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    2019 Enduro Nationals, who's going?

    And only one pivot to service after... Such a dream for an OCD maintainer like myself hah
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    Sus V10 and anthem. Melbourne.

    Nah he steals to order.
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    Fire Warnings

    Stay safe everyone
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    uhhh ohhhhh

    The way I read it is that Vertigo whether they were invited to pre ride the track or not, were the first to submit their management plan. In business it is always about who you know, and having contacts to get info first. Opportunities don't always come knocking on your door with an invite...
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    Rocky Mountain Slayer

    Cheers mate. Bike ride like a champ all weekend on all the downs and ups. Saved my ass on some rocky steep sections, but still kept up with most of the group on the biggest climbing days. It's a shame they made the new Slayer a bigger longer bike, which makes it less suitable as a one...
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    Rocky Mountain Slayer

    Yeah just a little something a mate does on the side. He made us all a jersey as a test run.
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    Rocky Mountain Slayer

    I'm just a bit late to the party having finally made a trip to Derby but with the bike this time. (Went last year but couldn't ride due an injury). So far would have to say Kumma Gutza and Trouty are my favorite tracks. Followed close second by Return to Sender and Flickety Sticks. Riding...
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    Nup to the Cup

    Skydome you talk as if everyone has the luxury of a good family , support network, or decent job which can help avoid the pitfalls of addiction. Well society is unfair and usually it's those near the bottom of the pecking order who end up losing everything to those 1% who sit near top of the...
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    Nup to the Cup

    I stopped supporting anything to do with the races a couple of years ago. There are better things to do. The recent expose should hopefully convince more people to do the same.
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    VIC Tear offs for 100% goggles -SOLD

    Yeah mate send me a PM
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    Product Review Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence

    I just modified my existing valve with a Dremel. Although I was lazy and only did it for the rear wheel. First tyre change I mixed the two valves up and had the same issue as you lol. Now both valves are modified.
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    Canfield Unobtainium

    I see what u did there...
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    Canfield Unobtainium

    Very nice! Haven't seen a diamond with DVC on it yet. Just what mine needed.
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    Seriously, GET OFF THE F*CKING TRAILS, you idiots.......

    Anyone remember this game? We need something like this mtbs. Jousting sticks anyone?
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    Rocky Mountain Slayer

    Hey mate PM sent.