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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    Not mule at all. Gin based with rosemary and some other soda water lemon vermouth and a little sugar. Oh wait...shhhhhhh. On ginger beer though, had a great saxbys yesterday. It had lemon myrtle in it. So refreshing!
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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    Are you consistent with your technique? This is my work style, nothing too complex but stops the coffee looking like a mud puddle. Home machine doesn't deliver as much micro and even distribution unfortunately. And there's a new cocktail recipe I'm working on because why not?
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    83mm cranks+bb

    Someone needs to update the tread title know how strict these mods can be
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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    That's when I reach for the cold brew. Chug chug chug and out the door. Espresso machine goes on if I'm going to sit around.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Looks like you need to cut those trees down. They are blocking your trail.
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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    I've used a wide range of commercial machines, my favourite to operate is still the la marzocco strada. At home I use a mid priced Breville that I've had for many years and am able to make great coffee without over thinking things. Turn the machine on, wait for it to warm up, use it, enjoy life...
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    Seriously, GET OFF THE F*CKING TRAILS, you idiots.......

    Love a good bit of silly convergence. Trail map, picnic table, shade...those are effective moron magnets here. There's a table overlooking the beach on one of the local xc loops. It seems like everyone that goes past stops for a photo there and the table keeps the way through mostly clear.
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    Seriously, GET OFF THE F*CKING TRAILS, you idiots.......

    If they turned that container bridge into a seesaw people would be less inclined to hang out in it
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I'm glad they are using these emergency powers to ensure our economy gets back on track swiftly
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Your eyes deceive you.
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    The stupid questions thread.

    ^ I'd certainly prefer less cost than the free junk they offer or trees planted or more leg room or customer service.
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    The stupid questions thread.

    I think so. But I am hearing of some great offers from them to reduce the likelihood of issuing a refund
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    Centrelink registration for COVID-19 support

    Confidence inspiring system.
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    VIC Santa Cruz 5010C V2.0 - Large

    Maymaymaymaymaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyte...iiiiiiiii ssseeeeeenn yaaaaa pushhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy braahhhhh. Whatssss yah best priiiiice? I I I I I I I I'll llllllll cum to ya house for a looooooook. When are ya at wooooork?