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    11/12 VIC DH Series

    The line up isnt so bad! All good. Racings racing, abit of variety is always good. Pedal, Flat, Rocky or slow. All good trails! Narby should be sick. The trail looks awsome. Deffinetly be there for that.. Is Narby a public trail ? Wouldnt mind shuttling it!
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    Riding DH in Vic.

    Think i just creamed!.. That trail is priceless.
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    Connor Fearon - Eat, Race, Win!

    Its more in the Hungry Jacks ;) Nice Doco mate! Very well put together. A+ or else!..
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    Full run at Oxford Falls, helmet cam.

    That looks like SO much fun. God i miss that place!!
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    Lightroom picks (bored in class)

    Andys drift on the last shot is insane!
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    Mt Baw Baw Race Weekend Edit

    Freecaster works! Very Nice vid man. I saw you on the hill, turned out really good. Keep it up.
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    Mt Baw Baw Race Weekend Edit

    Is there anywhere else besides Vimeo where we can watch this ? All your vids for me on Vimeo go really glitchy and i cant watch any of them :(
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    Mount Baw Baw 2011

    Hey mate. Just wondering if you have any photos of 145*. TBSM Jersey in (Black/White, Green or Camo Red/Black), Brown Sunday, White wheels, Boxxer teams. Please send to: Cheers
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    VDHS Mt Baw Baw 2011 - Cameron Takes Photos - no watermark logo !!!

    Awsome shots champ! Cheers for the photos. Really appreciate it. If you could send all the ones you have of 145*. TBSM Jersey (Black, Red & Green), Brown Sunday, White Wheels, Boxxer teams. Cheers mate!
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    TBSM and JetBlack Products Video Comp launches today

    I'll give it a crack! Fletcher gave me a few good idea's :P Calo
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    2010 Lithgow Champs Crash - Lachie

    Damn! Epic crashh.. He even slidd down the tree! Should get Extra points for that..
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    Troy Brosnan - Monster / Specialized Bicycles

    Nice Video duddee.. Very well put together. Really enjoyed it! Any chance we will being a Dvd of somesort coming from your way ? Your cinemaphotography is Imense!!!
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    Jai and Michael Ride Bikes... in HD

    Nice film man ! Well put together.. Nice trails too.. Miss riding with you boyz. I should come out with Cotton for a Session :) Calo
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    DIY Boppa Booter!!!!

    Hahah Moony. Loves to Booonnaaaa!! Nice gap. Photos looking Lusious as always boyz. Keep up the good work. Have to head North for a Ride soon... Calo
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    2010/2011 Vic DH State Series Official Discussion Thread!!

    Im on same Page with you there also Jake. Deffinetly would like to See Buller in there and Big Bad Barjarg out in this years Calender !. Think we are on the same page haha..