternoon naps soon.
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    Fox Fork oil - Should I just buy Silkolene RSF 10 Fork Oil

    If you are just looking for cheaper generic shizzle ... stop reading here I highly recommend trying WPL suspension oil. The lads at MTB Suspension Centre are now distributing as well as using it in their operation. Well above my head, and completely ignoring the environmental aspects of the...
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    Off Road Bikes Online (ORBO)

    Gonna be real honest. You aren’t the target market. Absolutely no offence, we completely get it ... Similarly we aren’t on the discount path, or on the ‘you can get it anywhere path’ ... it would be real easy to load up ORBO with our Link stuff and just gut pricing ... but that’s not sustainable...
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    Knee Pads

    As above, Euro sizing seems to be 1 size down from US sizing
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    NSW KS Integra LEV DX 100mm Dropper post

    I didn’t give you the clap, I promise
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    Knee Pads

    Interesting ... Not just because Carve was his favourite...
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    NSW KS Integra LEV DX 100mm Dropper post

    LEV Integra now Only the seal collar has DX on it so full internal. if you want the new style ‘clam’ for the southpaw bar mount I can chuck one your way. Free with pickup or pay postage. I think I have 2 left
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    Project Demo days / Demo Program

    Respect ... And my assumption is you are the lions share of the market. some questions if you don’t mind have you demo’d every bike you’ve purchased? What rough % guesstimate is fine. have you always bought new? What rough % thinking of your last new purchase. What was it? Did you demo it...
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    Project Demo days / Demo Program

    Yep ... if you arent in a rush and I can get free of KS servicing ... ORBO will be running a demo day ... likely at Menai ... otherwise they have a 2 week rental scheme setup and can be booked online.
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    Dictator for a day

    CBA Analysis re China Trade my take away is Australia has power ... via Iron ore ... I think Brasil and Canada are our main...
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    I was involved very early on, but Rod has his own way of doing things ... Our businesses are unconnected. In terms of buying ... Rod is very knowledgeable and connected with some solid brands ... if he has something you need then why not.
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I don’t know who this guy is ... random find. interested to know if any of you lean towards his thinking? Or even aspects of it ... Message if you’d like to keep it private ... I’m just interested to find info on what has made you lean this way. Is it readings? Research? Social media? I don’t...
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    Best sub $200 dropper post

    edit ... stuff it ... all the best