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    Balance Bikes

    Go with the Cruzee style. My little bloke was riding his from 18months (had to notch the seat to get it low enough) and even when we were following the bike path, he would spend 90% of the time off the side in the dirt searching for bumps and jumps to ride off. The small nobs were more than...
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    Any advise on where to ride when visiting Vegas

    Bump! So I've got a work trip to Vegas at the end of October and have 2 free days. Are there any hot tips from people that have ridden near Vegas recently, specifically Bootleg Canyon? There are several mobs offering "tours" which include bike hire and transport to/from the trails. Are there...
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    Yep. I leave all the oil to drain out each time I have them apart and then syringe fresh oil into the open cavity each time. The only thing I can think of is a bushing somehow getting out of alignment, if that is even possible???? They work perfecty with no horizontal loading.
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    So today I pulled out the air spring and damper to eliminate those. Sure enough, with them removed and all 4 bushings greased it still binds up at anything other than perfectly vertical. The slightest bit of angle and it won't budge. When I first put the fork together I was blown away by how...
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    I've found a few threads on other forums with people complaining about bushing tolerances with the same era 160mm 29 RCT3 forks, so I'd say you're quite correct. I'll re-grease it all today, keep riding and hope it improves over time. Thanks everyone for your input.
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    Yep, did that. The excess doesn't really stay on the bore though; it gathers up like a potato on the top of the piston and leaves a big high tide mark at the top. I played a little more in the shed last night and found that if I lift the back wheel so the fork is perpendicular to the ground, it...
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like this is specific to me/my fork which is good news! I've tried burping during and after a ride. I get nothing out of the air side and a tiny pfft out of the damper side, hot a huge hiss. It has to be related to the air spring somehow as it's smooth with the...
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    Hey Guys, I recently picked up a NOS ~2017 Pike and out of the box installed a Debonair spring in it. I re-greased and lubed everything as you would in a normal lowers service. Off the top, the small bump sensitivity was great and the forks would move with the strength of one finger pushing on...
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    Today I put the debonair can on my Prime and the small bump compliance is significantly better. I am 70Kg and running it without any tokens/bands. Charging down the hills and ploughing through bigger hits, it feels pretty much the same as the original. I don't believe that it has transformed...
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    Riser bars

    Banshee Prime. I had the same year Fuel and frame swapped to the Banshee. I'm the same height as you and went large, really wish I went XL :(
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    hope tech3 lever throw-bleeding

    I've had a love hate relationship with my Hopes for years. After reading this thread I decided to spend some proper time on them to see if I could get them setup better. Having air in the system is pretty easy to diagnose with the lever getting firmer with rapid consecutive pumps. If it doesn't...
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    Loctite for creaky stanchions. Bit of a warning

    I added a fair bit of Loctite to the interface hoping it would penetrate over a weekend. The excess didn't set and stayed greasy, when I wiped it away the paint came with it. It did work and fixed nearly all the creaks.
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    29" wheels... Which ones?

    I have the same bike and had the same dilemma just last week. I ended up going with a CRC custom build. Hope Pro4 32H hubs with Nukeproof Horizon rims. Cost just over $500. The Nukeproof rims were one of the only wide 32H rims available in the CRC build, that's the only reason I went with them...
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    Post your all mountain bike

    I figured 150 was too close to 140 and any perceived improvements would mostly be placebo. A 29" 36 TALAS is what it needs!
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    Post your all mountain bike

    I recently pieced this together and I'm really enjoying the ride so far, but can't decide whether to change out the 140 forks to 160s which is what most people seem to run on these.