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    Hub type gearbox

    I forgot about this, I still cant get pics to load on this post, so here is a link to the pics on Photobucket. In this first photo you can see the green bearing cage at the top that Ideate printed for me. The loss of that cage caused drive in all gears except 1st and 5th to be lost...
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    Hub type gearbox

    Ideates bearing cage is still going strong. I was trying to upload a couple pics that show the one he printed and the one that affected 1st and 5th gears but my phone doesn't want to play. (Will try again shortly) The original bearing cage lasted around 1.5 - 2 years of riding most Sunday's...
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    Hub type gearbox

    The bearing cage in my Zerodes Alfine failed as well. I actually contacted Ideate and got him to 3D print me 2 bearing cages, one replacement and one spare (thanks again mate). And recently it experienced another problem with a loss of drive in 1st and 5th gears. It was actually last night that...
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    Zerode G2. / 2.5 large

    Grantleighsmall, What sort of riding are you going to be doing and what are you looking for in a bike? Something that steers well, accelerates through rough shit, stable at speed etc?
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    Zerode G2. / 2.5 large

    I'm not gonna deny that I think the Zerode is bloody awesome, but so is a V10. I just get along better with the Zerode than a V10. Hell, I have more fun riding my Driver 8 than a V10, however I'd rather race a V10 than the driver, if you catch my drift. Its all about what sort of feel you want...
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    Zerode G2. / 2.5 large

    There's only one way to find out and that's to ride one. What makes a bike feel good is pretty subjective. I've ridden and owned all sorts of bikes and the G2 is still my favourite and the bike I've owned the longest. Perhaps it's because I've spent the time to get the build and setup dialled...
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    Manitou Dorado (2014) seal kit

    I emailed them and Tris took care of me. The seals were about $70 delivered from memory. If you can get the Manitou seal installation tool it'll make the job way easier than it already is, I got one from CRC.
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    Manitou Dorado (2014) seal kit

    I have a set of 2014 Doradoes and I've bought a couple sets of seals for them from NSDynamics. Both times they've had them in stock and got them out to me in a few days.
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    VIC Saint cranks SOLD

    Hey mate, are the shifter and dérailleur still available?
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    LOST Front Wheel Del Rio Resort

    G'day mate, Rhiannon, who you were talking to about wheel sizes and the new Glory's snapping derailleurs, picked it up and passed it on to Martin and Juliane from Rockytrail. Hope it helps.
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    NSW SOLD! 2013 Banshee Legend MkII Medium 26"

    I've already got 2 downhill bikes and still I'm thinking about buying this because it is a shit hot bike!.
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    Orange, Dubbo, Mudgee trail advice

    If you get out to Geurie make sure you head a couple kms further out Arthurville rd, past Bald Hill, and check out the Oaks track as well. If you get to the bridge over the river you have gone too far, although the track does go under that bridge to link up with the Homestead trail which is on...
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    SCHWALBE TYRES MEGATHREAD: read this thread before posting new ones

    The last 5 or so schwalbe tyres, muddy and magic Mary's, I've used have had that happen in multiple spots. I just kept riding on them until the tread fell apart. It's a pain in the arse that they fall apart like they do because there is always plenty of wear left in the knobs, they just have...
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    QLD SOLD >Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon (medium)

    Wrong size, damnit!.
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    Commencal Supreme DH V4

    High single pivot, awesome. I was wondering why I was seeing so many commencal supremes up for sale recently.