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    Photoshop, Airbags and Scammers

    All sweetpackage finally arrived
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    Photoshop, Airbags and Scammers

    you just got contracted to go and see this bloke :P
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    Photoshop, Airbags and Scammers

    well your winning so far thanks for you help though
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    Photoshop, Airbags and Scammers

    So basically heres where it's at My friend bought a set of airbags for his car of eBay and delivery has taken much longer than expected and he is beginning to wonder if he was scammed. He has a copy of the receipt and its been almost blocked out but it remains a little but see through. If...
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    DJ Traffic Jam

    I want that. Dude that thing is sexy, we will go riding soon. That frame :P Insert jizz face <<<oh look theres my jizz face Man its been a while since I've been on here
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    Wind has just swung around to the east, fires coming my way, not cool at all. Might be an unlucky day.
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    I am nestled between Kinglake, Bunyip/Gembrook, Healsville(sp :S). None of them are threatening me, the healsvile one is the most serious for me, the forest it is burning in ends about 800m from my place. But winds at the moment are in our favor. Anyway here are some pics I snapped of...
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    Oz Ryder as a name?

    I am hoping for your babies sake that it is a girl Or Austin Also reminds me of "oz striker" (not sure of spelling might be "aus striker") from the first American Pie And you don't want your son joining jazz group
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    Unconfirmed 5 fatalities, 80% of town destroyed, the fire that burned through it has burnt 57,000 hectares in total.
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    VIC 2008 NS Fundamental Rigid Forks QR sold

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    What are you listening to NOW?

    Bliss n Eso are going to get commercially raped by nova I am listening to them now though :p Eye of the storm
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    VIC 2008 NS Fundamental Rigid Forks QR sold

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    VIC sold DMR, Hayes, Raceface, Marzocchi, all must go

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    sold ..............
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    Mtb Victoria

    I had a bit of a look at it, it goes alright, a little more personal that farkin, it would have to be with less than 100 members