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    Night rides - Sydney area

    Are you working from Home on a weekly schedule ? Thursday ? MD, Possums, there abouts say 4pm start
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    Night rides - Sydney area

    Yep ... one of the old favs ... but I'm trying to kick off before it get dark ... for a little while anyway. Are you in Sydney ?? always thought you were an Adelaide guy ??
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    Night rides - Sydney area

    Do people still come here to organise the riding of bikes ?? anybody up for a parra and surrounds midweek? can knock off at 4pm or earlier Wednesday or Thursday. Somewhere easy to get to before peakish traffic hits ... coming from Rydalmere so Lake P is convenient, M1 ... Wylde is nightmarish...
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    This is a hard watch … I can see the guest’s points … but not sure I fully agree. That said not opposed to a singular initial focus on Money Supply. but I see much like interest rate or inflation targeting … MS targeting is also a blunt tool and not the only reason for inflation. Also disagree...
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    The female guest is top notch … so on the money.
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    Dorks ... hope you are all well
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    POLE Evolink Medium

    Item: Pole Evolink or similar Pole in Medium please Location: Sydney Price range/Willing to Pay: You tell me Extra Info: If you bought mine and still have it ... hit me ... but I dont care if its not the same. I was overly emotional when I sold it ... and curious if the steep seat angle is the...
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    Are you in your retirement Job?

    @frenchman Yeah. I’m pro-volunteerism. Prior to small business and during last few years of corporate, this is how I got my sense of community and purpose. Probably tells you how lost I was the last 5yrs of corporate. I’ve got squat time and energy now days, which is somewhat connected to the...
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    Crypto predictions, dead or not.

    without making any judgments on anybody ... I see these 2 lines drive the majority of the market. Gamble and without real knowledge. Let’s say 80:20 rule. Punters to more knowledgeable pundits ... where Knowledgeable isn’t necessarily related to investments or investment analytics, or...
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    Are you in your retirement Job?

    So Retirement Job job you think you will be in when you retire ... whenever that may be you are no longer interested in changing roles so may as well be the retirement job. your age doesn’t really matter ... but be interesting to see how long you think you will be in this role for. I remember...
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    I didn’t read earlier posts so not sure the context of the discussion. I came here coz Moorey tagged me :) Best not to deflate completely or at all ... never go below 50psi IMO ... really I can’t see why you would want to go below 100psi on anything abo 100mm travel. FYI We air freight most...
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    The stupid questions thread.

    Do UFOs exist ?? yeah, nah ... but UAPs do Man I hope the report is awesome and factual and jammed with detail. Then I hope they come up with a communication strategy in my life time. this is in here because I couldn’t find the YouTube thread. Feel free to move ...
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    Because I’m a neoCon Bikeonomics channel
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    The youtube and google video thread (MTB and non-MTB vids)

    2 Pedals are for whimps