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    2014 Marzocchi 380 C2RC Ti and Moto C2R Rear Shock

    These look the goods..
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    Bright, Round 3 Nationals, March 15-17 - this weekend
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Trust me whenI say you are not the only one.... Have seen two other people do this.... ;-)
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    RedAss Downhill NSW/ACT State Series and Champs 2013

    Good work Martin!!! :dance:
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    NSW Sold

    Very nice!!
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    Toyota Hilux SR5 4x4 Dual Cab Shuttle Ideas

    5 bikes and 5 guys inside. Perfect shuttle car. Blanket on tub tailgate and bikes hang front wheel over the back. We do it all the time.
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    RedAss Downhill NSW/ACT State Series and Champs 2013

    Bring it on!!! :target:
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    EnduroMag: GoPro wifi App now available

    Now I will go and buy a GoPro. That is the App I have been waiting for...... ;-)
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    LOST Found thanks. Sold

    Found thank you very much.
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    LOST Found thanks. Sold

    Yeah I know it's a dog!!!! But it was at Red Hill. He got startled by 3 guys on mountain bikes about 6:30. Walked around for the next 3 hours calling and looking. No luck..... If you see him he is Jasper and a little timid. Give me a call. Thanks, Steve. 0414347345
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    DH Frankenbike (Glory with Dorados!)

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    DH Frankenbike (Glory with Dorados!)

    I saw a scheme in Wollongong recently that would suit you perfectly....
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    DH Frankenbike (Glory with Dorados!)

    Hey!!! Nice bike!!
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    STOLEN 2011 Giant Reign X0 with BOS Ndee Fork. NSW

    That is shitty news. Good luck with it.