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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Sorta like the bun guy and the hotdog guy?
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    More trails in Tassie!! West Coast's first purpose built MTB trail, Oonah Hill, Zeehan

    What we need to do is find the whitest of white white topping materials so that the trails really pop against the scenery. Makes me think of Good morning Vietnam You know, this whole camouflage thing for me doesn't work very well. Because you go in the jungle, I can't see you. Let's boogaloo...
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    The bottom bracket was making horrible noises. Bought a new one but got sent the wrong one. Before sending back the wrong one - need your thoughts - I there wear on the axle likely to lead to more horrible noises even with a flash new bottom bracket?
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    you win - that sucks.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    At least the cables go into individual cable sized holes not just an open slot into the head tube. Also looks like it will keep the cables away from the steerer. Looks like a much cheaper way to do internal cables. Much cheaper to move the rear brake hole from one side of the steerer to the...
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    Little Things You Hate

    Where did you get it from? Uncle Gerry is a chunt but he will give you the difference within 7 days. See if you chosen store has a price guarantee. Seems like JB hifi will do 14 days if you ask nicely.
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    Fathers Day

    My Dad's birthday was the early September too so there were a couple of years where it was the day after Fathers day. Nothing like one slipper for each event.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Got out for a pre breakfast ride for fathers day after some hasty repairs on Saturday night. Was going to pull the pin but a mate was insistent. In the fading light /darkness of the driveway I took the rear wheel from the enduro, swapped the cassette and stuffed it into the hardtail. Adjusted...
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    The cooking thread

    @Labcanary - do you have a tub of Neapolitan ice cream in your freezer? I thought that would have been out of fashion by now. There was waffles in our house this morning 2. Such a great way to start the day. Miss 6 also approves of ice cream for breakfast.
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    Metal Working! Fitting, Machining, Welding, Sheet and General Metal Fab

    Following the very long very low style of the time. Looks tops
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    Burner Birthday thread

    Happy birthday Planko née Goldie Goat.
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    Marino Bike Co rigs.

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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Still a very solid pre-work ride to start the day - one to be proud of. Bánh mì for lunch today?
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    Frame bearing press and extractor

    I got the AliExpress bearing press kit that LabCanary has from eBay. Works a treat even with a muppet on the handles. so satisfying pressing the new bearings in. I think it was about $80 delivered. It's the one with the blue anodised drifts. There a mountains of sellers on both eBay and...
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    The last movie you've last watched last

    Saw the preview on YouTube - ‎Ryan Kwanten makes some serious out there projects.