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    Electric Vehicles etc

    Any number of appliances have replaceable batteries and are waterproof, e.g GPS units, VHF radios, head torches, bike lights. Mobile phone companies are just chunts
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    It has.... Been a while....

    Focus are well known for roadies. Dunno much about their MTB range but as noted they seem to be well priced and look decent. I've always been curious so do us a favour, hurry up and buy one and give us a review!
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    Sold Bikeyoke Divine - 30.9, 185mm (sold)

    PM'd with a possible trade option
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    Derby in Tassi

    Leaving aside the 70 hour weeks you invariably end up working running a pub the biggest hassle for any new prospective owners of the Dorset is getting and retaining decent staff, and finding places within coo-ee for them to live. Getting affordable rentals in Tasmania anywhere bar some ex mining...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Hell yes! When are we riding?
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    TAS Repco Olympic 12 55cm square retro ride

    Item: Repco Olympic 12 Steel, 55cm square road bike in tasteful Pink Cadillac retro livery Location: Hobart, Channel area. Happy to box for postage and transport to courier Item Condition: Overall in decent condition for age Reason for selling: Built for wife who subsequently underwent back...
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    Sold [HBT or post] Custom 2018 Cotic Rocket XL

    Sold pending payment
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    It's pretty much my do it all bike. For flat XC stuff I tend to now ride a hardtail, but anything with some chunk, from local Hobart stuff up to Maydena trips sees the Primer hauled out of the shed. Worth noting that the rider is a middle aged dad with a mortgage, and is far from fighting weight...
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Trail. For the record I have a 2017 Primer, and it has been flawless aside from some internal cable rattle. I'm interested in the updated lower link frame design though as it apparently overcomes some slow speed square edged hang-ups from the first gen box link
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    XL out of stock already. Bank account breathes a sight of relief
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    Sold [HBT or post] Custom 2018 Cotic Rocket XL

    Item: Cotic Rocket, 2018 XL frame, custom build Location: Hobart, can collect in CDB during business hours or Channel area after hours. Happy to box for postage and transport to courier depot Item specs: Frame: 2018 Cotic Rocket, Steel XL Fork: X-Fusion Metric, 170mm Shock: X-Fusion Vector...
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    Worth getting the ticker checked out. My wife had a known small hole between the left and right atrium which was hereditary and was reviewed several times, but never considered a problem as it was so small. Over the past few years she got laid pretty low by a number of heavy chest infections...
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    More trails for Mt Wellington

    When I'm feeling fit I try and ride up it, which quickly tells me that I am unfit. Probably ride down it once a year for yucks and giggles, as you can get a good pace up on it for a decent distance and it has a nice old school sketchiness about it.
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    More trails for Mt Wellington

    Great news. Marcelo is definitely my favourite of the Tas trail builders.
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    What does your day look like?

    Three kegs, impressive. In for a long time or a good time?