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    Enduro dh stage race 11/10/09 1.5h north Brisso

    Grave dig time.... Does anyone have any pics from this event. The very first Enduro in Australia, nearly 10 years ago.
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    Timing rules for enduro racing

    As has been mentioned, at EWS level your start times are pre allocated and you must be there ontime. At a local level of racing this just puts an unneeded strain on volunteers to police this and invariably makes for a longer day both riders and volunteers. A good Enduro course should have some...
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    Derby in Tassi

    There is a group of cabins in Maydena that has recently been purchased. (down the hill from the bike park) It also has a large central building and the owners are planning on opening a pub / restaurant. Should be up and running in Spring.
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    Gravey more than just tomato sauce as special ingredient, Rude a bit rich with his explanation.

    Its not that EWS left testing to the national body. Its more of a case that up until next year EWS has not really been recognised by the UCI and affiliate federations (same reason Jared and Sam were overlooked for Cycling Australia awards in recent years despite winning the EWS). If the event...
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    National Cup

    Could not agree more. It is for this reason that all of our Enduro events are now self insured with no involvement from MTBA. I would prefer to pay more for insurance to ensure that we can deliver events they way that I want to and how they should be. (by not calling them GE as a start).
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    National Cup

    I have never understood the concept of running Oceanias separate to Nationals. Just do one race and separate out the results. For the low numbers that Oceanias attracts it is not worth the cash and the strain on Volunteers. As far as the National Cup goes, it is hugely confusing with no real...
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    EMtb’s to feature in National championships

    Agree that MTBA have some bigger issues around racing than doing this. Our upcoming Enduro series will have a stand alone ebike class race on the Saturday afternoon for shits and giggles (thinking the winner will get an extension lead). This is more a case of testing out some formats and being...
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    Vale Burt.

    Intense Primer Bandit Ltd edition
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    Vale Burt.

    He is the reason I had to have this bike.
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    2018 World Cup discussion

    Red Bull have the contract for World Cups only not world champs. There is also issues around different timing companies between cups and champs. Less timing data means that there are less timing splits etc. Last year they came on very late and just stuck Warner in a room in Austria...
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    The EWS and UCI form a partnership

    In the defence of CA and MTBA (and fuck knows why I am trying to do that). Under last years model it would be akin to the AFL awarding an NRL player for a great season. Both football but they have no real relationship. The EWS was not sanctioned or recognised by CA or MTBA so not on their...
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    The EWS and UCI form a partnership

    Couple of points here. It has been Chris Ball and his team at the EWS pushing for this for some time now, not the UCI seeing a lucrative new market and trying to step in. Two of the main reasons have been outlined in the PB interview. Anti doping. In order to have any real teeth any...
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    The EWS and UCI form a partnership

    As it is now a UCI recognised discipline CA will be able to recognise the achievements of the Australians killing it on the world stage.
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    Rockshox fork volume spacers

    I got a 2019 Lyrik and found that it had 2 tokens pre installed but nothing else.
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    Nukeproof scout

    I have just built up a 2018 29er. Went for the small and at 173cm, it would not want to be any longer in the reach. Running a 50mm stem and reverb post, I have had to cut the bars down a few mm to not feel too stretched out. Having said that, I am loving it. Super stiff in the rear, but...