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    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    Speaking of Vaults; I didn't believe when people said the bushing was made out plastic, seriously wtf? Have priced up IGUS bushings instead which by all accounts should last a LOT longer than the stock bushings. Only clincher is the shipping cost. With a bulk buy I could have the order...
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    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    I know the perfect tyre to go with those:
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    Did you see the recent ,7.5% off storewide on mtbd? Would have to say that Haley's comet arrives more regularly than such a sale .
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    2020 Enduro Nationals

    In like Flynn!
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    Wheel building person Melbourne

    You're right. I just remembered I had the wheel rebuilt with existing spokes but replace Alu nipples with brass. Sorry
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    Wheel building person Melbourne

    I have used astroboy in Collingwood he build some great wheels for myself and others. About $80 per wheel including spokes and nipples. I would advise against providing your own spokes as the builder cannot guarantee they will end up being optimal length despite what your calculator says.
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    2020 Trance 1 29er

    That paintjob looks fabulous!!
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    Travelling on Spirit of Tas with Roof Racks

    What you mean. The driver, passenger and 9 spare bikes!
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    Product Review Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence

    If it's stretched it means the density of the material has reduced and would provide less protection. I would ask for a refund.
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    Introduction type thingy.

    Welcome!! Please post up your mishap with the GoPro mount in the fuckwits thread
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    Injuries. What's your story?

    Those units are amazing!!
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    Standing up exercises?

    Single leg compound exercises are going to be your friend. Single leg squat, deadlift, Lunges, reverse lunges, All weighted with either kettlebell /dumbbell or barbell
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    240V inverter to make coffee??

    Caffeine shots ! All the buzz without the acidity and after taste
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    VIC Lysterfield trail survey (please help!)

    Done! Also was very surprised by this "Did you know 9 of the top 10 most ridden MTB trails in Australia are at Lysterfield?"
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    Twelve point pivot bolts

    I just learned something new today !