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    ACT Sold

    How tall are you out of interest? I would be interested but I think it's too small
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    Custom cycling clothing?

    Noticed you're from Canberra - check out these guys as they are local lads I have seen a bit of there work and there jerseys are great - the best part is that they don't make you have their logo on your jerseys which I think is important when you're getting custom work done...
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    sh!t Mountain Bikers say...

    Came across this which I thought was pretty funny!
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    80's add for Brisbane Bitter

    not sure if this belongs here, but came across this add for an Australian beer with a rather interesting focus on cycling - can anyone remember it?
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    Entries Open for 2011 24 Scott 24Hr - 8 & 9 October 2011 at Stromlo

    Any video footage of the event floating around yet?
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    Custom cycle jerseys

    Checkout these guys I personally don't think you can go past them
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    recommend me a CX bike for commuting?

    Ok - So I am pretty keen on a 2010 Kona Jake the Snake. I have read lots of great reviews and I think it's perfect for what I need. Now, Since I am overseas I am going to have to buy online. I am 183cm and I was thinking a 58cm frame but one of the stores recommend a 56cm frame. I don't know if...
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    recommend me a CX bike for commuting?

    Hi guys I am currently overseas with work and on my return to Canberra I will be taking up a new job which is further from my house. Looks like it will be 25km each way ride - great excuse for a new bike! Most of the ride is by bike path, but that can be rather bumpy with roots lifting the...
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    XC NOS 2009 Kona Jake the Snake

    Just wondering how you're getting along with the bike? I'm also from Canberra and thinking about getting a cx bike for my commute. Do you know if Mal has anymore of the 09 frames?
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    recommend me a flat pedal for my single speed

    Hi guys After a flat pedal for me to chuck on my single speed. I will use the bike for the odd ride to work ( I have a commuter ) when I feel like something different, rides into the city and mates houses - and just to the shops with a pair of thongs on. What would people recommend? Was...
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    Advice on frame size ( ebay commuter bike)

    top tube came in at 54cm I think that makes it too small
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    Advice on frame size ( ebay commuter bike)

    Cheers guys - I sent a email requesting the measurement. I think the frame is too small, shame cause I am really keen to get this exact one
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    Advice on frame size ( ebay commuter bike)

    Hi all I looking at the below bike on Ebay. I actually use to have the same frame years ago and it was brillant as a commuter. Anyway, I can't recall the size of the frame and the details aren't great on the add. I am 183cm - do you reckon this frame will be okay ( I think it's a be deceiving...
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    ACT BIKE SOLD 2006 TREK TCT 5000 carbon fibre road bike 56cm now $950 O.N.O.

    Hey buddy - how tall are you?
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    Jersey designers/printers

    For custom jerseys checkout I know a couple of the guys and they are a good bunch of people. I have seen some of their work as well, great quality and I am pretty sure they do bottles etc if you need them.